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HRM 310 Week 4 Need for Change Vision Statement
  HRM/310 CHANGE MANAGEMENT The Latest Version A+ Study Guide ********************************************** HRM 310 Entire Course Link  htts!//uo ourses# o$/ ate%ory/hr$&310/**********************************************   HRM 310 Week 1 Diagnosing an Issue in Need of Organizational Change Resources: Chapters 1, 2, and 3 of Organizational Change , and the Week 1 Electronic Reserve Readings sources. Research an organization you have worked for or the one you are currently eployed at. Write a ! # to 1, $ #word paper, written in the third person voice, and address the following issues% ã &dentify and diagnose a pro'leatic organizational issue that you are aware of or have o'served. ã (escri'e the history of this pro'le, including the roles of any relevant personnel involved. )se fictitious naes for individuals to aintain confidentiality. ã Evaluate any actions that the organization has taken to resolve the situation. What could the organization have done to prevent the situation, and what ore can the copany do to ensure that this type of situation will not occur in the future* ã )sing +a'le 1.2 +ypes of -rganizational Change in Organizational Change , identify and eplain the type of organizational change necessary to reedy the issue.  ã (eterine an organizational fraework that can 'e used to help direct change anageent processes. Refer to any of the processes or odels in Chapters 2 and 3 of your tet, and support your choice of the process or odel. ã &nclude a conclusion that suarizes your research and provides a potential reedy for the issue. Include  /ustification for your responses 'y citing your Organizational Change  tet as well as a iniu of two of the Week 1 Electronic Reserve Readings sources in your paper. +hese sources ust also 'e identified in your 00 correctly foratted Reference page. or!at  your paper consistent with 00 guidelines. u#!it  to plagiarizer checker and attach the +urnitin Report separately. Click the 0ssignent iles ta' to su'it your assignent. HRM 310 Week 1 Minute $a%er  Re&ie' the &nstructor olicies &4s5and write a 6inute aper highlighting three or ore5 things you see in the policies that are different fro soe of your previous classes. 00 guidelines do not apply to this assignent, and a Certificate of -riginality is not necessary7 'ut dou'le#space and use your 'est writing, spelling, and graar skills. ost to your 0ssignent +a'. NO() % +he late policy as outlined in the &nstructor olicies &4s5 does not  apply to this assignent, it is due on its date. HRM 310 Week * Readiness for Change Research the &nternet using a search engine of your choice for internal and eternal dataor inforation on one of the following copanies% )'er, 8erizon, ace'ook, 6icrosoft 9 ,  0pple, :tar'ucks, ;oogle<, ;eneral 6otors, 0azon, Whole oods 6arket, Capital -ne inancial, or =yatt =otels. Discuss with your tea how the selected copany can iprove within one of the following areas% custoer service, eployee orale, or greater arket share. Rate the copany4s readiness for change using +a'le >.1 Rate the -rganization4s Readiness for Change in Ch. > of Organizational Change .  Re%licate this chart, coplete it, and su'it it as an attachent to the written paper re?uired for this assignent. Write  a !$ to 1, $ #word paper, written in the third person voice, and address the following issues% ã Evaluate the data to 'e used in internal and eternal organizational change anageent. ã (escri'e the pros and cons of the inforation you gathered. ã  0rticulate an effective iproveent plan for the needed change ã (iscuss a vision for change, and craft a vision stateent appropriate for the change sought. ã Create a odel to assess your copany4s readiness for change. (escri'e your odel and its coponents. ã &nclude a conclusion to suarize your research and the copany4s readiness for change. Include  support for your assessent 'y citing Organizational Change  as well as a iniu of two of the Week 2 Electronic Reserve Readings sources in your paper. or!at your paper consistent with 00 guidelines. Click the 0ssignent iles ta' to su'it your assignent. HRM 310 Week * (ri#al +eadershi% Resource:  (avid @ogan% +ri'al @eadership+his video focuses on five kinds of tri'es that people naturally for and descri'es how they influence 'ehavior. Write a 3$ # to $2$#word suary essay5 after viewing the (avid @ogan% +ri'al @eadership video that% ã (escri'es @ogan4s theory on tri'es. ã Copares @ogan4s ideas with tri'es that you have 'een a part of in the past. ã Reflect on how @ogan4s idea of +ri'al @eadership ay affect how to approach change. Epress your thoughts. Ne,t % +here are any great eaples of leaders counicating their vision for change, such as 6artin @uther Aing, Belson 6andela, 6alala ousafzai, :teve Do's, =oward :chultz, &ndra Booyi, ast  present residents, and 6elinda ;ates, for eaples. ã ;o to the &nternet and find a powerful vision for change speech that resonates with you.  (hen Write a 3$ # to $2$#word suary essay5, a'out the speech you selected that resonates with you. (oes it share the characteristics of an effective vision stateent as outlined in the tet* u!!arize your viewpoint on whether or not @ogan4s theory on tri'es is valid and coherent. (efend or /ustify your suary. Include  a link to the video you selected. u#!it as one assign!ent your suary on (avid @ogan4s +ri'al @eadership talk, your suary of the selected vision for change speech, and your position stateent on (avid@ogan4s theory on tri'es, all as one docuent. Click the 0ssignent iles ta' to su'it your assignent.orat the assignent per 00.&t is always a good idea to review the ;rading ;uide. HRM 310 Week * +earning (ea! Charter  Coplete the Charter 'y (ay 3 of Week 2 and su'it to the tea assignent ta'. &f a e'er is non responsive, do not wait past the deadline to post your tea charter inforation. ost it and the issing e'ers5 will need to re#post with their inforation later. our tea ay use the one here, or the one posted in the @i'rary under the @earning +ea +oolkit. HRM 310 Week 3 ood -anks Canada Case tud. Resource:  Case :tudy 2% ood Fanks Canada% Revisiting :trategy 2 12 in Organizational Change ood Fanks Canada is a very interesting turnaround story a'out a not#for#profit national organization that was created 'y its affiliated e'ers to 'etter address hunger issues and get needed food to the poor. &n response to declining relevance and poor perforance, it altered its governance process, opted for a federated structure, renewed its leadership and staff, and put a renewed vision and strategy to work. ive years have passed and the CE- is considering what they should do net.
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