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Top 10 12c ASM Questions
  @ViscosityNA 1_Title Slide DOUG – Technology Day My Top Ten 12c ASM QuestionsNitin Vengurlekar   www.viscosityna.com1  Nitin Vengurlekar ã   18 Years with Oracle   6 years with Oracle Support   9 years with RAC Product Management   3 years a   “ Private Database Cloud ” Evangelist   ã   Currently serving as CTO at Viscosity  –   Work with numerous customers on consolidation, rationalization planning.  –   Work with customers on Performance Tuning, Systems and Database Migration   ã   Follow me on Twitter: dbcloudshifu  2  <Insert Picture Here> Agenda ã   ASM Overview – 2 minute tour ã   Top Ten Questions  –   ASM Architecture  –   ASM Configuration & Performance  –   ACFS  ASM Architecture - Review ã   Automatic Storage Management (ASM) instance  –   Instance that manages the diskgroup metadata ã   Disk Groups  –   Logical grouping of disks  –   Determines file mirroring options ã   ASM Disks  –   LUNs presented to ASM ã   ASM Files  –   Files that are stored in ASM disk groups are called ASM files, this includes database files
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