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case report
  CASE REPORTDermoid Cyst Written By : Syabrina Pratiwi N. Dhamalia 110201126 Supervised by: Dr. !ERR SET A #D!A #TA$A% S&'% $!(es%)*naCS Clinical Clerkship of Surgery DepartmentFaculty of Medicine Y!S #niversity!S#D r$a%inangun &ovember '()*  *.*dentity  &ame: Mr+ Sge: ,( years old-ender: Male.ribe: /avenese0ccupation: Farmer ddress: 1anguragandmitted to the hospital: 0ctober '* th  '()* **.Anamnesis 2 Main -rievance: a mass on the upper right eyebro% ***.!istori+al o, Present Disease  342year2old man %as admitted to general surgery department due to a history of right2sidedmass on the upper right eyebro%+ 5e said that he first noticed the mass on his upper eyebro%four months before visiting the doctor+ .he patient said the mass started to gro% and easy tomoved+ .here are no pain and s%elling have been reported+ &o diplopia is reported in this patient+ .he patient had received no treatment for this mass+ Four months after the massoccured6 the patient %as sent to surgical department %here he %as kept for treatment+ *-.!istori+al o, Past Disease Diabetes mellitus 7286 5ypertension728 -.!istori+al o, )amily Disease Diabetes mellitus 7286 5ypertension728 -*.Physi+al Eamination  /eneral StatsPresent Stats -eneral Condition: Moderate %areness: ComposmentisBlood 1ressure: )3(94(1ulse: 4( 9minuteBreathing: '4 9minute.emperature: 3*6; <C !ead Form : &ormal6 Simetrical5air: Black Colour6 &o hair fall=ye: nemic Con$ungtival 2926 cteric Schlera 2926 >ight !efleks 7?86 socorpupilright @ left6 a ) cm  ) cm mass on the upper right eyebro%6 pain 728=ar: &ormal form6 cerumen 7286 tympani membrane intac &ose: &ormal form6 &o septum deviation6 epitaction 292Mouth: &ormal Ne+  =nlargement lymph nodes 728.rachea in the middle &o mass Thorasn3s 4 &lmonary nspection : .he chest shape is symmetrical both of left and right1alpation : Fremitus tactile and vocal symmetrical right and left6 crepitus 7286 tenderness7286 rebound tenderness 7281ercussion : Sound of resonant in both lung fieldsuscultation: Sound of vesicular and bronchial the entire lung field6 ronkhi 2926 %heeAing292 Abdomen nspection : &ormal1alpation : .enderness 7286 rebound tenderness 7281ercussion : .ympaniuscultation : Bo%el 7?8  Etremity #pper: Muscle .one normal Movement: active 9 active Mass: 2 9 2 Strenght: ,9,=dema: 2 9 2>o%er: Muscle .one:normal Movement: active 9 active Mass:2 9 2 Strenght: ,9, =dema: 2 9 2 S%elling: 2 9 2 aboratory Eamination  &ormal Dia3nosis Dermoid cyst $ana3ement 0perative: Surgical ecision Pro3nosis uo ad vitam: d bonamuo ad fungsionam: d bonamuo ad sanationam: d Bonam -**.iteratre Re5iew .he term dermoid cyst does not appear to be restricted to a single kind of lesion nor is itused in only a single medical discipline+ .he term dermoid cyst can be found in thevocabulary of dermatologists6 dermatopathologists6 general pathologists6 gynecologists6neurosurgeons6 or pediatricians+ f asked6 all of these clinicians %ould most probably defineand describe dermoid cysts differently+ For eample6 gynecologists and general pathologistsmight say that a dermoid cyst is a cystic tumor of the ovary+ n contrast6 neurosurgeons tendto vie% a dermoid cyst is associated %ith a congenital cyst of the spine or an intracranialcongenital cyst+ For pediatricians and dermatologists6 dermoid cyst means subcutaneouscysts6 %hich are usually congenital+ ) n all disciplines6 ho%ever6 the common factor is the presence of a solitary6 or occasionally multiple6 hamartomatous tumor+ .he tumor is covered by a thick dermislike %all
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