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business model
  How do you make money? With computer Masti We have two revenue verticals:1.Revenue from Computer Masti content, teacher training, and teacher and sys-admin deployment that we oer to schools..Revenue from camps and short-term courses The new textbooks have been developed in an `edutain ment manner' which integrates games and meaningful learning situations, said IT@School executive director  !nvar Sadath 01 NOV 2010 Computer Masti - !! -#om$ay%s &wesome '#oo(     & n e-book that has a mouse giving computer lessons to two students has become a rage on the internet. It has been downloaded in 98 countries, has 300 Facebook friends and !9 followers on witter. #buntu founder $ark %huttleworth has described the e-book & 'omputer $asti & developed b( the Indian Institute of echnolog(, )omba( *II -)+ and Inpen echnologies as %uper %tuff/ In a bid to etend computer science teaching in a fun and an innovative manner to schoolchildren across India, the 1nglish e-book will be available in 2indi, $arathi, #rdu, annada, amil, elegu, 4u5arati, )engal, 6rabic and French.  7eveloped last (ear b( the II -)s computer science department and Inpen echnologies, 'omputer $asti is an integrated program that uses animation, games and etensive use of interactive multimedia content to teach computer science to school students.  perating a computer has become uintessential. 'hildren spend a lot of time on computers with either little or no guidance. #sing the machine in a proper manner is important,/ said :upesh umar %hah, chief eecutive officer, Inpen echnologies.  ;e got a lot of reuests from different states to translate the 1nglish e-books,/ said %hah, adding that the local language speaking audience is fift( times larger than those who speak in 1nglish. he translated e-books will be transliterated and customi<ed keeping the sensibilities of various communities and cultures in mind. For instance, activities prescribed in the $arathi e-book will be centered on the $aharashtrian culture. he #rdu e-book will not have (oga eercises as part of their content. 6part from the e-book, 'omputer $asti is also being used as a tetbook in four languages & 1nglish, $arathi, #rdu and 2indi & from 'lass  to 'lass = across 3= schools in India. Forthe net academic (ear, the tetbook will be available for students till 'lass 8 and will cater to =0 schools. 6tharv >egi, 'lass ? student at @uhus @amnabai >arsee %chool, which introduced 'omputer $asti this academic (ear, loves A%cratch, a program that allows him to create his own animations.  1arlier the teacher would ask us to complete worksheets on programs such as $icrosoft ffice. )ut, now after eplanations, we get down to pla(ing games and other activities. Its so much fun,/ said >egi. 6t the :i<vi %chool in )andra, 'omputer $asti replaced the prescribed computer tetbook from 'lass  to 'lass =. ur routine computer classes have now transformed into fun with animations and games that aid learning,/ said Balitha 2ariharan, principal, :i<vi %chool.  the)undoo*ee( recommended reading :  'omputer $asti
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