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Name _____________________________ Class ____________________________ Exit test 1 1 Underline the correct answer. 1 He ____ from Brazil. a is b be c am 2 We ____ to Warsaw because it was very cold. a didn’t go b don’t go c didn’t went 3 Have you done your homework ____ ? a yet b since c never 4 ____ is your surname? a What b Where c Why 5 Is it hot today? a Yes, it was. b No, it is. c Yes, it is. 6 I ____ from Madrid. a ’m not b isn’t c amn’t 7 Please don’t talk ____ . I can’t understand. a qui
  Name _____________________________ Class ____________________________  Exit test 1 1Underline the correct answer. 1He ____ from Brazil.a is b be c am2We ____ to Warsaw because it was very cold.a didn’t go b don’t go c didn’t went3Have you done your homework ____ ?a yet b since c never 4____ is your surname?a What b Where c Why5Is it hot today?a Yes, it was. b No, it is. c Yes, it is.6I ____ from Madrid.a ’m not b isn’t c amn’t7Please don’t talk ____ . I can’t understand.a quicker b quick c quickly8____ in Poland?a Do Dan live b Where Dan live c Does Dan live9Dan ____ in a hospital.a doesn’t work b doesn’t works c don’t work 10When ____ work?a does you finish b do you finish c do you finishes11Do they like French food?a No, they do. b Yes, they don’t. c Yes, they do.12There ____ an armchair in my living room.a isn’t b aren’t any c are13When I was seven, I ____ .a can dance b could dance c could danced14Have you seen ____ film yet?a that b these c those15Are there ____ photos on the wall?a a b some c any16I ____ .a can’t driving b couldn’t drove c can’t drive17London is _____ city in Britain.a bigger than b the biggest c the biggest than18They ____ at work last week.a weren’t b didn’t c wasn’t19Our children ____ born in Tokyo.a are b was c were20What’s ____ name?a yours b hers c his21Josie ____ a mountain.a has never climbed b has ever climbed c has yet climbed22____ was she last night?a Where b Who c What23Where ____ you yesterday?a are b was c were24I’m going to Barcelona ____ a holiday.  Name _____________________________ Class ____________________________  Exit test 1 a had b is having c to have25When are you ____ your homework?a going to done b go to do c going to do26I think this wallet is ____ .a mine b her c them27Is this test ____ ?a easy b easily c easier 28Buses are usually ____ taxis.a the cheaper than b the cheaper c cheaper than29I ____ a cat.a hasn’t got b haven’t got c don’t have got30Tomorrow evening, he ____ dinner for his new girlfriend.a cooked b ’s going to cooking c ’s going to cook 31There aren’t ____ eggs in the fridge.a some b an c any half a point for each correct answer15 2Complete the paragraph with the correct form of the verb in brackets. Jean-Paul and Nicole (1) are (be) French. They (2) (meet) three years ago whenthey (3) (be) students in Paris. They (4) (get) married in 2008 and they(5) (buy) a flat just outside Paris.In 2009, Nicole (6) (see) an advertisement for a job in Montreal. She (7)(write) to the company and she (8) (get) the job. Nicole (9) (move) to Canadaand she (10) (live) there for a year now. Jean-Paul (11) (not move) there yet because he (12) (have) a good job in Paris. They (13) (see) each other once amonth. At the moment Nicole (14) (live) in a small flat, but she (15) (want) to buy a house when Jean-Paul finally moves to Montreal. 1 point for each correct answer14 3Write the short form of the underlined words. 1Jon is a teacher. Jon’s 2She has not got a brother.3We are going shopping.4James is not at work today.5I am not a student.6They have been to Egypt.7Jane did not work yesterday.8I have not seen the film yet. 1 point for each correct answer7 4Complete the sentences with the correct preposition from the box. with at on in in on in from for toat1Anthony lives in London.  Name _____________________________ Class ____________________________  Exit test 1 2Do you want to come to the cinema me?3Kerry isn’t work today.4Joanne is holiday this week.5We met a party.6I bought a pizza my way home.7Dad’s making dinner the kitchen.8Torsten comes Berlin.9What do you usually have breakfast?10I like listening music.11Mum is on holiday Spain. 1 point for each correct answer10 5Put the words in the columns. There are four extra words. nurse living room shampoo bus stopfantastic notebook farm libraryarchitect kettle cousin amazing kitchen plasters hairdresser hard niece postoffice lamp lawyer screwdriver independent peopleplacesthings nurseliving roomshampoo 1 point for each correct answer15 6You are travelling in Europe. Make notes about your experiences: Where are you?Who are you with?Where have you been?What have you done?What are the best things?What are the worst things?What are you going to do?Other information Now write an email to a friend. Write 70–80 words. Start:  Hi! I’m in … with …   Name _____________________________ Class ____________________________  Exit test 1   16 points divided between accuracy and content,4 discretionary points for additional information20 7Match an adjective from A with its opposite from B. AB 1playamarried2look afterba car 3sendctennis4earndan exam5wear etwo languages6getfchildren7takega motorbike8speakhtext messages9rideimoney10driveja suit and tie 1 point for each correct answer9 8Complete the everyday conversations. 1 A (1) C a   n I h e   l     p you? B Yes, I’m (2) l f a dictionary. A They’re on that bookshelf. B (3) H m are they? A They go from eight to twenty-five euros.2 A It’s very bad weather. (4) W s we d ? B (5) L ’ go to the cinema! A Good idea.3 A (6) W you l some more dessert? B (7) Yes, please. I’ l some.4 A (8) W ’ the d t ? B It’s the 12th of December.5 A (9) E m ! I _ there a bank n h ? B Yes. Go (10) a Green Road, p the school and it’s on your right. A OK, thanks.6 A Can you (11) t m t t , please? B Yes, of course. It’s about five o’clock. 1 point for each correct answer10Total100
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