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Enrolment and admissions policy for mainstream class
  BOARD OF MANAGEMENT OF BURNCOURT NATIONAL SCHOOL ENROLMENT & ADMISSIONS POLICY Introductory Statement  This enrolment policy is set out in accordance with the provisions of theEducation Act, 1998. The policy has recently been reviewed and the review wasundertaken using the guidelines contained in the atholic !rimary chool#anagers Association suggestion document$template %&ebruary '(11)*urncourt chool is a +oman atholic chool under the patronage of the *ishopof aterford - ismore /iocese. As a +oman atholic chool, we aim topromote all aspects of the child0s development spiritually, intellectually,physically, culturally and morally. +eligious education is provided for pupils inthe chool in accordance with the practices and beliefs of the +oman atholichurch. *urncourt ational chool seeks to promote a atholic ethos within the chool. This policy is available on2line on the school website at www.burncourtnationalschool com   This policy is linked to other relevant policies within the school and inparticular our ode of /iscipline and the atholic Ethos of the school.  The school depends on the grants and teacher resources provided by the/epartment of Education - kills and it operates within the regulations laiddown from time to time by the /epartment. chool policy has regard to theresources and funding available. The school follows the curricular programmes prescribed by the /epartmentof Education and kills, which may be amended from time to time, inaccordance with ections 9 and 3( of the Education Act %1998).ithin the conte4t and parameters of /epartment regulations andprogrammes, the right of the !atron as set out in the Education Act %1998),and the funding and resources available, the school supports the !rinciplesof52 ã 6nclusiveness, particularly with reference to the enrolment of childrenwith a disability or other special educational needs7o child is refused admission to the chool for reasons of ethnicity,special education needs, disability, language$accent, gender, travellersstatus, asylum seekers$refugee status, family or social circumstances. ã +espect for diversity of values, beliefs, traditions, languages and waysof life in society. 1  Rationale and Aims  The enrolment policy is necessary in order to enable the *oard of #anagement to decide on enrolment in the school and the *oard of #anagement trusts that by setting out the enrolment$admissions policy thatparents will be assisted in relation to enrolment matters and informationprovided on the enrolment procedures and background information on the chool. General Information  A#E5 *urncourt ational chool % coil huirt /:ite)A//+E 5*urncourtahiro. Tipperary TEE!E 5 (;'2<=><'('E2#A6 A//+E 5burncourtnationalschool?gmail.com E* 6TE A//+E 5  www.burncourtnationalschool.com /E#6AT6A A+ATE+5 +oman atholicA#E & !AT+5 *ishop of aterford - ismore+ 51<<83 @ TEA6@ TA&&5; in total. Teaching !rincipal and /eputy!rincipal, 3 #ainstream lass Teachers, 'shared learning support$resource teachers. !E6A EE/ A 6 TAT 51 ..AA6A+ TA&&51 ecretary$aretaker+A@E & A E TAB@T5This is a mi4ed ational chool with classesfrom Cunior 6nfants to i4th tandard 2   B+ 5The school opens for reception of pupils at(9.(( hours %9.((a.m.). lasses cease at 1=.=(hours %'.=(p.m.) 6nfant lasses cease at 13.=(hours %1.=(p.m.)   6@ 5 A tandardised chool2ear losing schedule ispublished by the /.E. . This scheduledesignates the closings for the ummer,alloween, hristmas, &ebruary #id2Term andEaster in the chool2ear. The school will alsoclose on all !ublic olidays. The other D&le4iblelosing /ays during the chool ear aredecided on by the *oard of #anagement afterconsultation with the Teaching taF. ENROLMENT PROCEDURESAlication Procedure ã !arents$@uardians seeking to enrol their child in Cunior 6nfant tandard willbe reGuired to Hll out an enrolment form, %which will be available in theschool oIce and on the school website). The completed form should bereturned by hand or by post to the school before the end of the schoolyear. ã Admission to Cunior 6nfant classes normally takes place on the Hrst day of the academic year but no later than the 3( th   eptember in any one year.Any child who has not reached his$her fourth birthday by the 1 st eptember in any given year cannot be enrolled. ã 6n the case of applications to classes other than Cunior 6nfants, parents areinvited to Hll out an enrolment form and return it to the school as soon aspossible. Pro!ision of ey Information #y Parents$Guardians   3  ã  The application$enrolment form sets out the details which are necessary tobe furnished to the school and includes important information such as thefollowing52 - !upil0s name and address and date of birth7 - ames and addresses of !upil0s parents$guardians and contacttelephone numbers7 - ontact telephone number in case of emergency7 - +eligious denomination7 - /etails of any medical conditions which the school should be aware of7 - /etails of previous school attended if any7 - +easons for transfer if applicable7 - !resent standard i.e. Cunior 6nfants, enior 6nfants, 1 st , ' nd , 3 rd , = th , ; th  or> th 7 - Any other relevant information as may be prescribed under theEducation elfare Act, '(((7 - here the school reasonably reGuires any further information theapplication will not be treated as being complete until such time as allthe reGuested information has been received. Decision Ma in% Procedure /ecisions in relation to applications for enrolment are made by the *oard of #anagement and are made within '1 days of the closing date for receipt of applications. The *oard of #anagement reserves the right to reGuest anyfurther information necessary to assist them in their decision making processand any such reGuest for further information will be made within the said '1 dayperiod and must be replied to within 1( days of the reGuest for any suchinformation. An application will be considered a completed application onreceipt of all information reGuired.  The *oard will have regard to the relevant /epartment of Education - kills%/.E. .) guidelines in relation to class siJe and staIng provisions and$or anyother relevant reGuirements concerning accommodation, including physicalspace and the health and welfare of children.  The *oard is bound by the /epartment of Education - kills +ules for ational chools which provides that pupils may only be enrolled from the age of = yearsand upwards. Puils Transferrin% from anot&er National$Rele!ant Sc&ool !upils transferring from another ational$+elevant chool in the tate or from aschool outside the tate may be enrolled at any time during the school yearsubKect to school0s enrolment policy, to available space, the provisions of ection'=%;) of the Education elfare Act '((( and in some cases the approval of the/.E. . 4
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