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FURNACES Single-Stage,Variable-Speed TOUGH. SMART. TAPPAN ṬM Built Tank-Tough In America With Pride. Tappan s reputation for tough, durable products was, in the beginning, cast in iron. In 88, in Bellaire,
FURNACES Single-Stage,Variable-Speed TOUGH. SMART. TAPPAN ṬM Built Tank-Tough In America With Pride. Tappan s reputation for tough, durable products was, in the beginning, cast in iron. In 88, in Bellaire, Ohio, W. J. (Bill) Tappan sold his wood- and coalburning stoves door-to-door from a horsedrawn wagon. But it wasn t until World Wars I and II, when Tappan supplied cooking equipment to the U.S. armed forces, that the name gained well-deserved national recognition. The Tappan name has always stood for appliances that are durable and innovative. Tappan s introduction of the microwave in 9 revolutionized cooking. Then, just five years later, pilot lights in furnaces and stoves became a thing of the past with Tappan s invention of electronic ignition. Today, our line of heating and cooling equipment is still just as solidly-built as our tank-tough stoves built for the military in World War I and II. In fact, our furnaces are backed with an all-parts warranty good for 8 years, with either a 0-year or lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. Even more, they re Tappan smart. Packed with precision-engineered components that deliver extended service life, plus state-of-the-art efficiency and comfort. Tough, Because We re Tough On Ourselves. When you purchase a Tappan furnace, you can be confident it s passed the toughest manufacturing standards in the industry: Our own. By the end of the line, each piece of equipment will undergo inspections. It s part of a unique quality control program called Demand Flow Technology TM (DFT), where consistency and workflow achieve near-zero tolerance for imperfection. Associates are trained in multiple workstation skill sets so they can check assembly from the preceding station, double-check their own work, then pass it on.then in the exceedingly small likelihood there may be a defect, all units and each component (both mechanical and electrical) are 00% fired and tested on the line. In the final balance, we stand behind quality workmanship because we do more to stand watch over it. The Tappan Tough Quality Pledge. Because Tappan equipment is built-tough for the long run, the most critical heating component the heat exchanger is backed by the Tappan Tough TM Quality Pledge. We ll replace your Tappan furnace should the heat exchanger fail during the first five years of ownership. For even greater peace of mind, internal working parts of every Tappan unit are covered by a limited warranty for replacement up to 8 full years. Taking Tough And Smart To The Nth Degree. Heavy-gauge aluminized steel heat exchanger/8o AFUE model: 0-year warranty Stainless steel secondary heat exchanger/90-9 AFUE Energy Star model: Lifetime warranty SmartLite control board programs igniter to adapt to furnace s heat-up characteristics extending igniter life to more than 0 years Multiport, in-shot burner design and location of inducer and air vents assures cleaner, more-efficient combustion Galvanized steel cabinet for added strength and durability Fully insulated cabinet and blower compartment for quieter operation Silicone-polyurethane overcoat provides superior scratch and corrosion resistance for looks that last GE ECM TM variable-speed motor with built-in speed and torque controls adjust to meet airflow requirements more efficiently and quietly ECM variable-speed motor s efficiency can save hundreds of dollars annually compared to blowers with standard induction motors ECM variable-speed motor provides longer, trouble-free operation preventing excessive motor wear caused by abrupt stop/start-up cycles ECM motor maintains factory-calibrated airflow capacity automatically compensating for reduced duct volume, dirty air filters, zoning changes, obstructed supply register, etc. Variable-Speed Technology. Smart. Very smart. A Tech Series furnace, equipped with variable-speed technology, is the most-advanced and efficient blower motor design today. Unlike the abrupt start/stop cycles of a conventional motor, a Tech variable-speed furnace ramps up to speed gradually to eliminate temperature swings and reduse noise. Employing patented GE ECM TM variable-speed technology still further, the blower delivers constant air flow thanks to a programmable electronic controller. It adjusts in real time to meet capacity automatically compensating for reduced duct volume, dirty air filters, zoning changes, obstructed supply register, etc. So the entire system functions more efficiently for more-even temperatures, better indoor air quality, precise humidity control and reduced energy consumption. Conventional Furnace vs. Variable-Speed Furnace Variable-speed furnace ramps blower speed up and down gently for quieter, more comfortable operation. Breathe Easy, Save Big. Running a furnace continuously on a thermostat s fan setting has obvious benefits. Besides optimizing indoor comfort, a Tappan Tech Series variable-speed furnace uses 80% less electricity over conventional furnaces. Ultimately, this can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings each year. So you can breathe easier, especially when utility bills come due. GE ECM TM variable-speed motor can save $0/yr. on heating plus another $0 in electrical costs for continuous fan operation Compared to conventional blower motor based on average savings calculations at 8c/kwh. Actual savings may vary according to utility rates, climate, ductwork, insulation, duty cycle, and lifestyle usage patterns. Helping To Save Mother Earth. Awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency for helping to conserve energy, promote cleaner air, and prevent global warming. To qualify, furnaces must have an Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating of 90% or higher. -Year Heating Savings Tech 9.% and 80% AFUE unit vs. % AFUE units Dollar amounts computed at $.09 ccf, for,000 full-load heating hours and a system rated at 0,000 Btuh. Actual savings may vary depending on climate conditions, fuel rates, and patterns of usage according to individual lifestyle. Energy Definitions AFUE Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency It measures the amount of heat actually delivered to your house compared to the amount of fuel that you must supply to the furnace. Thus, a furnace that has an 80% AFUE rating converts 80% of the fuel that you supply to heat the other 0% is lost out of the chimney. As ratings increase, so does unit efficiency. Tech Series 9./90 VS- 9./90 AFUE Ultra High Efficiency Tech Series 80 VS- 80+ AFUE Extra High Efficiency Single-Stage Gas Furnace with Variable-Speed Blower Variable-speed blower optional on 9./90 VS- (dealer-installed) Exceptional Warranty 8-Year Limited Parts Warranty/-year Tappan Tough TM Quality Pledge/ Extended Warranty Available Putting It All Together With Quality Service. To learn how you can get the most comfort and biggest return in energy savings from a totally integrated indoor comfort system, talk to your Tappan dealer. From thermostats, to air cleaners, matched coils for new condensing units, humidity and zone control systems, and other indoor air quality accessories, you re sure to get tough, dependable technology that s built to last. All of which makes you one very smart customer.tough. Smart.Tappan ṬM 8 9 Programmable thermostat Evaporator coil Air cleaner Air conditioner or heat pump UV air purifier 8 Energy recovery ventilator Gas furnace or air handler Humidifier 9 Zone control panel Testing Certifications Trademark Tappan used under license. 00 NORDYNE PUBLICATION SERIAL #B-090 Specifications and illustrations subject to change without incurring obligation. Pictured installation varies per household.
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