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actividad 24 evidencia 3
  BUSINESS UNIT ADMINISTRATION Have Short Term Objectives UNIT OF BUSINESS PRODUCTION Have trained human resources UNIT OF BUSINESS FINANCE UNITS OFDEAL FIRSTINDICATOROF MANAGEMENT Improve the management and organization of the company BUSINESS UNIT INTERNATIONALIZATION AND MARKETING HAVE A FAST !O ESSI#$ !O ESS BUSINESS UNIT MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES %aintaining an optima& &eve& of indebtedness  Evidence 3: LPQ Builders Company case '(() Speed of ommunication '(()'(() Wasted resource '(() Have trained human resources '(() *ifficu&ty in ac+uiring &oans RESULT OFFIRST MANAGEMENT INDICATOR SECONDINDICATOROF MANAGEMENT %a,e a&&iances -ith the main supp&iers of the company   fndings and indicators relation  THIRD MANAGEMENT INDICATOR .().() ustomer &oya&ty .() /01 !A2 %ATE!IA3 .().() redit sa&e RESULT OFSECOND MANAGEMENT INDICATOR roportiona&ity bet-een job satisfaction and economic resu&ts obtained4%aintain constant communication of the strategic objectives that the company designs  .()5().()5().() /ad !e+uests 5().() Investment in Incentive rograms .() urchase on redit 5() RESULT OF THIRD INDICATOR OF MANAGEMENT FOURTHINDICATOROF MANAGEMENT RESULT OFFOURTH INDICATOR OF MANAGEMENT ontinuous monitoring and coordinating the necessary adjustmentsSpeed in the process of de&ivery of orders
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