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Que.1. Answer the following question (Any -5) - 5 (a) Who cotes thieves (b) What dose a doctor do (c) What did vidya like to do (d) Describe a tiger (e) What does the poet like to wired (f) Who was all baba Que.2 Fill in the Blank 5 (a) Suddenly he heand the voice of many horses --------- towards him (b)There was a sound of thunder and the big rock --------- like a doctor (c) I am sure it’s the ---------- of all those robbers (d)He col
  Que.1. Answer the following question (Any -5) - 5 (a)Who cotes thieves (b)What dose a doctor do(c)What did vidya like to do(d)escribe a tiger (e)What does the !oet like to wired(f)Who was all baba Que. #ill in the $lank 5(a)%uddenly he heand the voice of &any horses --------- towards hi&(b)'here was a sound of thunder and the big rock --------- like a doctor(c) a& sure its the ---------- of all those robbers (d)*e collected the !ieces of ------------and co&e back (e)+eader of the bond shouted -----------   Que., Write one word for. 5(a)ne who &akes building ----------------(b)ne who &anager on organiation ------------(c)ne who sells &edicine ---------------(d)ne who /ies on Acro!lone -------------(e)ne who drives the bus ------------- Que.0 circler the odd one 5(a)'eacher !rinci!al librarian sho!kee!er.(b)ilot soldier airhostess stew ant(c)etection doctor ward boy nurse (d)ns!ector constable leader !alace co&&ission (e)Accountant cushier &anager 2re 2ght Que.5 3earrange the sentences . 0(a)+iked 4 vidya 4 to 4 do 4 work 4 house hald (b)3oo& 4 dirty 4 ke!t 4 his 4 !raul (c)*el!ed 4 vidya 4 !raul 4 roo& 4 his dean 4 to (d)6orning 4 dad 4 on 4 ca&e 4 %unday Que.7 Who said to who& 1(a)+ook at this  your brother is weighing gold (b) 8ust want to stay in your howe fer a &ight Que.9 Write the given wads in cursive 5(a)uncture (b) seasons (c) gentle&an (d) !olice&an (e) gra!es Que.: write the &eaning of the tollowing words 5(a)$outique (b) bitter (c) condition (d) glance (e) introduction  Que.; dentify the sub8ect and !redicate 5(a)'he !ri&e &inister addressed the nation on 15 th  August.(b)'he ligers cube are very cute.(c)ur tea& won the &atch. (d)6y neighbor lent &e 3s.5<<(e)'he &onitor of our class is very studiousQue.1< 2ll in the blank using correct !ars of s!eech (a)'eacher and -------------- sit log ether (b)'his book is not available the -----------(c)'rust in god ---------- do the right (d)---------- is &y sister(e)---------- boys are liked by allQue.11 =nderline the !ro!osition(a)'he cat gu&!ed over the raf.(b)'he vase is ke!t on the table (c)'he &an was stading btween two !olice &an (d)We died in &alaria Que.1 draw a !lcture to utigen Class 3 Que.1. >hoose the correct &eaning for the give words - 5 1.$right --------(a)>heerful (b) !ale (c) cute 2. olite -------- (a) +ong (b) courteous (c) cry 3. >urled ------- (a) +ong (b) wary (c) short 4. ?own ------- (a) A kind of shoe (b) a kind of dress (c) kind of fell 5. @lder ------- (a) f sa&e age (b) younger (c) &ore in ageQue. #ill in the $lank 5   1. rishnan got a nice ---------- 2. rishnan saw a 2erce Bwild ------- Ai&ing at hi&  3. rishnan ------- on to a tree. 4. *e !ro&ised his ------- not to re!eat such aet again 5. -------- &eans a !ot like 8ug Que., What do we 2nd 5(a)n a !oultry far& C* --- --->h --- ---  --- --- @--- --- %(b)n a oo C --- --- --- ? --- --- ---#--- ---@ --- --- ---*--- ---'Que.0 Write true or false. 5(a)itcher !lants eat wor&s.(b)'here is sweet s&elling nectar inside the&.(c)6i&osa !lant is violent in behavior (d)%un/ower !lant is very sensitive to light.(e)'he sun /ower see&s to watch the sky all the ti&e Que.5 Answer the following question (any -5) . 1<(a)What was rishnan clever at C(b)*ow did rishnan wake u! C(c)What did the !rince do all day longC(d)Who was tha 8okers et C(e)Why is it called a !itcher !lant C(f)What is the &i&osa !lant !o!ularly rown as C Que.7 Write the given sentence in cursive . 51.A good child always res!ites everyone .Dever 2ght on !etty &ale salve the& by saying sorry . ,.$e !olite while s!eaking everyone will like you.0.*el! !ar ents when they need your hel! 5.Ado!t good habits slowly you will beco&e good.Que.9 write the &eaning 1<.  1.Annual . angerous ,. >hef 0. n8ury 5. 6istakeQue. : ?ive one word fer 5(a)A erson skilled in wood work --------(b)A chief !erson in on organiation ---------(c)ne who &ends shoes ----------(d)?rou! of soldiers ------------(e)ne who studies in the sa&e class --------Que.; 3earrange the following grou! to for& a sentence 5(a)ur done duty hare we .(b)*eadache yesterday had fever and she a.(c)Eou are shoes these.(d)*as ho&e gone she .(e)Eou car sold have your.Que.1< identify the undrea&ed !arts of s!eech .(a)'he child is crying(b)'he sho!kee!er is selling to !ress(c)oes shya&a !lay (d)'he hall is hery big(e)'hey are !laying in the gardenQue. 11write the ad8ective for the fallowing 51.A --------- !erson .A ------------ sky , A ----------%tory 0. A --------- *oliday 5.A ------ driver Que.1 . 6ateh the noun win suilabde ad8ective 5 A $1.?ong a green .$oF strict ,.'eddy bear heavy 0.'eacher holy 5.'rees cuteQue.1, draw the !icture of 8oker 5
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