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Hw elem pr test ans
  1 New Headway Elementary FOURTH EDITION Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 2011 Headway New Elementary  FOURTH EDITION Progress tests answers Progress test 1Exercise 1 2 What’s her surname?3 Where is she from?4 How old is she?5 What’s her address? / Where does she live?6 What does she do? / What’s her job?7 Where does she work?8 Is she married?9 What does she do in her free time? Exercise 2 2 What do you do at weekends?3 You can play the violin really well.4 There is a nice picture on the wall.5 Can I have a Coke, please?6 How many children do they have?7 We got up late yesterday morning.8 We never go on holiday in August.9 Sue and Dave like going to the cinema. Exercise 3 2 is 7 travels3 works 8 doesn’t like4 live 9 goes5 have 10 don’t have6 don’t see 11 go Exercise 4 2 some 7 some3 an 8 any 4 any 9 an5 any 10 any 6 a 11 some Exercise 5 2 can’t play tennis3 can speak German and she can speak Italian4 can’t speak German5 can speak Italian6 can play tennis7 can swim Exercise 6 2 were, didn’t 6 doesn’t3 did 7 Was, wasn’t4 don’t 8 weren’t5 Does Exercise 7 2 studied 7 became3 talked 8 sang4 decided 9 sold5 started 10 made6 had Exercise 8 2 left 7 got3 went 8 live4 worked 9 teaches5 moved 10 does6 met 11 sells Exercise 9 2 b 6 a3 a 7 b4 b 8 b5 b 9 a Exercise 10 2 five 6 man3 brother 7 flat4 shower 8 garden5 teach Exercise 11 difficult, easy horrible, niceexpensive, cheaphot, coldslow, fastboring, interestingrich, pooryoung, old Exercise 12 play the guitargo runningsend a text messagelive on the third floorcook dinnerspeak three languagestry on these jeans  2 New Headway Elementary FOURTH EDITION Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 2011 Headway New Elementary  FOURTH EDITION Progress tests answers Continued Progress test 2Exercise 1 2 How 6 Who3 What 7 What4 Why 8 Where5 When Exercise 2 2 We didn’t enjoy the film.3 I didn’t take a lot of photos.4 They haven’t got a very nice flat.5 He hasn’t got a new girlfriend.6 I’m not working at home today.7 The children aren’t watching the film.8 We’re not going to move house soon. / We aren’t going to move house soon.9 He hasn’t finished writing the report. Exercise 3 2 C 6 C3 U 7 U4 U 8 U5 C Exercise 4 2 How much 7 How much3 some 8 some4 a 9 How many 5 any 10 a6 any 11 How many  Exercise 5 2 potatoes 6 hair3 crisps 7 popular4 lake 8 bus stop5 pedestrian 9 airport Exercise 6 2 No, it isn’t. It’s more expensive.3 No, it isn’t. It’s smaller.4 No, it isn’t. It’s the smallest.5 No, it isn’t. It’s cheaper.6 No, it isn’t. It’s the most expensive.7 No, it isn’t. It’s more modern.8 No, it isn’t. It’s the oldest. Exercise 7 2 catch, are going3 do you usually go4 are you working, have5 do your parents live, do they like6 do you usually have, ’m having7 is ringing Exercise 8  2 They are going to be pilots. 3 He isn’t going to be an actor. 4 Are you going to be an architect? 5 I’m not going to be a lawyer. 2  6 We are going to be footballers. 7 She isn’t going to be a model. 8 Is he going to be a singer? 9 I’m going to be an accountant. 10 Are you going to be a music teacher? Exercise 9 2 drank, drunk 3 won, won4 lived, lived5 had, had6 did, done7 played, played8 went, gone9 wrote, written Exercise 10 2 a 6 a3 a 7 a4 b 8 a5 a Exercise 11 2 Would 6 I’d like3 anything 7 careful4 hard 8 nobody 5 to meet Exercise 12 take it easy, take a long time, take a test, take a taxiget married, get very wet, get tired, get home late, get on/off the bus, get a lot of emails, get better soon, get ready 
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