Hotel Information with Online Reservation and Billing System for Yuj Inn Hostel

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Hotel Information with Online Reservation and Billing System for Yuj Inn Hostel
  Hotel Information with Online Reservation and Billing System for Yuj Inn Hostel By: Chan, Brian Renzo V. Dela Cruz, Angieleth F. Landayan, Jason Mark T. Osayan, Marlow Nicole S. Email:  ABSTRACT Due to enormous increase in tourism worldwide, standards especially to small establishments, have improved considerably. Tourists in various markets depend on well-organized reservation system with ease in accessibility which aids in ensuring well-planned trip whether business or pleasure. The aim of this study is to help Yuj Inn Hostel in assessment of their reservation and billing. The proponents followed certain process and method to come up with a solution to help the hostel. The methodology in this research allowed each member to be equally in-charge for producing the required documentation, in designing the interface and software, in writing the code and testing the program. After developing the Hotel Information with Online Reservation and Billing System for Yuj Inn Hostel, the proponents analyzed and tested the system, documented the results and feedback, and implemented system in the said establishment. According to the feedback and comments gathered, the developed system can certainly help and benefit Yuj Inn Hostel particularly in creating and managing reservations, as well in computing the bills of the guests.  The study of the proposed system lessened the problems that held back the management of Yuj Inn Hostel in providing a faster and better customer service. The hostel gave a systematic approach in providing information available through online and creating an online and walk-in based reservation with billing system through direct and convenient assistance from the made system.   I.   PROJECT BACKGROUND Established on October 2014, Yuj Village Inn Corp. was created with a mind-set of business in Maginhawa Street, Up Village, Quezon City. The hostel is owned and  managed by Mr. Eugene N. Remata who currently works at Globe Telecom. He started his business when their family rented their house to his friend way back in his college  years. After he graduated in college, some of his acquaintances asked him for some hotels near in UP Campus, thus he decided to try this line of business. Yuj Village Inn Corp has expanded its business by renting two building for room type accommodations either for short term or long term stay. The two buildings have a total of thirty-six (36) rooms. One of the hostel’s m ain goals is to provide a homelike ambiance and a feeling of Filipino warmth and hospitality to their guests, and will continue to do so under the management of the family. The billing and reservation system currently used by the management in Yuj Inn Hostel is manually done. Tellers staying in the reception are dependent on incoming calls or emails for booking for a room.  To promote the hostel even more, Mr. Remata also made a contract with Agoda Company, an Online Travel Agency (OTA) that suggests room accommodations from around the globe wherein one can check through their website. Though Agoda Company provides most of Yuj Inn Hostel’s guests various weaknesses were identified with regards to their current system; (1) manual reservation is a time consuming job and at the same time, (2) data are not always reliable as it is written manually and prone to human errors, which sometimes leads to (3) miscalculation of customer bills.  Tourist in various markets depends on well-organized system that is easily accessible that helps in ensuring a well-planned trip whether business or pleasure. The researchers proposed an Online Reservation and Billing System for Yuj Inn Hostel. The proposed system minimized the long process of manual computation and recording of transaction and helped the company grow or expand their business by attracting new  guests with the use of the internet. Even though new in business, Mr. Remata was persuaded to provide convenience to their guests as well as in streamlining their operations.  The proponents developed a system which contributed to the company’s growth, thereby resulted in a profitable growth or expansion for the corporation. The project, at the same time, helped boosts the skills of the proponents in achieving the goal of receiving the approval of the client, evaluator and thesis adviser. General Objectives  The general objective of the projects is to develop a Hotel Information with Online Reservation and Billing System for Yuj Inn Hostel that will help manage the transactions of the hostel through modern techniques and methods. Specific Objectives    •    To design a prototype that will allow the guests to browse their information and make reservation via the Internet in order to improve their transactions and services. •    To develop a system that will generate reports and compute total bills of guests and to create backup files of successful transactions. •    To improve the security of their transaction processes. •    To test and evaluate the acceptability of the system in terms of availability, functionality and reliability by gathering feedback from prospective users and experts.  Statement of work Scope of the Project  The project was intended to develop a Hotel Information with Online Reservation and Billing System for Yuj Inn Hostel. The proposed system helped provide their guests an easy access for room reservation and billing system that provided the management conve nience in computing guest’s bills. The billing system included the amount of the room rental and other services of Yuj Inn Hostel. Asking for refunds of payment is not covered by the system. Every transaction is automatically saved in a database which is only accessed by the management or admin with the use of password for security purposes. The guests rescheduling, rebooking and cancellation of reservation is also covered by the system. Future additional services are to be discussed with Yuj Inn Hostel’s m anagement. Limitation  The proposed system has its limitation. The system displayed other services offered by the company but the guests may only reserve rooms or packages displayed in the proposed system. Modifying and cancelling of reservation can only be done by a registered member or guest. If the user is not a registered member, no possible transactions may be done aside from viewing the whole website. II.   ANALYSIS OF EXISTING AND RELATED SYSTEMS   At present, Yuj Inn Hostel does their booking manually. Walk-in guests inquired personally for their reservation and fill-out forms regarding the necessary information.
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