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Evidencia 8 ACT 12 the Daily News
  Evidencia 8: The daily news  1. Redacte una noticia de interés general en inglés referente al tema de lanegociación internacional para el periódico “The Daily News” y envíela altutor por medio del enlace correspondiente a esta evidencia. 2. e recomienda consultar las siguientes p!ginas en internet ã http ##www.$$c.com#news# ã http ##edition.cnn.com ã http ##a$cnews.go.com ã http ##www.reuters.com%sta evidencia de$e enviarse en formato de &icrosoft 'ord o (D) a través de laplataforma virtual de aprendi*a+e, así -.lic en el título de esta evidencia. /.lic en %0aminar mi e1uipo y $uscar el archivo previamente guardado.2.De+ar un comentario al tutor 3opcional4.5.lic en %nviar. Lawsuits for alleged violations of Colombia TLC  Companies from e!ico Canada and #$% They claim that the $tate hasfailed ac&uired rights. The free trade agreement 3)T64 signed $y olom$ia to e0pand its access to$usinesses in the world, $egin to $e put forward $y the partners in the country toact against internal decisions. 6nd from anada7s mining %co 8ro, and from &e0ico, 6merica &ovil, which ownslaro, consider that their rights as investors and announced that interpose actionsin light of )T6s with these countries, warning that olom$ia is violatingcommitments it made to agreements. 6lso, 9 get the mining firm has more than a year ago on the ta$le of the )T6 withthe :nited tates a plea on his pro+ect Taraira 3;aupés4. They say parallel to theissue of mining title means an 7%0press7 consultation stepped forward to declare anatural par<, the army prevented the entry of indigenous groups opposed. Now, thecompany has already reported that claims -=,>?? million dollars.&eanwhile, the possi$ility of lifting the patent is a drug firm Novartis, wit*erland,could, e0perts say, to finish activating claims in light of the )T6 with that country. 6ccording to &artin @ustavo 9$arra, president of 6rau+o 9$arra A 6ssociates3consulting in international $usiness4, one of the most important chapters in )T6s is investment, where a developed country changes with one on developing andolom$ia access to goods for access to investment and services for them.B@overnment $odies have to $e very careful in analy*ing, when there is amodification of the initial investment conditions or when there are specialprovisions in areas such as the validity of a trademar< or patent, the internal rule or  +udicial interpretations of a domestic court not violate the agreements providedespecially for investors in that country if the investment was made after the signingof the )T6, Bsaid 9$arra. 6dds that the country must have a pedagogy of pu$lic $odies on how the rules laiddown in the treaties, especially in investment, are supranational, which ta<eprecedence over domestic legislation or internal faults, and that these investors $yvirtue of legal certainty which give them the agreements, they have the power toturn to international courts.Cut, li<ewise, must $e analy*ed case $y case to see if the claims are for generalinvestment conditions or the application of a particular and specific clause indifferent disciplines.  “9f the tate sees o$+ectively, that a claim of this <ind is $adly and there are notmany chances to win, 9 thin< it should $e seriously considered harmful conciliation. 6 $ad deal is $etter than a good lawsuit, and avoid a millionaire process that hasthe force of law, “9$arra said. 6nd additionally must ta<e into account that litigation entails costs, such as hiringinternational lawyers in the +urisdiction of demand, $ut the most important is to1uantify the ris<s in case of loss. )urthermore, it stresses that olom$ia should notyou at the glo$al level, now you need to attract investment.
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