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Gentran Server for Windows Options Pack Installation Card
  Gentran:Server for Windows  – November 2005 Gentran:Server  ®   for Windows  ®  Option Pack Introduction Installation Card This card describes how to install your Gentran:Server for Windows optional components. This card contains the following topics: ◗ Before You Begin ◗ How to Download Optional Components from the ESD Portal ◗ How to Install Optional Components ◗ How to Uninstall Optional Components ◗ How to Select which Optional Components to Load ◗ Related Documentation  Before You Begin Options Pack Installation Card Gentran:Server for Windows  – November 2005  2 Before You Begin Introduction This section describes requirements that you must meet before you begin the Gentran:Server for Windows Option Pack installation. Pre-installationrequirements The following are pre-installation requirements: ◗ Verify that Gentran:Server for Windows Version 5.1 is installed. Reference See How to Validate your Gentran:Server Installation in the Post-installation Tasks chapter of the  Distributed System Installation Guide  or Single Workstation Installation Guide  for additional information. ◗ If you are installing a gateway, verify that you have successfully installed and configured any associated messaging software. ◗ Verify that you have the Options Pack Product Keys that you will need to enter during the installation process. These are contained either in your Packing List (if you received CD-ROMs) or in the e-mail from Sterling Commerce (if you are downloading from the ESD Portal). Clusteredenvironmentprerequisites To complete the installation, you must comply with the following prerequisites: ◗ You must be logged on to Windows as a domain administrator. ◗ IP-based communications are the only communications supported with Gentran:Server on a clustered system. ◗ Install the Options Pack only on the node that owns the Cluster resources. ◗ Ensure that failback is allowed and the node on which you are installing Gentran:Server is set to “Preferred Owner” in Cluster Administrator. Reference See your Microsoft documentation for more information on using Cluster Administrator. ◗ You must have already installed the Windows 2000 Advanced Server operating system on each node and that you have installed either SQL Server or Oracle on a machine or machines that are accessible via the network. Reference See the Getting Started Guide  for more information on which operating system and database management system versions are supported with Gentran:Server. ◗ You must have a basic understanding of Windows, clustering, and SQL Server/Oracle terminology and functionality, and you have access to a database administrator (DBA) and system administrator.  Gentran:Server for Windows  – November 2005 Options Pack Installation Card How to Download Optional Components from the ESD Portal  3 How to Download Optional Components from the ESD Portal Introduction These instructions contain procedures for downloading the Gentran:Server for Windows Options Pack components from the Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) Portal. Downloading theApplication File To download the zipped file: StepAction 1In the e-mail message you received from Sterling Commerce, click the link to the Electronic Software Distribution Download Area.2In the Security Alert dialog box, click Yes .3On the Login page, type the following information: ◗ Sterling order number  ◗ Company name ◗ Customer ID4Click Login , and the system displays the Download Area.5Locate Gentran:Server for Windows, version 5.1  and click Download .6In the File Download dialog box, click Save .7When the Save As dialog box opens, save the zipped file to the C:\ drive. Note If Internet Explorer adds a number in brackets to the name of the downloaded file (for example, gsw51[1], rename the file on the Windows system before you transfer it to the system where it will be installed.8Right-click the zipped file icon and extract (unzip) the file to an empty directory. Note A folder named OptionPack_cd is created.  How to Install Optional Components Options Pack Installation Card Gentran:Server for Windows  – November 2005  4 How to Install Optional Components Introduction This section describes how to install Gentran:Server for Windows optional user interface components.   Note The product keys for installing the Gentran:Server Options Pack software are located on the packing list that was shipped with your Gentran:Server product. Procedure Use this procedure to install Gentran:Server for Windows optional user interface components. Recommendations ◗ If your Gentran:Server environment includes a controller and one or more remote clients, we recommend that you complete this installation procedure on the Gentran:Server controller first, followed by each Gentran:Server client. If you are running Gentran:Server in a clustered environment, you need to install the Options Pack on each node in your clustered system. ◗ If you are running Gentran:Server in a clustered environment and you are prompted during the Options Pack install that Setup has detected existing database tables and asks if you want to keep the existing tables, click No  to inform Setup that you want to work with the existing tables. StepAction 1Are you running Gentran:Server in a clustered environment? ◗ If yes, complete these steps before beginning the install: —Move the groups containing Gentran:Server to the node on which you are currently working. —Bring all Gentran:Server service resources offline but do not  bring the Gentran:Server share (typically GENSRVNT) offline. —Continue with Step2 . ◗ If no, continue with Step2 .2If you are installing from CD-ROM, complete the following:a.Insert the Option Pack installation CD into your CD-ROM drive.  b.If Autorun is disabled on this machine, select Run  from the Start menu and continue with c . Otherwise, continue with Step4 .c.Browse to your CD-ROM drive , select Setup.exe , and click OK  . System Response Setup begins. The system displays the Welcome dialog. The installation wizard guides you through the installation process. Continue with Step4
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