Fri. Feb. 5 th -Weekly Assessment, Unit 4, Week 4 Thurs. Feb. 4 th -Spelling Packet Due and Spelling Test Weekly AR Goal 50% Writing Entry: Transitions.

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Download Fri. Feb. 5 th -Weekly Assessment, Unit 4, Week 4 Thurs. Feb. 4 th -Spelling Packet Due and Spelling Test Weekly AR Goal 50% Writing Entry: Transitions.
  • 1 Fri. Feb. 5 th -Weekly Assessment, Unit 4, Week 4 Thurs. Feb. 4 th -Spelling Packet Due and Spelling Test Weekly AR Goal 50% Writing Entry: Transitions Reading Strategies: Author’s Point of View Spelling: words ending with -ture, -cher, -sure, and -zure Grammar: Possessive Pronouns Additional Resources for this week on And Kelly Mitchell 859-987-2195 Mrs. Mitchell’sMrs. Mitchell’s ALL GROUPS rancher searcher pressure future butcher measure pleasure mixture treasure feature pasture creature lecture gesture nature fracture moisture stretcher legislature azure Vocabulary affect absorb seeps conserve cycle glaciers circulates necessity Challenge miniature disclosure Review contest desert entrance
  • 2 This week our class will discuss the Earth’s natural resources and why they are valuable. We will also take a look at the Earth’s cycles. Comprehension: Author’s Point of View Point of View- the standpoint from which a story is told Read nightly with your child. When you finished reading, discuss some questions to decide who liked it the most and who liked it the least. Here are some activities you can do with your child to help reinforce the skills we’ll be practicing. Words to Know: definitions and restatements You and your child will take turns using each list word in a sentence about our natural resources. When you’ve used all the words, you’ll read back the sentences. Spelling/Phonics: words ending with -ture, -cher, -sure, and -zure You will say a word, and your child tells you the spelling for the word ending: -ture, -cher, -sure, or -zure. Then have your child spell the whole word. Students should read at least 1 chapter book at all times as part of our AR program. My homeroom will be participating in a Reading Buddies Program with Mrs. Bradley’s 1 st grade class on Fridays from 1:15-1:40. Students will read aloud an age- appropriate book with their reading buddy and then assist in helping the 1 st grader take an AR test. In addition, my students will be able to take an AR test on the book they read for additional AR points. Encourage your student to check out a book for their reading buddy on Thursdays during our regular Library time. Have your student read aloud the book Thursday evening to you to prepare for their Reading Buddy time on Friday. You may consider asking a few comprehension questions as well. ELA RETESTS For the remainder of the school year, I am offering an opportunity to my students to re- test any spelling tests to improve spelling grades. Also, for students wanting to improve their reading or writing grades, I will provide quizzes over weekly standards. However, these test will only be made available before school from 7:20-7:40 or after school from 3:00-3:20 on days that I am available. Students will want to coordinate the day and time for any re-tests or quizzes with me before hand and will receive a pass to come to my classroom for the re-test or quiz. In addition, the two grades will be averaged for a final grade.
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