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  ECE 375Computer Organization and Assembly Language ProgrammingWinter 2004Solutions Set #11-(a)1 bit for the indirect mode (I), 2 bits to specify one of the processor registers (Reg.), and log 2 64K = 16 bitsfor the address part (address). Therefore, we have 25 bits - 19 bits = 6 bits for the opcode => 2 6 = 64operations. Note that it is possible to incorporate more than 64 instructions. Can you think of how this canbe done?(b) Iopcode Reg. address1 6 216 (c)Since there are two bits that specify a register, we have 2 2 = 4 registers, 25 bits each.(d)MBR = 25 bits, MAR = 16 bits, and PC = 16 bits.2-Fetch CycleStep 1:MAR ←   PCStep 2:MDR ← M(MDR), PC ←   PC +1Step 3:IR ←   MDR opcode MAR ←   MDR Address Step 4:Goto Execute CycleOne straightforward way of doing this is given below:Execute CycleStep 1:MDR ←   M(MAR); Read M(Y) from memoryStep 2:AC ← MDR; Transfer M(Y) into ACStep 3:AC ← AC +1; Increment M(Y)Step 4:MDR ← AC ; Transfer M(Y)+1 into MDRStep 5:M(MAR) ← MDR, If (AC=0) Then PC ← PC + 1; Store M(Y)+1 back into memory, and; at the same time increment PC if AC =0Step 6:Goto Fetch cycle3-All values are in hex unless otherwise noted.(a) MOVR1, R3 R1 changes to 07(b) LDIR2, $F1 R2 changes to 241 10 =F1 16 Note that LDI can only load an immediate data to registers R16-R31, so this would have give an error.Nevertheless, the point of the problem is understanding what immediate value $F1 means.(c) LDR2, X+ X changes to 0007 (effective address is post-incremented)R2 changes to 04(d) LDDR1, Y+3 Effective address (0002 + 0003 = 0005)R1 changes 2D(e) ST-Y, R4  Y changes to 0001 (effective address is pre-decremented)Memory location 01 (i.e., M[01]) changes to 01(f)  ADCR2, R1 Status Register (SR) indicates FE, thus C bit is cleared (LSB).01+ 05 = 06R2 changes to 06(g) MULR2, R3 Since 1B 16 = 27 10 , 27 10 x 7 = 175 10 = AF 16 R1 changes to 00 and R0 changes AF.4-Determine the machine codes for the following instructions(a) LDIR17, $55 1110 KKKK dddd KKKKKKKK KKKK=1001 1001dddd = 0001 (note that 1 is the MSB is implied)Thus, 1110 1001 0001 1001(b) PUSH R0 1001 001d dddd 1111ddddd = 0000Thus, 1001 0010 0000 1111(c)  ADD R17, R0 0000 11rd dddd rrrrrrrrr=00000ddddd = 10001Thus, 0000 1101 0001 00005-Using AVR assembly language, write a program that determines the number of 0”s contained in the memorylocation pointed to by register X. When the program completes, the memory location pointed to by register Xshould contains 0 and the memory location pointed to by register Y should contain the count of number of 0’s. CLRR2LDIR2, 8CLRR1LDR17, XLOOP:CLC; Clear carry flagROLR17; Rotate left through carryBRCSSKIP; Slik if carry clearedINCR1SKIP:DECR2BRNELOOPST Y, R1STX, R17DONE:JMPDONE
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