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FLOORING The real thing... Solid Wood Profiles Contemporary and warm Ecological and healthy living with solid wooden floors Relax, sit back, close your eyes for a minute and imagine lying on a wooden floor.
FLOORING The real thing... Solid Wood Profiles Contemporary and warm Ecological and healthy living with solid wooden floors Relax, sit back, close your eyes for a minute and imagine lying on a wooden floor. What do you feel? Warm and safe? Well, you are after all lying on an exquisite piece of nature that brings about a luxurious sense of warmth and has a positive impact on indoor climates. If you now open your eyes again, you will notice the beauty of this PINUS wood floor - the uniqueness of every individual board, impossible to mistake for anything but: real wood... TABLE OF CONTENTS Products: Coniferous wood Nordic spruce Nordic pine Siberian larch Pitch Pine Lignufin Ancient Chalet flooring Technical information:: Maintenance Assembly Standard Delivery Forms pinucolor hard-wax oil /20 What s your type of wood? Wooden floors are ideal for creating comfy interiors and green and clean living spaces. Solid wood creates a sense of warmth, is environmentally friendly and a natural material. Since it is also a very ecological and renewable material, the use of wood in our homes also helps to protect our resources and contributes to responsible forest management. Pitch Pine unfinished 4/20 Purely natural... PINUS range of wooden floors has been carefully selected to offer you the best possible features when it comes to designing your home. Every type of wood has its own unique features. Some of the coniferous woods, for example, have very striking appearances - resulting from their graining or type and number of knots. Others, such as Pitch Pine, may be quite plain and have few or no knots at all. The range of different characteristics and the versatility of wood is inexhaustible! Nordic woods are of an extremely high quality and tend to grow very slowly due to the climatic conditions in the northern hemisphere, making them very dense, strong and durable. Conifer woods come in different strengths nordic spruce, for example, being softer than siberian larch. Take a minute to select a type of wood ideally suited to your individual requirements.the more traffic your floor will be exposed to, the harder the type of wood you require. The density measurement of the different types of wood indicates their resistance. The higher the density the harder the wood. Nordic spruce Nordic Pine Sibirian larch The types of wood listed in this brochure exhibit the following values (g/cm 3 ) when used in an interior space at a standard humidity of approx. 12 % in compliance with DIN 68364: Type of wood Density in g/cm 3 Pitch pine Spruce Pine Larch Pitch Pine 0,47 0,52 0,51 0,63 Nordic spruce Thermowood 5/20 Natural versatility... PINUS primarily sources its nordic spruce from Scandinavia. This light, golden-white softwood has a friendly and warm character. A solid wooden spruce floor is a rare piece of nature. Every single board has its own individual features and history making your wooden floor and home unique. Since spruce is inherently a soft type of wood, it should only be used in areas where it is exposed to little wear, such as bed rooms, work rooms etc. PINUS solid spruce floors can also be easily re-sanded after a few years restoring their natural beauty and brilliance. 6/20 Nordic spruce Unique... Nordic spruce 7/20 Why not increase the value of your home with a solid wooden floor? Nordic pine A matter of taste... With people, it s really their little quirks and imperfections that make them so unique and loveable, rather than their perfections - and that is no different for solid Northern pine flooring! Every little branch is an expression of that uniqueness and the purity of its natural origins. Golden-red northern pine is a mediumhard softwood. Although the lighter coloured sapwood of Northern pine will darken with time, it will always continue to show off the beautiful red-brown heartwood. Nordic pine 9/20 The choice is yours... An abundance of Highlights... PINUS Siberian larch flooring is ideal for rooms that are subject to heavier wear. This fine-grained type of wood is very dense, which increases both its weight and strength. Siberian larch is characterised by red-brown heartwood and beautiful pale-golden sapwood creating an interplay of colours that produces an exciting atmosphere. Make your home an adventure in experiencing nature. Wood has a comparatively low k-factor which is why a wooden floor always feels warm and makes the temperature in a room seem subjectively higher. This means you can turn down your heating a little and save energy! NB: If used in high-humidity areas, floor boards should be laid at a safe distance from any splash zones. 10/20 Sibirian larch Sibirian larch 11/20 Natural materials promote wellbeing... Pitch Pine Wholesome traditions... Pitch Pine is a softwood that satisfies a whole range of high demands. It has a very high resin content, which makes it quite a hard type of softwood and this is also why it is often used for flooring on dance floors and stages. It is of course also ideally suited for use in any home and will fit in easily with both contemporary and traditional designs. Wood positively impacts on indoor climates by regulating humidity and is very easy on our feet thanks to its flexibility thus contributing to your overall wellbeing. Pitch Pine 13/20 Express your own style... Be free, with your own creativity! LIGNUFIN special transparent varnish gives wooden floors a beautiful matt satin finish. PINUS also supplies solid nordic spruce and solid nordic pine flooring pretreated with LIGNUFIN. Using a different colour in every room is a particular effective way of giving wooden flooring that personal touch. PINUS also supplies nordic spruce flooring pre-finished with LIGNUFIN color varnish in white, grey and pink. Another alternative are textured surfaces, which can be created by brushing out the softer parts of the wood. These kinds of boards are available pre-finished with LIGNUFIN color structure in either oak or walnut. LIGNUFIN color white 14/20 Lignufin LIGNUFIN special und LIGNUFIN color grey LIGNUFIN special transparent LIGNUFIN color white LIGNUFIN color pink LIGNUFIN color grey From top to bottom: LIGNUFIN color struktur oak LIGNUFIN special and LIGNUFIN color white and pink LIGNUFIN color grey LIGNUFIN color grey LIGNUFIN color structure walnut 15/20 Ancient Chalet flooring Nordic Spruce Thermowood Not immaculate - yet charming... PINUS Ancient Chalet flooring looks exactly like you would expect an antique spruce floor to look! Its dark colouring, knottiness, width of the boards and little imperfections such as cracks and fallen-out knots also contribute to the overall impression of aged wood. This look has been achieved through heat treatment, which also reduces the wood s moisture content to only around 8%, resulting in reduced shrinkage, swelling and enhancing its physical strength. Ancient Chalet flooring is rustic and cosy, creating an interesting contrast with contemporary designs and materials such as glass and metal. NB: Thermowood can also be glued down, rather than fitting it to a substructure. This reduces the overall height of the flooring by the height of the substructure which can be particularly advantageous in renovation projects. 16/20 Maintenance All solid wood flooring needs protection PINUS solid wooden floors can be supplied untreated or pre-finished with LIGNUFIN special varnish (see page 14). Untreated floor boards should be oiled or waxed. Never use any type of bonding agents for treatment of wooden floors, since these can cause the wood to crack when drying. If necessary, wooden floorboards can be re-sanded once they have been laid however, only in the direction of the grain and subsequently re-oiled or re-waxed. There are a few floor coverings that are as easy to care for as wooden flooring. Wooden flooring can be easily cleaned using a brush, mop or vacuum cleaner. More stubborn stains can be removed using a damp cloth and pinucolor floor cleaner. This is highly effective in maintaining the floor s finish and protects it from stains. Wooden floors definitely improve with age remember those beautiful mansions and castles with their marvellous wooden floors? However, if you are not happy with the signs of everyday wear that your floor will display after a time, it can always be re-sanded and protected using pinucolor hard wax oil. Assembly Rooms that are to be fitted with wooden floors must be absolutely dry and heated (make sure to take into account the residual moisture content of a building following recent building work!). It is vital to ensure that the wooden floor will not be exposed to any moisture. This is why buildings without basements that are subject to rising dampness must be equipped with a vapour barrier of a thickness of 0.3 or 0.5 mm. Flush joints should be welded or overlapped. PVC foils should never be thinner than 0.5 mm. Floorboards that have been subjected to a final drying process have a residual moisture content of 10 +/ 2 %. The moisture content of the grid beams should be equal to that of the floorboards. Please note: Hard wax oil and wood flooring care products are available in a range of different quantities. Please refer to the rear of this brochure or visit for more information. 17/20 Assembly Sound insulation strips Vapour barrier Concrete slab Floorboards Cavity insulation Grid beams Floorboards Cavity insulation Grid beams Bricks Sound insulation strips Vapour barrier Exposed formwork Ceiling joist Vapor barrier Grid beams Sound insulation strips Ceiling joist Battens, formwork or spring rail Gypsum plaster board Loose-fill insulation Cavity insulation Floorboards Wooden floor installed over concrete slab Wooden floor installed over wooden ceiling Option 1 Wooden floor installed over wooden ceiling Option 2 a) b) c) Figure a) Place grid beams (approx. 45 x 70 mm) onto the sub-floor; if required, place sound insulation strips underneath grid. Install vapour barriers and membranes; position grid beams in such a way that the face of the floorboards comes to rest on them. Maximum distance between grid beams: 50 cm. Fill spaces between grid beams with insulation. Install first row of floorboards with the groove facing the wall. Put spacers into the gap between the boards and wall (approx. 10 mm). Screw down the first board from above at the side of the wall and, on the side facing the room, from an angle, by screwing through the tongue. Figure b) The next rows of boards are each installed at the end of the previous row. Push the boards together using a scrap piece of wood. Trim the last row of boards in such a way that they leave a gap of at least 10 mm to the wall. Screw boards on from the top, leaving the screws visible. Remove spacers! Figure c) Cover the gap between the boards and wall and the screws using an end strip. These installation instructions are based on extensive experience in installing floors. They do not constitute any contractual claims. 18/20 Standard forms of delivery - Flooring = in stock = available upon request Type of wood Thickness in mm Width in mm Coverage in mm untreated textured LIGNUFIN spezial LIGNUFIN color LIGNUFIN color struktur WOOD OIL Lengths in m Solid wooden flooring Nordic spruce Nordic pine ,00-5,40 3,00-5,40 Solid wood flooring endmatched (with tongue and groove) Nordic spruce Nordic pine Sib. larch Pitch Pine ,35 2,05 2,05 2,40 / 2,70 / 3,00 Ancient Chalet flooring end matched Solid wood flooring (with planed back) Nord. spruce Thermowood 21 Nord. spruce Thermowood 21 Nordic spruce ,35 2,65 4,20 3,00-5,40 Skirting end matched Nordic spruce Sib. larch Nord. spruce Thermowood ,35 2,05 2,35 Skirting end matched Nordic spruce ,50 4,50 Skirting end matched Nordic spruce PINUS solid wood floors are kiln-dried to approx. 10 +/ 2 %. 4,50 4,50 Thickness Coverage Width 19/20 pinucolor HARD WAX OIL for interior use, transparent pinucolor hard wax oil is a transparent, oil and wax-based surface finish suitable for use on wooden and cork flooring. pinucolor hard wax oil gives all solid wooden flooring a pleasant matt satin finish. We also recommend pinucolor wood care for use on flooring treated with pinucolor hard wax oil, which nourishes, protects and gives all wooden, cork, linoleum, PVC and stone flooring a gentle shine. Colours: Transparent Tin sizes: 0.75 l, 2.5 l, 25 kg Your PINUS Distributor. PINUS Druck: Printpark Widmann GmbH, Karlsruhe 170 g/qm Druckvorstufe: Professional Publishing, Ettlingen Stand: 11 /2008 Holzarten und Farbtöne können drucktechnisch etwas abweichen Änderungen vorbehalten. 20/24 PINUS Holzimport GmbH Karlsruhe KG Industrial Planing Mill Südliche Uferstraße 3 D Karlsruhe Tel.: +49 (0) Fax: +49 (0)
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