Fri. Jan. 15 th -Weekly Assessment, Unit 4, Week 2 Thurs. Jan. 14 th -Spelling Packet Due and Spelling Test Wed. Jan 13 th - Snow Day Grammar Packet Due.

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Download Fri. Jan. 15 th -Weekly Assessment, Unit 4, Week 2 Thurs. Jan. 14 th -Spelling Packet Due and Spelling Test Wed. Jan 13 th - Snow Day Grammar Packet Due.
  • 1 Fri. Jan. 15 th -Weekly Assessment, Unit 4, Week 2 Thurs. Jan. 14 th -Spelling Packet Due and Spelling Test Wed. Jan 13 th - Snow Day Grammar Packet Due if we do not have school Tues. otherwise due Fri. Wed. Jan. 13 th -Vocab Quiz Weekly AR Goal 20% Writing Traits: Voice and Style Writing Skills: Rhyming in Poetry Writing Entry: Poem Reading Strategies: Point of View, Character Motivation, Plot Spelling: Prefixes Grammar: Different Kinds of Pronouns Additional Resources for this week on And Kelly Mitchell 859-987-2195 Mrs. Mitchell’sMrs. Mitchell’s ALL GROUPS unusual underwater regain repaired unaware unfriendly unfinished unimportant refreeze replenish reunite rediscover rewrap discount discourage dishonest nonspecific misguide overwhelm submerge Vocabulary perplexed astounded precise inquisitive suspicious concealed Challenge impatiently inaccurate Review listen signal fable
  • 2 This week our class will discuss the idea of taking a second look at things we think we already know. We will talk about how this process can lead to new discoveries and conclusions. Comprehension: Point of View Point of View- the standpoint from which a story is told First person-told from the viewpoint of one of the characters using the pronouns “I” and “we” Third Person Limited- the narrator is an outside observer that focuses on the thoughts and feelings of only one character Third Person Omniscient-the narrator is an outside observer who can tell us the thoughts and feelings of all of the charterers in a story Third Person Objective-the narrator reports the facts of a narrator as a seemingly neutral and impersonal outside observer Here are some activities you can do with your child to help reinforce the skills we’ll be practicing. Words to Know: adages and proverbs In this activity, you and your child take turns using the vocabulary words to make up questions that the other person tries to answer. Spelling/Phonics: prefixes You and your child will match the spelling words that have the same prefix. Each time you find a match, you will say and spell the both words. Students should read only chapter books as part of our AR program. Students took the STAR reading test on Thursday, January 7 th in the computer lab. New AR goal letters were sent home with students on Friday. Please, sign and return these letters by Tuesday, January 12 th. Monday, January 4 th marked the beginning on a new Term. SPELLING and ELA HOMEWORK After much reflection during the break, I have decided to count spelling and ELA homework for and against students this semester. This means that if a student does not turn in any assigned homework on the date that it is due, s/he will receive a zero (0) in the grade book until the assignment is turned in. This will also apply to social studies and science for my homeroom. Students will also have organized recess until late assignments have been turned in and weekly AR goals have been reached.
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