Handout _EEE ECE INSTR F243 Signals and Systems 2015-16 (ID) | Discrete Fourier Transform

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TR F243 Signals and Systems 2015
  BIRLA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE, PILANI-Hyderabad CampusINSTRUCTION I!ISIONSECON SE ESTER #$% - #$%'COURSE HANOUT (PART II)*+ 12-12-2016In addition to Part I (General Handout for all courses appended to the timetable) this portion gives further specific details regarding the course Course No  ! EEE  ECE  INSTR F#. Course Title ! S/01a2s & Sys*ems  Instructor-in-charge ! P #$H#%# #& Instructors! Prabha'ara ao  en'ates*aran %3 % + S45pe a1d Ob6e4*/7e + +his course is a preparator, course in *hich the basics of signal processing are covered Itdeals *ith the basic transforms used in signal processing  introduces the analog filters or  practical e.posure a*2ab based ass/01me1*s  are included +he students are re/uired to revie* follo*ing mathematical topics!! F5ur/er Ser/es, F5ur/erTra1s85rms, Lap2a4e Tra1s85rm, Ca24u2us, C5mp2e9 7ar/ab2es a1d S*a*/s*/4 s %3# + Lear1/10 5u*45mes + &n completion of this course student should be able to ! (1) Represe1*  both continuous-time and discrete-time signals as a ourier series (2) Use  the ourier transform and the aplace transform to anal,e continuous-time signals and s,stems (3) E9p2a/1 the importance of superposition and convolution in the anal,sis of linear time invariant s,stems (4) em51s*ra*e an understanding of the relationship bet*een the stabilit, and causalit, of s,stems and the region of convergence of their aplace transforms (5) Use  the discrete-time ourier transform and the -transform to anal,e discrete-time signals and s,stems (6) Use  + algorithm #3 Te9* B55: +T%+ athi $ P Principles of Signal Processing & Linear Systems  &.ford niversit, Press 2007 .3 Re8ere14e B55:s +R%+  #  &ppenheim # 8 9ills', :a*ab 8 : “Signals & Systems”  PHI 8econd ;dition 2006 R#+  :agrath I < 8haran 8 : an=an a'esh  %umar 8 8 ignals & Systems  8econd ;dition +>H 2001  3 C5urse P2a1 +Le4*ureN53Lear1/10 Ob6e4*/7esT5p/4s *5 be 457eredRe8ere14e 1Importance of the signals  8,stems course Introduction to course-------2 - 4nderstanding different t,pes of continuous time signals and  performing different time signal operations ?lassification of 8ignals  8ignal operations +1! 11 - 155 - 68ignal representation using basis signals&rthogonal 8ignal set  ourier series +1 ! 33 +1! 34 - 35 (self-stud,) @ - 78,nthesie and anal,sis of various continuous time signals#periodic 8ignal epresentation ourier +ransforms  its properties+1! 41-43(e.clude ! 43-6)10Aefining various s,stems?lassification of 8,stems+1! 16  1@11 - 12&btaining of +I s,stem output for an, arbitrar, input signal using impulse responseinear convolution (?)  ?using ourier +ransform+1! 24  43-613 - 148tud,ing e.ponentiall, gro*ing signals and anal,ing stable s,stemsaplace transform  its  properties+1! 61 - 6215#nal,ing stable s,stems8olution of +I continuous time s,stems using aplace transforms+1! 6316 - 208tud, of fre/uenc, response of different s,stemsIntroduction to analog filters+1! @1 @4  @521 - 238ampling of continuous time signals and their recover,8ampling  reconstruction+1! 5124 - 25nderstanding different t,pes of discrete time signals and  performing different time signal operations Aiscrete-time signals  8ignal operations+1! B1 - B4 26 - 2@8,nthesie and anal,sis of various discrete time signalsAiscrete +ime ourier +ransform  its properties+1! 102 - 1052B -27:umerical computation of Aiscrete ourier transformA+  its Properties+1! 5230 - 31&btaining output for discrete time s,stems for an, arbitrar, discrete input signal Aiscrete time s,stems Aiscrete time convolution (graphical procedure) +1 ! 74-1 32 C 33#nal,sis of discrete time s,stemsD-transforms  its properties+1 ! 111 C 11234 C 35-transform solution of inear difference e/uation D-transforms converting difference e/uations into algebraic e/uations+1 ! 11336 - 3@A+ method using + algorithmsast ourier +ransform AI+ +  AI + algorithms+1! 53 3B - 37A+  IA+ using + algorithmsA+ using +  Inverse A+  Aiscrete-time convolution using + +1 ! 106  ;3 E7a2ua*/51 S4<eme ECN53E7a2ua*/51C5mp51e1*T/meura*/51(m/1)=e/0<*a0e(>)a*e & T/me Na*ure 58 C5mp51e1* 1+est I60252BE2230 C 330 pm ?losed $oo' 2+est II602031E3230 C 330 pm&pen $oo' 3Fuies (surprise E#nnounced) 15----- ?losed $oo' 4?omprehensive1B04007E05 #: ?losed $oo'  3 C<amber C51su2*a*/51 H5ur(s) :ame of the facult, oom :oe-mail id?onsultationda, E time1Prabha'ar aoA-305budhira=uh,derabadbits-pilaniacin8at 12 C 1 pm 2en'ates*aran A-304ven'ates*aranh,derabadbits-pilaniacin8at 12 C 1 pm '3 a:e-up P52/4y+ >a'eup for an, component *ill be given onl, in genuine cases In all cases prior intimation must be given to I?B N5*/4es  ! Aispla,ed on ?>8Instructor-inCcharge
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