Evidencia 9 Act 12 Foro en Ingles

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Evidencia 9 Act 12 Foro en Ingles
  Evidencia 12 : Thematic Forum, New trends in the distribution channels . Topic: New trends in the distribution channels . Para participar en el Foro temático debe responder las siguientes preguntas: ¿Cuáles son las nuevas tendencias y herramientas en cuanto a canales dedistribución? The trends point to an increasing of tools that contribute to a better choice of routesand allow to track the goods during transport use. Many companies already userouting software, such as oadshow or Map !nfo. ig #ata is changing the way many companies operate in different sectors. !nlogistics, new information from this tool is used to make forecasts about customer preferences, thus being able to implement what is known as $early logistics$. ¿Cuál cree usted como Tecnólogo en Negociación nternacional !ue es el uturo de los canales de distribución? The future distribution channel passes through its ability to pro%ide %alue as ageneration of business that goes beyond selling products. The distribution channelis well aware that an increasingly important part of its turno%er lies in ha%ing awider range of ser%ices deri%ed from the sale of a range management solution.The distribution channel should take into account the ser%ices that are e&clusi%elyin the hands of the manufacturer and will be a determining factor for choosingwhich brand to represent or distribute factor..  
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