Evidencia 7 ACT 12 Exercise Selection Criteria in Distribution Channels

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Evidencia 7 ACT 12 Exercise Selection Criteria in Distribution Channels
  Evidencia 7: Exercise selection criteria in distribution channels Realice un informe en inglés donde desarrolle los siguientes puntos: 1. Elija uno de los siguientes productos: ã Chocolatina importada. ã Carro Mid-range ($ 40- 0 millones!. ã otella de agua. ã #na eclusi%a marca de jo&as. 2. 'espués de seleccionar el producto & de acuerdo a la naturalea delmismo) elija una estrategia de distri*uci+n: selecti%a) intensi%a o eclusi%a. 3.  ,naliar & eplicar las %entajas & des%entajas de los canales de distri*uci+nescogidos de acuerdo al producto. 4. 'escri*ir las caractersticas del canal de distri*uci+n para el productoelegido.ara realiar esta e%idencia leer el Material de formaci+n denominado /Englishorld distri*ution channels1. ã 'istri*ution channels.Esta e%idencia de*e entregarse en formato de Microsoft ord o df & en%iarla atra%és de la plataforma %irtual de aprendiaje) as:2.Clic en el ttulo de esta e%idencia. 3.Clic en Eaminar mi euipo & *uscar el archi%o pre%iamente guardado.5.'ejar un comentario al tutor (opcional!.4.Clic en En%iar.  2 . Choose one of the following products :6 ater *ottle.3. After selecting the product and according to the nature of it choose adistribution strateg!: selective intensive or exclusive .- ater *ottle: intensi%e5. Anal! e and explain the advantages and disadvantages of distributionchannels chosen according to the product.#ntensive :7he main ad%antage pro%ided *& this strateg& is a high num*er of sales) *ut alsohas disad%antages such as an increase in the price of the product or harm theimage of the product due to meet the product in inappropriate places7he channel length is long) since the manufacturer sells to 8holesalers 8ho in turnsell to retailers.7he ad%antages it has is lo8er costs for the manufacturer) the 8holesaler ensuresstorage and transportation and epenses inherent in sales management ) 9eepingthe manufacturer less structure to cater onl& to 8holesalers and distri*utors .o8e%er) it has the disad%antage that so) there is little control on sales operations..4 . $escribe the characteristics of the distribution channel for the productchosen. 7his t&pe of distri*ution aims to reach the largest possi*le num*er of esta*lishments) therefore) products such distri*ution 8ill *e almost al8a&sproducts often) defendants routinel& use7his strateg& 8e tr& to ma9e our product is in all possi*le outlets. e tr& to ma9ethe product is a%aila*le to the consumer in the largest num*er of outlets. ;n thisstrateg& the compan& tries dri%e sales *& pro%iding consumers a point of purchase  near*&. 7his strateg& in%ol%es strictl& follo8ed the lead product until the last last%illage shop.7he ad%antages of carr&ing this t&pe of strateg& are that: <acilitates customer *u&ing the product and fidelit& to it.
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