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Matlab - Digital Vision Labs
  Some MATLAB Unusual Commands, That You Must Know ( Just ForFun! ) Part 1 Yes, MATLAB is also having sense of HUMOR. And, there are many commands inMATLAB, that their programmer left for the users to find, that may be to fulfill their needof enjoyment. Yes, they also know & would have felt while programming the MATLABsoftware, that sometime programming becomes really creepy & its very hectic for theprogrammer to get it through. If the desired result is not coming, programmers tends toget frustrated by seeing that. So in their language, they have left many Ester Eggs inMATLAB, that a user can try. They may belongs to the category given below:Unexpected but intentional behaviorSpecial things that the programmers left for us to discoverExtra code inside a function that can be used for other purposesHidden pictures and audio clipsSo let us also try few of them:- 1. The winning Sound! %the command set is%load handel ;sound(y,Fs); Matlab comes with a great sound clip for those moments when you find a solution for ahuge problem. Seriously, you can try this in your codes, that just before it stops executionthe sound will be played, & a great aesthetic value will be added to your project, with asense of humor. 2. why command Ever asked yourself why ? When you are getting bored of programming or when youroutput is not coming as you have desired, you can ask yourself or even MATLAB thequestion why ! So here is the screen shot when we asked MATLAB software a series of why s. Its unusual isn't it?Provides succinct answers to almost any question. why , by itself, provides a randomanswer.  MATLAB why command 3. image command: We might have used many image related commands, like imread, imshow etc. But haveyou tried image command? Yes, just type in image in the command window of MATLABwithout any parameter, & you will see an inverted child's image.  MATLAB image command 4. imagesAndVideo command: This command will show up you the video of shuttle space launch, that will be loadedwithout sound. Actually when you are using this command a set of images will be loaded,& that will be played in sequence, giving a simulation of the space shuttle launch.It Convert Between Image Sequences and Video .  5. logo command: As suggested by the command's name itself, it will show MATLAB's logo in a new figure.It Plots the L-shaped membrane logo with MATLAB(R) lighting.
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