Errata List for Algorithm Manual Skiena

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Errata List for Algorithm Manual Skiena
  Errata List for The Algorithm Design Manual (2nd Edition) by Steven SkienaLast addition Mar!h 2# 2$%&on'trivial errata are denoted ith a ()* + in!lude a se,arate se!tionat the end for !ommentaries '' additional suggestions - !larifi!ationssuggested by readers hi!h are not really errata*............................................................................/resh Errata (no ith Se!tion des!ri,tions for e'0ook readers)1age # ,aragra,h 3# line 4 (Se!tion $*$) ***before returning at the rightmost ,oint* should be ***before returning at the leftmost ,oint* 1age 25# /igure 25 (Se!tion $*) Adding !ommas beteen the digits ould makeit !learer1age 2# line % (Se!tion $*) '' 6e,la!ing 72#3#58 by 72#5#%8 might offera more dire!t !onne!tion to the reasoning underlying the !a,tion offigure $*$* (hi!h is u,dated in figure $*$$)() 1age 3# fifth and si9th e9,ressions (Se!tion 2*2) !an be !larified3n:2 ' $n ;  is not <=mega(n:3) be!ause be!ause for any >,ositive? ! + !hoose 3n:2 ' $n ;  @ !n:3 for any n  3-!;3B3n:2 ' $n ;  . <=mega(n) be!ause + !hoose ! . $ and n @ 3n:2 ' $n ;  hen n  35B1age 55# line 3 (Se!tion 2*%*3) for ,. Skiena* the ,eriod should be moved outside the Cuotes*1age 5# line '$ (Se!tion 2*) this definition is the same !ould be this eCuivalen!e is the same () 1age %%# line '$ (Se!tion 2*4*$) a d'dimensional hy,er!ube of length n:($-d) on ea!h side has volume d* should be a d'dimensional hy,er!ube of length n:($-d) on ea!h side has volume n* 1age 2# ,roblem 2'3 (Se!tion 2*$) ' the out,ut statement is im,ro,erly indented*1age # line '$ (Se!tion 3*$) The F<lg nFs in the formula should be rittenas F<l!eil <lg n <r!eilF*() 1age # line '$ (Se!tion 3*$) This analysis !an be looked at in a differentay# hi!h yields a sim,ler and more ,re!ise (though asym,toti!ally identi!al)anser* +f e sum the number of !o,y o,erations as they are made# e getSum from (i.$) to (log n) of n-(2:i)instead ofSum from (i.$) to (log n)'$ of >in-(2:(i'$))?hi!h is !ounting the number of elements hi!h get !o,ied i times# times i*Ghen n.2:H im,lied in the analysis# both summations are asym,toti!ally the  same# a,,roa!hing 2n* () 1age # deleteIlist-,rede!essorIlist() subroutines '' A eird thing !anha,,en if you insert multi,le elements ith the same key* +f you insert avalue# then insert a different one# finally inserting the same value as thefirst insertion again (i*e* $# 2# $)# hen you try to delete the head nodeJsJ$J value the deleteIlist() subroutine ill lo!ate the in!orre!t ,rede!essornode and basi!ally break the ,rogram by setting the ,rede!essorJs Jne9tJ valueto ,oint to itJs self and delete the rong node*This is hy it is bad to insert to distinguishable elements ith the the samekey in a data stru!ture*() 1age 5# table '' Singly'linked deletion !an be done in !onstant time by !o,ying the ne9t value to over'rite the key of the deleted node# then ,oint to the ne9t ne9t element and free hat as srcinally the node after it*fun!tion delete (list elementToDelete) !o,y elementToDelete'ne9tJs DATA into elementToDeleteJs DATA set elementToDelete'ne9t to ,oint to elementToDelete'ne9t'ne9t delete elementToDelete'ne9t1age %# line  of the ,aragra,h under the table (Se!tion 3*%) ' the minimum entry have should be the minimum entry e have *1age %# table# Delete'min ro and 0alan!ed tree !olumn (Se!tion 3*%) '' in fa!t there is a ay to do Delete'Min in =($) time# but it is a little more !om,li!ated than the method + des!ribe*() 1age $%# line $ (Se!tion 5*$) ,olygon of smallest area should beeither !onve9 ,olygon of smallest area or ,olygon of smallest ,erimeter 1age $$3# line '$ (Se!tion 5*3*3) 6eturn ty,e should be itemIty,e# not int*() 1age $$5 line '5 (Se!tion 5*3*3) As im,lemented in the book# my hea,sortis not in',la!e# be!ause it !reates the ,riority Cueue in C# not s*1age $$# ,art 2 of solution to the Sto, and Think se!tion  the last lineshould read sin!e the to, k levels have F2:k ' $F elements 1age $2$# line '2 (Se!tion 5*%) ' 2:k ,airs sorted list should be 2:k ,airsof sorted lists *1age $24# line $4 (Se!tion 5*) Ge !ould sort sorting should be Ge !ould sort 1age $3$# ,aragra,h 3# line 3 (Se!tion 5*) ' getting the the data should be getting the data *1age $3$# Line ' (Se!tion 5*) The !orre!t link to the sorting ben!hmark ishtt,--sortben!hmark*org-*() 1age $5 line '$ (Se!tion %*$) Ge !onfess that all im,lementations in thisbook are designed to ork =&LK on sim,le gra,hs*  1age $%2# lines 3 and 5 of the table (Se!tion %*2) small and big should be s,arse and dense*1age $$# line 3 (Se!tion %*%) ' su!h ,rinting should be su!h as ,rinting *() 1age $5# line 5 (Se!tion %*) '' this im,lementation sets ,ro!essed>v?.T6E at the to, of the hile loo,# here as the ,seudo!ode does so at the bottom*1resuambly the bottom is the right !hoi!e# although it generally should not matter*1age $5# line  (Se!tion %*) ' there is a right ,arenthesis missing at the end of this line* 1age $# in the se!ond bulleted ,aragra,h (Se!tion %*)# the s,elling des!endents# hi!h a,,ears ti!e# should be des!endants* () 1age $# line 3 (Se!tion %*4) ' !omment should be is the ,arent of the verte9 the root of the D/S tree *() 1age $# se!ond and third bullet ,oints (Se!tion %*$) ' the ord !om,leted in both ,aragra,hs should be ,ro!essed *1age $3# line 3 (Se!tion %*$) ' edges that ,oint verti!es should be edgesthat ,oint to verti!es *() 1age $# line 5 of ,roblem %'2 (Se!tion %*$$) ' is a subset of  should be is a subset  *1age $4%# line '% (Se!tion *$) ' out of ne tree verte9 should be out of ea!h ne tree verte9 *1age $4# last line# last ord (Se!tion *$*2) ' ,suedo!ode ' ,seudo!ode 1age $44# line '3 (Se!tion *$*3) ' The height *** stay the same should be The heights *** stay the same 1age 2# line $ of unionsIsets (Se!tion *$*3) ' the return ty,e should not be int# be!ause the fun!tion returns nothing*1age 2$# line 3#  (first o!!uren!e) and  (Se!tion *$*3) ' height'2 and height'3 should be height 2 and height 3 res,e!tively*1age 22# line $5 (Se!tion *$*5) ' the highest degree node *** is small should be the highest degree of a node *** is small *1age 25# line  (Se!tion *2) ' the right arm to visits should be the right arm visits *() 1age 2$# /igure *$3 (Se!tion *%*2) The gra,h shoing the residual flo6(N) has a dire!ted edge from the !enter node to the to, !enter node (itheight 3)# hi!h should be undire!ted*1age 23$# se!tion *$# se!ond ,aragra,h ea!h one ,ossible !onfiguration .. ea!h ,ossible !onfiguration   () 1age 232# ba!ktra!k !ode (Se!tion *$) ' the !all to unmakeImove() should be before the if (finished) !he!k# otherise the finished solution ill be unmade*1age 232# line ' (Se!tion *$)  elements of ve!tor a from a !om,lete solution ' elements of ve!tor a form a !om,lete solution *() 1age 23# line  of !onstru!tI!andidates (Se!tion *$*3) should be for (i.B i@kB i;;) inIsol>a>i?? . T6EB *() 1age 25# line ' of !onstru!tI!andidates should be for (i.$B i@.D+ME&S+=&B i;;) *1age 25# line '$ (Se!tion *%) ' a!!ess should be assess *1age 2%# line '$ (Se!tion *%*$) ' e9a!tly ho unordered ,airs should be e9a!tly ho many unordered ,airs *() 1age 2%# formula (Se!tion *%*3) The e9ternal negative sign on the eCuation reverses the !ondition*+t should be e:((O(Si) ' O(S>i;$?))-kT) . r() 1age 2%# line $3 (Se!tion *%*3) should be transition(s#t#i2#i$)B1age 23# /ig* *$2 (Se!tion *) 1refi9 NA and suffi9 AA should yield NAAA not NAAN*1age 2# line 2# in !omment (Se!tion *$*5) ' !om,uter should be !om,ute *1age 2# line  !ould be for (i.2B i@.nB i;;) * /or i . $# b!>$?>? and b!>$?>$? have already been evaluated in the lines above and the inner loo, ill not even run*() 1age 24$# table (Se!tion *3) ' the Length lIi indi!es should be $ 2 2 3 $ 5 5 % % *1age 243# line $ of first bullet ,oint (Se!tion *5) ' to, run i to run bottom H should be to, run i to bottom run H *1age 245# line '$$ ' +# ould volunteer should be + ould volunteer *() 1age 24# line $ belo the figure (Se!tion *%) ' ,>H? ' ,>k? should be ,>H? ' ,>i'$? *() 1age 3# under the se!ond min in the first formula ' i.k should be k.i *1age 32# line ' (Se!tion **$) ' e get are stu!k should be e get stu!k *1age 33# line 22 (Se!tion **2) ' solution is entire should be solution is the entire *() 1age 3$%# line 2 of ,roblem '23 (Se!tion *$) ' o,timal orst !ase !ost should be o,timal e9,e!ted !ost * =therise the ,robabilities are irrelevant at least if they are all larger than *
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