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test 6a
  EXAM BASIC 2 Name_____________________________ 1 Complete the sentences with the correct form of these verbs. drink    go (x2)   work     play   speak (x2)   leave (x2)   live   eat   have 1Jane   has  lunch at a restaurant near her ofce.2Giorgio and Maria  go  out in the evening.3Bruce ___________ home at 7.30 in the morning.4haron and !ichard o ten ___________ a #i$$a at home in the evening.%& ___________ to 'or( )* )us.+,ou never ___________ tea.7-e ___________ in a small house in / ord.lare ___________ 'or( at +.30 in the evening.,ou ___________ #anish.10he* ___________ the #iano.11he ___________ in a )an(.12M* #arents ___________ ra)ic and 5rench. 2 points for each correct answer     20 2Complete the questions an answers. 1  Does -arr* have a sho'er6,es he does .2__________ *ou li(e #i$$a68o & __________ .3__________ the* go to 'or( )* )us6,es the* __________ .4__________ she go home or lunch68o she __________ .%__________ (ele 'atch 9 in the evening6,es he __________ .+__________ 5rida and :iego 'or( late68o the* __________ . 2 points for each correct question and answer   10 !Ma e the sentences ne#ative. $se he % she % or they  . 1;eter gets u# at <ve o=cloc(.  He doesn’t get up at five o’clock. 2Jac( and Ma*a go to )ed earl*. They don’t go to bed early. 3nush(a coo(s dinner in the evening.  _______________________________________________________________________ 4om goes to 'or( )* )us.  _______________________________________________________________________ %ndres and na 'or( in an ofce.  _______________________________________________________________________ +Maria has )rea( ast at eight o=cloc(.  _______________________________________________________________________ 7M* ather lives in Bra$il. _______________________________________________________________________   2 points for each correct answer   10 &'rite the questions. 1 What time do you get up in the morning & get u# at eight o=cloc( in the morning.2_______________________________________________________________________ 8o he doesn=t ta(e the )us. -e 'al(s to school.3_______________________________________________________________________  he* usuall* eat sand'iches or lunch.4_______________________________________________________________________ he goes s'imming at 4.30.%_______________________________________________________________________ & listen to music or #la* the guitar at the 'ee(end.+_______________________________________________________________________ 8o & don=t> & never get u# earl* on aturda*.7_______________________________________________________________________ & go to 'or( at .30 in the morning._______________________________________________________________________ 8o he doesn=t eat dinner in a restaurant._______________________________________________________________________  ,es the* o ten go to )ed late. 2 points for each correct answer   16 ('rite the times. 1  !t’s seven o’clock.  2________________________________________ 3________________________________________   4________________________________________ %________________________________________ +________________________________________  points for each correct answer   15   )'rite the a*s of the wee in orer. 1  #onday %_______________ 2_______________+_______________ 3_______________7 $unday 4_______________  % point for each correct answer   5 +Complete the table. $se these wors. work    dinner    music   restaurants  earl* 9  2 points for each correct answer   10 ,Stu* the table in e-ercise + an write si- sentences.   AME ;??! M!- usuall*sometimesnever 1get u# early     2'atch  ________      3listen to  ________      4coo(  ________      %go to  ________   )* )us     1  &eter sometimes gets up early. 2____________________________________________________________________ 3____________________________________________________________________ 4____________________________________________________________________ %____________________________________________________________________ +____________________________________________________________________  2 points for each correct answer     10 /'rite in the correct answer. 1&  go  sho##ing or ood ever* da*.a@do )@go 2Ae _______________ to music in the evening.a@#la* )@listen3?lliot 'or(s _______________ his com#uter until late.a@at )@in4& _______________ oot)all at the 'ee(end. a@do )@#la*%M* 'i e coo(s _______________ ever* evening.a@dinner )@)rea( ast % point for each correct answer   4 T'T()  100
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