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Festival 2013 ADVANCED CUSTOMER INFORMATION PLEASE READ ME THOROUGHLY BEFORE LEAVING FOR OUTLOOK! CONTENTS 1. WELCOME TO OUTLOOK 2013! 2. FESTIVAL INFO: 2.1 ESSENTIAL CHECKLIST 2.2 FESTIVAL RULES 2.3 MONEY 2.4 ARRIVAL INSTRUCTIONS 3. WHAT S ON AT OUTLOOK FESTIVAL: 3.1 ARENAS AND LINEUPS 3.2 BOAT PARTIES 3.4 AROUND THE FESTIVAL SITE 4. ACCOMMODATION: 4.1 CAMPSITE, HOSTEL & HOSTEL TENTS 4.2 CAMPSITE RULES 4.3 PRIVATE APPARTMENTS 5. TRAVEL & TRANSPORT: 5.1 FESTIVAL ADDRESS & INFORMATION 5.2 GETTING HERE 5.3 GETTING AROUND 5.4 GETTING HOME 6. LOCAL INFO: 6.1 EXCURSIONS 6.2 GENERAL INFO 6.3 PAYPHONES & MOBILES 6.4 HEALTH 6.5 CRIME 6.6 EMBASSIES & CONSULATES 6.7 CROATION VOCABULARY 6.8 TOURIST WEBSITES WELCOME TO OUTLOOK 2013! With Outlook just about to be entering its 6th year running, we cannot wait to commence another beautiful Croatian summer, opening the fort gates to over 10,000 revelers for 4 nights and days of music, beach and sunshine. Over the past 6 years the festival has grown and welded itself to new heights and we believe this year we re set for yet another spellbinding and unique experience that we are honoured to share with a universal mix of likeminded individual s. Our festival is held in the beautiful site of Fort Punta Christo, Pula. This stunning location is an abandoned fort built in the eighteen hundreds, a spectacular atmospheric venue located on a peninsular and surrounded by the crystal waters of the Adriatic. The beautiful beach, intimate boat parties and the dramatic fort itself providing a platform for the wide range of artists from the varied world of soundsystem culture which we have brought together for what should be a magical weekend. Officially taking over the site from Thursday 29th of August right through until the early morning of Monday the 2nd September, but with pre-parties, the Opening Concert and post-festival boat parties, this years Outlook looks set to be the best yet. So as our anticipation rises for what should be a wonderful week of sunshine, smiling faces and great music we ve prepared this helpful document of information that should help you in planning your stay and travel here. Looking forward to meeting you all, we hope you are getting as excited as we are. Love & happiness from the Outlook Team. 2. FESTIVAL INFO 2.1 ESSENTIAL CHECKLIST Here s some stuff you shouldn t be leaving the house without; PASSPORT - and a photocopy for emergency situations. TICKETS - festival, transfers, opening ceremony, boat parties, tent hire, lockers, festival shuttle bus etc! BANK CARD you booked with - For standard ticket holders only. CAMPING/HOSTEL FORMS - All three pages. VISA* TRAVEL & MEDICAL INSURANCE MEDICINE - things like pain killers are expensive in Croatia and will involve a trip to a local pharmacy so please bring a personal supply for yourself if you think this is necessary. If you rely on other medicines please make sure you bring extra supplies, just in case. MONEY You will need kuna in Croatia. JUMPER it get s cold at night, or buy one from Merchandise. TOWELS or buy one from Merchandise TORCH, SLEEPING BAG, TRAVEL PILLOW, TENT, ETC.- (If camping) TRAINERS No open toes allowed at the festival site at nighttime INSECT REPELLENT SUN CREAM *Visa s - As Croatia has just joined the EU, the visa policy is fully harmonized with that of the EU. Citizens of the U.S., the U.K., EU countries, Australia and New Zealand DO NOT need visas. All citizen s of NON EU countries such as Turkey, Russia and the Kosovo states will need to Apply for a visa to enter Croatia. For other countries, please check the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. (www.mvep.hr ) If you do need one, please contact the Croatian Embassy in your country (also detailed on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website) for more information on how to obtain a visa. 2.2 FESTIVAL RULES LEAVE NO TRACE There are litter & recycling bins provided so please use them. There is no excuse to leave litter everywhere. BE COURTEOUS Please be respectful and courteous to all those around you; staff and fellow festival-goers, visitors and locals. NO PETS Sorry, but animals are not allowed anywhere on the camping or festival site. Buddy and Whiskers will just have to miss out on the fun. NO GLASS For obvious reasons STICK TO PATHS Please do not wander off into the undergrowth and try to keep to paths. Areas signed off limits or out of bounds are not safe for public access for a good reason. NO FOOD OR DRINK Food and drink may not be brought into the festival site, sealed bottles of water are allowed. NO LAUGHING GAS Laughing Gas is prohibited in Croatia. NO FLIP-FLOPS/SANDALS AT NIGHT- this is for your own safety as the ground is not suitable for unprotected feet. NO DRUGS OR ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES The Croatian authorities take a very strict stance on the use of drugs. at the very least you may spend the night in a cell and can expect a hefty fine (minimum 300). Just say no. NO SWIMMING AFTER 20:00 Swimming in the dark is extremely dangerous and can easily turn into a life-threatening situation. Swimming whilst under the influence is a high risk situation; always stay within your depth even when sober. NO GUNS OR KNIVES OR POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS OBJECTS No explanation needed. 2.3 MONEY Whilst in Croatia you will need Kuna. Foreign currencies can be exchanged at Camp Brioni reception, banks, exchange offices, post offices and at most tourist agencies, hotels and camping grounds. Banking hours are usually 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays banks are open until 1 p.m. One way to save money is to pre-order your foreign currency online and pick up at the airport before you depart. There are two ATM machines located in the campsite, unfortunately these will not be available to non-campers, but there is an ATM machine within walking distance of the site in Stinjan. All machines will be busy over the duration of the festival, and can run out of money over the weekend. Tokens are used across the Festival site, see below for details. 2.4 ARRIVAL INSTRUCTIONS On arrival please head to the Festival Entrance to pick up your Festival wristband from Wristband Exchange. This is open 24 hours a day from midday Monday 26th August through to late evening Sunday 1st September. Please bring I.D with you, without it you cannot get in. Please also bring your ticket, and if you purcahsed a standard ticket from Eventbrite, Ticket Arena or Fatsoma please also bring the card you used to book. All persons on a standard booking must arrive together to collect their wristbands. If you arrive with a ticket not in your name we will not be able to let you in. We can arrange name changes on site provided the original ticket purcahser s us on com confirming they have passed their ticket to you. 3. WHAT S ON AT OUTLOOK FESTIVAL 3.1 ARENA S & LINE-UP S Outlook festival officially starts at midday on Thursday 29 August, and finishes 6am Monday 2 September. Music runs from midday till 8pm on the beach stages, and 8pm till 6am on all fort stages. However the beach stages also host offiical pre-parties on Monday 26, Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 August from midday onwards. Admission is free to all festival ticket holders, please note last admission is 10pm. New for 2013 we are also presenting an Opening Concert at the 2000 year old Amphitheatre in Pula on Wednesday evening. This is a separated ticketed event, and we advise anyone who is planning to be in the area at this time to book a ticket in advance as the capacity is lower than that of the festival. WEDNESDAY 28TH AUGUST The Opening Pula Arena. TICKETS: The Original Wailers (Reggae legends led by Al Anderson of Bob Marley & The Wailers fame.) Grandmaster Flash (Original Block Party Set) J Rocc (Early Sound System Culture Set) Earl Gateshead (Sound System Riddims Set) THURSDAY 29TH AUGUST 184/ AB/ ALBOROSIE/ ALPHA STEPPA/ AMIT/ ANT TC1/ AOB/ ARLO/ ARTWORK/ AUTHOR/ BIG D/ BIOME/ BLACKBOARD JUNGLE/ BREAK/ BREAKAGE/ BREAKERS/BREEZAK/BTRAITS/ CAPLETON/ CERN / CHARLIE P/ CHIMPO/ CHUNKY/ CIAN FINN/ CODEBREAKER MC/ CRACKER JON/ DAGGER SOUNDSYSTEM/ DARQ E FREAKER/ DAVID RODIGAN/ DBRIDGE/ DEFENDERS OF STYLE/ DJ DIE/ DLR/ DR SYNTAX/ DRS/DUB CONDUCTOR/ DUB PHIZIX/ DJ DUBPLATES/ DUSKY/ EARL GATESHEAD/ DJ EARTHPIPE/ DJ EZ/ FIREHOUSE SOUND/ MC FOKUS/ FRANKIE STEW/ GARDNA/ GAVLYN/ GIANT SEKOYA/ GORGON SOUND/ MC GQ/ MC GUSTO/ HALOGENIX/ HARVEY GUNN/ INDIGO/ IRATION STEPPAS/ MC JC/ JIVES/ JOEY BADA$$/ JON-ROY/ JONESY/ JUBEI/ JUMA/ KANDZIJA/ KANJIRA/ KILLAWATT/ KORELESS/ KRYPTIC MINDS/ KYDRO/ LEA LEA JONES/ LEADBELLY/ DJ LEFTO/ LIKWIT BUMZ/ LIVIN PROOF/ LONDON ZOO/ LUD DUB/ LUNAR C/ LX ONE/ DJ MADD/ MARK XTC/ MATT U/ MEDDIK/ MIDNIGHT RESISTANCE/ MIGHTY BOOGIE/ DJ MIKE STEEZ/ MOSAIX/ MC MOTA/ MR GARRUD/ MUNGO S HIFI/ NYMFO/OBF/ OPTIMUS/ PEAN/PETE CANNON/ PHAELEH/ POETIC DEATH/ RDC/ RICH REASON/ ROUTE 94/ RUBBERDUB SOUND SYSTEM/ SABRE/ SHANTIE D/ SHENGEN CLAN/ SHIMAH/ SHY FX/ SINICAL/ SKEPTICAL/ SKITTLES/ SLB/ SLIN/ SMASH HITS/ SMILODON/ SONNY JIM/ SPARKZ/ MC SPLINTER/ SPLIT PROPHETS/ SPYNE/ MC STAMINA/ STAND HIGH PATROL/ STRATEGY/ STRAY/ SURVIVAL/ T-MAN/ TERMINAL STATE/ DJ TEZ/ THE PURIST/ THINKING/ THROWING SNOW/ TIM DRIVER/ TITAN/ TOAST/ TODD EDWARDS/ TOFFLER/ TONN PIPER/ TOO LATE/ TOXIDELIC/ UNDERHAND TACTICS/ UNICORN FUKR/ UNIT 7/ MC VISIONOBI/ VITAL TECHNIQUES/ VIVEK/ WAYFARER/ XXTRAKT/ YOUNG WARRIOR/ YOUNGSTA FRIDAY 30TH AUGUST A.QUAKE/AARON LIPSETT/ ACRE/ ADDISON GROOVE/ AMY BECKER/ ANDREYA TRIANA/ APPLEBOTTOM/ ARTFUL DODGER/ ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE/ ARTWORK/ AZ/ BASS CULTURE/ BAY BEAT COLLECTIVE/ BEGUM X/ BENEATH/ BENJI B/ BENTON/ BLACKBOARD JUNGLE/ BUSHKIN/ CA:RO/ CITIZEN/ COMMODO/ CRAZY D/ DANMAN/ DARK SKY/ DECIBEL/ DEFORMER/ DELHI SULTANATE/ DIAMONDZ/ DIGITAL/ DIGITRON/ DIRTY BEATZ/ DISTANCE/ DORIAN CONCEPT/ DUB LAB/ DUB SMUGGLERS/ ELIPHINO/ EVIAN CHRIST/ FEELAZ/ FEONIX/ FLOWDAN/ GENERAL LEVY/ GET LOW CARTEL/ GOLDIE/ GOTHTRAD/ MC GQ/ GUNFINGA/ GUSTO/ HATCHA/ IRATION STEPPAS/ J ROCC/ JACK SPARROW/ JACKMASTER/ JAY ELECTRONICA/ JMDC/ JO KIRA/ JOE ARIWA/ JSCIENCE/ JUBEI/ MC JUDE/ MC JUMA/ KANKA/ KOAST/ KRONIK/ LENZMAN/ LIVIN PROOF/ LOWQUI/ MC LX ONE/ MACHINE FUNCK/ MADAM X/ MAISON SKY/ MALA/ MC MANTMAST/ MARTELO/ MAYA/ MELLA DEE/ MIKAL/ MOONY/ MOXIE/ MURRAYMAN/ NEFFA T/ NIKA/ OBF/ PEAN/ PHIRAH/ PINCH/ QUEST/ RAG N BONE MAN/ RANDALL/ RATTUS RATTUS/ REDINHO/ REGGAE RAJAHS/ ROOTS IN SESSION/ ROS/ ROSES GABOR/ RUBBERDUB SOUND SYSTEM/ RUSH/ RUSHMOOR/ RUSTIE/ SEB WILDBLOOD/ SILKIE/ SKATMAN B/ SP:MC/ SPENCER/ SPLINTER/ STICKY/ SUN OF SELAH/ SWINDLE/ TASKFORCE/ TOR/ TRANSIT MAFIA/ TRICKY D/ TRUTH/ TUNNIDGE/ ULTERIOR MOTIVE/ VALTA/ VOYEUR/WALTER EGO/ YASIIN BEY (MOS DEF) SATURDAY 31ST AUGUST 207/ ACTION GEAR/ MC AD/ ANDY C/ AOB/ APES/ AXON/ BALKAN KOLEKTIV/ MC BIG OZ/ BILLAIN/ BLACKBOARD JUNGLE/ BLOOD DUNZA/ BREDREN/ CALYX/ CHANNEL ONE/ CHARLIE P/ CHIMPO/ CIAN FINN/ COOLY G/ DIGITAL MYSTIKZ/ DISTANCE/ DJ D-TOX/ DT/ DUB SMUGGLERS/ DUB-4/ DUBBLE/ DUBWAY/ EARL GATESHEAD/ EGOLESS/ ELEMENT MC/ ELIPHINO/ FILIP MOTOVUNSKI/ FINWA/ FISH/ FRENZY D/ FUNK GURU/ GENO/ GERRA/ GIBBO/ MC GQ/ GUSTO/ HAPPA/ HARD BASS DEALERS/ HATCHA/ HOT IT UP DANCE CRW/ HYROGLIFICS/ IKONIKA/ IMPACT/ IRATION STEPPAS/ ITCH/ JARARR/ JAY INFO/ JAZZATRON/ JC/ JEANVILLE/ JOE NICE/ JOEL KOLLTVELT/ KAHN/ KODE 9/ L JAY/ L-WIZ/ LD50/ LEGAL SHOT HIFI/ LOCO/ LOEFAH/ DJ LOW/ LOWQUI/ MACBEAT/ MACHINEDRUM/ MADU MESSENGER/ MARIBOU STATE/ MAYAN/ MECHAWARRIOR/ MISS CRISS/ MR WILLIAMZ/ MUNGO S HIFI/ OBF/ ONSET/ OSSIE/ PARIAH/ PARVEZ/ PATCH/ PETER POSH/ PHAROAHE MONCH/ PLANAS / R.KING/ RADIKAL GURU/ RAHMANEE/ DJ REAL DEAL/ RENE LAVICE/ REUBEN G/ RIDDIM TUFFA/ RIOT/ RUBBERDUB SOUND SYSTEM/ DJRUM/ SAIYAN/ SCRATCHA DVA/ SEB WILDBLOOD/ SELEKTOR BONY/ SHECO/ SIMPLE SAMPLE/ MC SKATZ/ SOUTH LONDON ORDNANCE/ SPLINTER/ STATIK/ SUBMOTION ORCHESTRA/ T-RO/ TEEBEE/ TENA STELIN/ TERROR DANJAH/ THE HEATWAVE/ THE PHARCYDE/ TOP CAT/ TREVINO/ TRIP TO ZION/ TUESDAY CLUB/ VIBRONICS/ VISIONOBI MC/ WALTON/ WILKINSON/ ZED BIAS SUNDAY 1ST SEPTEMBER MC AOB/ MC AD/ AEON/ ALEXANDER NUT/ ALIX PEREZ/ ARDIMANN/ ARP 101/ ATIQ/ BARELY LEGAL/ BASSKATEERS/ BEN HUNTER/ BENNY PAGE/ BIG NARSTIE/ BILLY WIDZ/ BISWEED/ BLACKBOARD JUNGLE/ BODDIKA/ BOGL/ BONOBO/ BROKE N NGLISH/ BUNZERO/ CAMEO/ CHAMPION/ CHUNKY/ COCCO/ COOKIE/ DANNY T/ DISCARDA/ DJ FU/ DUBKASM/ DUBSTEP NAPOLI/ ELIJAH/ EMPEROR/ ENEI/ ENK/ EPITOME/ EZRA/ FATIMA/ FAZE MIYAKE/ FLAKO/ FOREIGN CONCEPT/ DJ FOSTER/ FREEVERSE/ GANJI KILLAH/ GENTLEMANS DUB CLUB/ HACKMAN/ ICICLE/ IVY LAB/ J ROBINSON/ JEPH 1/ JOE RAYGUN/ JONNY DUB/ KASRA/ KENSEI/ KLOSE ONE/ KODE 9/ KUTMAH/ KWALITY/ MC KWASI/ LOEFAH/ LOGAN SAMA/ LTJ BUKEM/ LX ONE/ MALA IN CUBA / MANTMAST/ MARCUS VISIONARY/ MARF/ MARKSMAN/ MARVELLOUS CAIN/ MEFJUS/ MERKY ACE/ MICKEY PEARCE/ MOTHER INC/ MR DEVITT/ MR SCRUFF/ NECONE/ NEWHAM GENERALS/NINJAZ/ NORTHERN LIGHTS/ NORTHERN SCUM/ NUMA CREW/ OBF/ OLIVIER DAY SOUL/ P MONEY/ PALEMAN/ PART2STYLE/ PHACE/ PINCH/ PORTICO QUARTET/ MC RASHEED/ RINSE/ ROMARE/ ROSKA/ ROYAL T/ RUBBERDUB SOUND SYSTEM/ RUDEKID/ S-X & CHRONIK/ SAID5/ SAMMY DREAD/ SCRATCHA DVA/ SCRUFIZZER/ SHIBA/ SHIFT K3Y/ SICK/ SIDE1/ SKILLIAM/ SKITTLES/ SOLO BANTON/ SPACEDROME/ STAMINA MC/ STRATEGY/ SUBFACTION DJ S/ SUNNEH/ T_!/ TEARZTAR/ THE EGLO LIVE BAND/ THE HEATWAVE/ TOMMY GUN/ TONN PIPER/ TOP CAT/ TRADESMAN/ TRUE NATURE/ TRUTH/ TUDOR LION/ XTRAH/ YACHOOB/ ZED BIAS 3.2 BOAT PARTIES We ve got more boats than ever for 2013, with 54 running across 5 days. If you re booked on to one of these please read the below carefully; BOARDING- Please be aware that you need to be at The Harbour 30minutes before the displayed boarding time. Please have your confirmation ready as well as your I.D. BE ON-TIME - Boats will not wait for anyone so please make sure you are there on time, otherwise you will miss out and will not receive a refund (bad times). Outlook Festival accepts no responsibilty for late persons arriving at the Harbour. DRINKS - You may not bring alcohol on the boat. Alcohol will be sold on the boat in exchange for tokens. TOILETS - There are toilets on the ground floor but be prepared for queues. Please make sure you use the facilities before you set sail. NO DIVING - Strictly no jumping off/diving off the boats, If you do the boat will not stop and you risk serious personal harm. If you jump off the boat you will have your wristband taken off you and you wont be able to re enter the festival site for the rest of your stay. DISEMBARKING - PLEASE be careful when getting off the boats, You may feel a little tipsy so accept the help offered by the stewards. Additional tickets may be available for some of the boats, these can be purchased from the Box Office located by Wristband Exchange or from the Harbour where the boats depart. 3.3 AROUND THE FESTIVAL SITE Customer Information We have customer information points situated at both the Customer Village and up at the Fort which will both be open 24/7 if you have any questions, need some help or just fancy a chat. There will be updated information at these points on line ups or any other relevant news that we feel you guys might need to know. These points will also be in charge of lost property, and also the pick up of any tents that have been booked pre-event. Please be aware that the majority of staff and volunteers across site will only know the answers to the areas they are looking after, it is always advised that you check-in with the Customer Info Points instead to ensure you are receiveing the most up-to-date information regarding your query. Medical & Welfare Medical & Welfare will be in three locations throughout the site; the Fort, Harbour & Customer Village, and open 24 hours a day throughout the festival. They will operate throughout the festival, dealing with all major & minor injuries and providing information on enjoying yourself without potential harmful effects. This is to ensure that people are kept safe and happy without a trip to the local hospital. Staff will have information on; health risks, recreational drug use and consumption, sexual education & hearing risks. Any personal issues or emotional support needed will also be assisted to. If you do need to go to hospital please ensure you, or a friend, retrieves your passport/id or a scan of it before leaving site as you will need this with you. Lost Property Lost property is handled by Customer Information at the Customer Village. If you have lost an item please head there so we can register it in our system. We will attempt to contact you if the item is found but this may not always be possible so please do check back with Lost Property around 24 hours after you have reported it. Please note we cannot transport or send lost proprty items over country borders, for this reason we are not able to return items once the festival has finished. Before leaving site check you have everything with you, if you find there s something missing please check in with Customer Info in case it s made it s way back to us. If you find an item please hand in to either Customer Information point or a staff member on site think of others and the good karma that goes with this sort of deed! Tent Rental/ Purchase If you have pre-booked a tent you will need to print and bring your ticket with you to the Customer Information Point at the Customer Village. If you have rented, or are going to rent, a 2-man Tent and wish to return it for the 10 hire deposit please ensure you pack your tent properly (with all items included) and return it to the Customer Information Point by midday 11th September latest. All confirmed returns will receive their refund by 30th September back in to the account you paid with. If you are not partaking in the hire scheme please either take your tent home with you, or leave at one of the charity drop-off points; help us keep the campsite clean and tidy. Secure Storage When you arrive at Outlook festival, take time to think about how you will keep your belongings safe once on site. Tents are, by their nature, not very secure and if you are spending a lot of time wandering around the festival, then your tent will spend a lot of time alone. Limit the number of valuables you bring with you or leave them in one of our Secure Storage Lockers, which are staffed 24 hours a day and located at the Customer Village. DAILY RENTAL 50kn 3-DAY RENTAL 150kn THROUGHOUT THE FESTIVAL/YOUR STAY 200kn Tokens Outlook festival bars & stalls all use a token system. Using tokens at the bar you ll notice the service is much quicker. The easily recognisable sizes and colours allow both staff and customers to quickly pick out the right change. We also utilise the token system to ensure accurate accounting. For this reason we cannot refund any over-bought tokens so we advise buying a reasonable amount to begin with and re-stocking when required throughout the festival. You can purcahse tokens with either cash (Kuna) or by card at token exhcnage points, dotted around the festival site.tokens will be available in denominations of 30 Kuna, 10 Kuna and 5 Kuna. Food and Drink We have a great selection of food choices for this year s festival which includes choices for veggies and vegans too. Ranging from Mexican and Lebanese to burgers and pizza there s a great selection ready to both quench your huner and tick off a couple of your 5 a day. Food stalls are located on the campsite, by the Beach Arena, at the Clearing, Harbour and up at the Fort. The festival bars serve a large variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Please drink responsibly, and remember to keep hydrated throughout the day and night. You may bring your own food and drink (but not glass) in to the campsite but not the festival site. Internet Internet, provided by Netbox, is available at two locations, both the campsite and Customer Village. Both internet points are open 08:30am -11:00pm every day, with prices starting at 20kn for 30 minutes. Other services offered include printing and charging of phones, cameras and gadgets. Merchandise We ve got a se
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