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Name _____________________________ Class ____________________________ Skills test 2 READING Lionel Messi – football hero Lionel Messi is an Argentinian footballer. Many people say he’s the best player in the world today. He was born on 24 June 1987 in Rosario, Argentina. He has two brothers, Rodrigo and Matías, and a sister, María Sol. Messi started playing football when he was five. He started playing with the local first-division team, Newell’s Old Boys,
  Name _____________________________ Class ____________________________  Skills test 2 READING Lionel Messi – football hero Lionel Messi is an Argentinian footballer. Many people say he’s the best player in theworld today. He was born on 24 Jne ! #$ in %osario& Argentina. He has twobrothers& %odrigo and Mat'as& and a sister& Mar'a (ol. Messi started playing footballwhen he was fi)e. He started playing with the lo*al first+di)ision team& Newell’s ,ld-oys& when he was only eight. hree years later& do*tors fond ot that he was ill.he medi*al treatment in Argentina was )ery e/pensi)e and his parents didn’t ha)eenogh money to pay for it.he family de*ided to mo)e to 0rope& and Messi’s father arranged a trial with thefamos football team 1C -ar*elona. hen the dire*tors of -ar*elona saw Messiplay& they signed the yong player right away3 he *lb paid for his treatment& andMessi started playing for the team. He played his first game for the senior team in,*tober 24 and he s*ored his first goal on ! May 25. He was only se)enteenyears old. 6n his first si/ years& he s*ored more than a hndred goals for 1C-ar*elona& and helped them win the *hampionship trophy for times& and the0ropean Champions Leage twi*e.Messi played in the 27 and 2! orld Cps for Argentina& bt withot m*hs**ess. He helped his national team win the gold medal in the 2# ,lympi*s in-ei8ing.6n 2$& he started a *hildren’s *harity to help them with their ed*ation andhealth*are. He said in an inter)iew 9-eing a bit famos now gi)es me the opportnityto help people who really need it& espe*ially *hildren.’ o re*ogni:e his wor; with the*harity& <N6C01 made Messi its goodwill ambassador for *hildren’s rights in 2!. 1Read the article. Write true (T) or false (F). 1Lionel Messi says he’s the best footballer in the world.  F   2His parents have a daughter and two sons. 3He wasn’t ten when he started playing for Newell’s Old Boys football tea. ! o#tors dis#overed his edi#al proble when he was eleven. $%& Bar#elona thought Messi played football very well. 'He s#ored his first goal for %& Bar#elona in 2(($. )He s#ored a hundred goals for Bar#elona before he was 21 years old. *+rgentina won a ,orld &up with Messi. -He’s an Olypi# #hapion. 1(His #harity helps poor #hildren play football professionally. 11He started woring for /N0&% in 2((). 2 points for ea*h *orre*t answer    2 2Match the underlined words to the definitions. 1learning education !#han#e possibility 2test $unwell 3prie 'adult  Name _____________________________ Class ____________________________  Skills test 2 ! point for ea*h *orre*t answer5%eading total25 WRITING 1Fill in the CV form for you. Curriculu !itae NAM0 (<%NAM0  A==%0(( 0MA6L A==%0(( M,-6L0 >H,N0 >%0(0N J,- >%0?6,<( J,-( LAN@<A@0( 6N0%0(( shorter riting tas;5 2Read this advertisement for a o!. L CAL #N WLEDGE =o yo ;now yor townB=o yo li;e wor;ing with peopleB=o yo li;e wor;ing otdoorsBCan yo spea; any foreign langagesBor; at or orist 6nformation ,ffi*es in the town *entre dringyor holidays30mail %obert elly at robert.;ellyDlo*al;nowledge.*om Write an email a lyin# for the o!. Write your email in $%&1%% words.    Name _____________________________ Class ____________________________  Skills test 2   longer riting tas;2riting total25 LISTENING 1'isten to a conversation !etween two eo le n#ela Ram*re+ and Walter ,chmidt. Tic- three more activities that they tal- a!out. having dinner    giving a presentation having breafast going to the bea#h  playing tennis going for a swi speaing a foreign language ! point for ea*h *orre*t answerE 2'isten a#ain. Circle the correct letter. 1,alter and +ngelaaet last year. beet for the first tie.2,alter #ae to the airportalate. bearly.34he #onferen#e startsathis evening. btoorrow orning.!+ngela says she isanervous. btired.$4hey go to the #onferen#e #entre byata5i. b#ar.'Before her trip +ngela hadalun#h. bdinner.)+ngela’s bagsaare really heavy. baren’t heavy.  Name _____________________________ Class ____________________________  Skills test 2 *+ngela’s first visit to &afordawas a year ago. bis today.-,alter says that at the hotel +ngela #anago for a swi. buse the gy.1(4here is a tennis #ourtaat the hotel. bnear the #onferen#e #entre.11,alter and +ngela want to play tennisaon 6aturday. bon Monday.124hey agree to eetaat eight a.. bat the par. 2 points for ea*h *orre*t answer22Listening total25 S$EA#ING 1s- and answer the uestions with a artner. 1 o you want to be faous7 ,hy7 ,hy not72,hat #an you do at weeends in your town7 ,hat do you usually do730s there anything you #an’t do that you want to learn7 ,hy7 ,hat is it7!,hat happened around the world in the year when you were born7$,hat do you always tae with you when you go out 8e.g. i9od obile phone:7 o you tae the with you when you leave the house7 ,hy7 ,hy not7 ma/. ! point for ea*h topi*5 2'oo- at the hotos. Tal- a!out what o!s you thin- these eo le have and what they do in their o!s. Who has the !est o!/ Why/
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