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DeKalb County Department of Purchasing and Contracting REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) NO FOR PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING AND DESIGN SERVICES FOR PUBLIC WORKS STORMWATER DRAINAGE REPAIR AND IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS Procurement Agent: Sonia Gilbert Phone: Deadline for Receipt of Questions: April 8, 2016 Deadline for Submission of Proposals: April 25, 2016 THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR SUBMITTING A RESPONSE TO THIS RFP TO THE DEPARTMENT OF PURCHASING AND CONTRACTING OF DEKALB COUNTY GOVERNMENT ON OR BEFORE THE STATED DATE AND TIME WILL BE SOLELY AND STRICTLY THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE RESPONDER. 1 DEPARTMENT OF PURCHASING AND CONTRACTING 1 OFFICE OF DIRECTOR DeKalb County Government 2 nd Floor, Maloof Center, 1300 Commerce Drive, Decatur, Georgia March 24, 2016 REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) No FOR PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING AND DESIGN SERVICES FOR PUBLIC WORKS STORMWATER DRAINAGE REPAIR AND IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS ANNUAL CONTRACT WITH TWO (2) OPTIONS TO RENEW DEKALB COUNTY, GEORGIA DeKalb County Government seeks qualified individuals and firms with experience providing professional engineering and design services for public works projects to submit proposals for Professional Engineering and Design Services for Public Works Storm Water Drainage Repair and Improvement Projects. Anticipated projects include localized drainage repair, storm water management, infrastructure maintenance, dam inspections, bridge repairs and other related projects. The purpose of this RFP is to procure services that shall include, but not limited to: the construction management consulting, cost estimating, attending meetings and hearings, scheduling, and preparation of plans & specifications. The services shall commence within ten (10) calendar days after acknowledgement of receipt of written notice to proceed and shall be completed within (12) months from receipt of written Notice to Proceed. Contract may be renewed for annually by the County for two (2) additional one (1) year renewal terms, upon the same terms and conditions stated in the contract. I. INTRODUCTION A. Overview DeKalb County Government is seeking proposals for engineering services in order to initiate design of selected public works improvements projects. The County requires the services of a Consultant(s) to design or evaluate projects on very short notice, as-needed basis, as determined by the County. This contract will provide the method by which the County can 2 assign projects on a work plan basis. The County reserves the right to make multiple awards to consultants in order to expedite service and to obtain the most qualified consultant with respect to certain categories of engineering services. The Consultant shall provide all services as specified herein. Services shall include all things necessary to complete the assigned project. Such as; necessary travel, conferences, the planning of services, the preparation of drawings, reports, plans, engineering documents and engineering specifications. Services shall also include project coordination and monitoring, bid review and analysis, cost trend reporting, and other Engineering /Design services as required by the project. Any work assigned during the contract period will continue to completion under the terms of this contract even though the expiration date has passed. All rates in Attachment A, Fee Schedule, will apply for the duration of the Contract. Capital Improvement Projects will be funded by the County s Storm Water User Utility. Responders may propose all or one of more categories listed in Section II B. C. of the Statement of Work below. Responder shall propose, at a minimum, Work Categories A-1 through A-8. DeKalb County reserves the right to reject any, or all proposals, waive technicalities, and to make an award deemed in its best interest. The County also reserves the right to make multiple awards. II. STATEMENT OF WORK A. Consultant Services Tasks Responders shall submit, as a part of their proposal, a Detailed Work Plan that include all proposed services and describes the exact approach they intend to take in order to perform consultant services for projects such as, but not limited to, localized drainage repair, storm water management, infrastructure maintenance, bridge repairs, dam maintenance, and other related projects, in accordance with specifications identified in each approved Detailed Work Plan. Services in each category listed below shall include, but not be limited to, the following: 1. Roads and Drainage Design a. Perform all designs as needed to produce construction and right-of-way plans on a variety of Roads and Drainage related projects. b. Develop concept plans, produce base mapping/surveying data, construction plans, quantities, right-of-way plans, legal descriptions, cost estimates, etc. All plans are to be prepared per the requirements described in approved Detailed Work Plan unless specified otherwise by the County. c. If necessary for the project, provide utility relocation plans. 3 d. Provide design services for the development of water main and sanitary sewer relocation plans for inclusion into Roads and Drainage plans. e. Estimate quantities and develop cost estimates. f. Develop designs, specifications, and plan formats to meet DeKalb County and Georgia Department of Transportation standards as necessary. g. Coordinate, monitor, and report on all phases of project development with all project participants. h. Implement a cost and schedule trend reporting system to alert the County of potential cost overruns and schedule delays. 2. Storm System Design Responders shall offer on-demand telecommunications. Perform modeling and design of storm drainage systems as needed to produce construction grade plans and specifications. Perform storm drain systems hydro-studies and calculations. Perform stream bank stabilization, culvert, and channel improvements studies. Develop concept plans, legal descriptions, cost estimates, utilities models and hydrology studies. Provide progress submittals at 30%, 60%, and 100% completion in a time frame set by the County. Provide electronic and hard copy of each project is the amount specified by the County. Attend meetings and site visits, as required by the county, and provide engineering input as required during the construction phase. 3. Land Surveying Perform all land surveying services as needed to produce base mapping for the various projects. Produce base mapping, legal descriptions, boundary surveys, topographic surveys, right-of-way surveys, research land records, deeds, etc., necessary for various projects per the specifications described in approved Detailed Work Plan. All surveying performed will be compatible with the County s Geographic Information System (G.I.S.) database. On certain projects, the County may allow aerial mapping to be used in lieu of some surveyed data. However, it shall be the responsibility of the consultant to insure any provided information including G.I.S. maps, aerial photograph, etc. is up-to-date and accurate. The County shall not be held responsible for any data or information provided to the consultants that have been deemed incorrect or inaccurate. 4. Traffic Engineering Perform all necessary studies to produce traffic engineering plans, and specifications in accordance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), and Local, State, and Federal regulations. Develop re-route traffic plans for construction in accordance with Local, State, and Federal guidelines. 4 5. Environmental and Geotechnical Perform all environmental services as needed for local and regional planning, and for meeting State and Federal preliminary engineering requirements (including National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) requirements) on the various projects. Prepare assessments, site investigations, categorical exclusions, archeological assessments, historic preservation analysis, various reports, and assist the County in a review capacity, if necessary, on environmental work for various projects. Assist the County by making recommendations regarding the environmental impacts of conceptual designs. Perform all geotechnical related work required for the projects. Produce geotechnical reports and perform all work required for concept development, construction plans, and construction management. 6. Bridge/Structural Perform bridge/structural services as needed including design, inspection, and recommendations in support of bridge replacement design projects and other infrastructure projects. The County may also request structural services to include inspections and reports of existing infrastructure with related design/repair options and corresponding cost estimates. Assist the County by providing recommendations to the County Bridge Replacement and Bridge Maintenance Programs as required by the County. Secure all permits and approvals from various State and local agencies. Perform value engineering as required for all structural improvements on Roads and Drainage projects. Assist the County by providing drainage analysis as needed for bridge and culvert replacements. Perform all work necessary for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Corps of Engineer, County, State, and Federal agency permits related to structural improvements. 7. Construction Management Provide construction management and/or inspections as required by the County on an asneeded basis. Provide inspection services for Roads and Drainage projects in accordance with Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) specifications. Perform field plan reviews, review bid documents, review and prepare cost estimates. Manage contractors hired by the County on various locally funded projects and occasionally on State/Federally funded projects. Review contractor invoices for approval by the County. Provide inspection services that follow all GDOT specifications for road infrastructure and bridge projects. 5 8. Dam Repair and Rehabilitation Services Provide dam repair & rehabilitation plans and specifications on all provide projects as needed. Engineering services for dams shall be but limited to the follows: a. Attend Georgia Safe Dams annual inspection of Category dams. b. Make recommendations and develop conceptual designs and cost estimates for actions to address comments from any requested dam inspection by the county. c. Perform necessary hydraulic and geotechnical studies required by Georgia Safe Dams and prepare design reports for review and approval by EPD. d. Develop detailed construction plans in conformance with Georgia Safe Dams requirements. e. Provide technical support during the bidding process and during construction. f. Provide professional engineer certified to serve as an Engineer of Record as required by the Georgia Safe Dams Program. g. Develop emergency plans for all Category Dams and documents as required by DeKalb County and the State of Georgia Safe Dams agency. Project Administration 1. Within ten (10) calendar days after receipt of written notice to proceed, the Consultant shall meet with the County to review specific assignments, concepts, and the overall planning of projects to be assigned by the County. The County will identify the project(s). 2. The County jointly with the Consultant will then identify concepts and scope of work for each project which will be approved, in writing, by the County. The Consultant shall develop a cost proposal for each project based on the approved scope of work. The County may request a project scope of work cost proposal from more than one consultant on any particular project in order to expedite service, seek competitive overall costs, and to obtain the most desirable overall product as determined by the County. 3. The scope of work for each project assigned, to be performed under this Agreement shall be specifically defined in a Detailed Work Plan, as part of their project proposal that describes the exact approach of work, which shall be approved by DeKalb County. The compensation for each such project shall be presented as a lump sum not to exceed amount, based on the unit prices submitted by the Consultant in response to this RFP. The Consultant shall provide such technical assistance to the County as may be necessary to specifically define the scope of work for each assigned project. The 6 Consultant will be required to provide estimated calendar days to completion, personnel man-hours needed, and not to exceed compensation for each assigned project. 4. Written summarizations of all meetings with the County shall be prepared by the Consultant and returned within three (3) working days to the County for their review to ensure compliance with scope of work and contract progress. 5. The Consultant shall provide estimates for County review and approval showing cost basis for each assigned project. 6. The Consultant shall develop proposed design and construction schedules as necessary for each assigned project. 7. The completion schedule, for each assigned project scope of work, shall be mutually agreed upon by the County and the Consultant, prior to the issuance of written authorization to proceed by the County. 8. The County and the Consultant shall agree on milestones for each assigned project. A review by the County will be performed when each milestone is reached. No remuneration will be made for additional design effects resulting from this review. 9. The Consultant shall prepare and submit all required and necessary documents to obtain all State and Federal permits and approval of the plans and specifications for the project, if needed. 10. The Consultant is responsible for obtaining the land disturbance permit for each design. 12. The Consultant will prepare conceptual, preliminary, final construction estimates of design projects, and any other interim estimate as required by the County in the project scope of work. 13. The Consultant will be required to submit as-builts to the County at the completion of all projects in digital format for inclusion into the County GIS if requested by DeKalb County. 14. Upon request by the County, the Consultant will be required to be present at all related public hearings, Board of Commissioners meetings, meetings with outside agencies, etc. B. Administrative Data/ Information: Copies of topographical maps, existing drainage systems, land use maps, floodway/floodplain charts, wetlands maps, tax parcels, and County road maps will be made accessible to the Consultant by various County departments upon availability. Copies will be made by the Consultant for Consultants use at no expense to the County. The Consultant will coordinate with the County representative for use of the above materials. The County does not warrant the accuracy of the available data, and the Consultant is expected to conduct 7 applicable field testing where the work so requires. Data available to the Consultant is as follows: 1. Existing drainage system - some inventory available on marked-up copies of old tax maps (1 = 200'); some inventory available through approved development as built plans - approximately 80% of County storm system is available from these sources and located at various County departments (field verification of this data by the Consultant will be necessary). 2. Land use mapping information will be provided by the County. 3. Floodplain information is available on County FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (current FEMA maps). 4. Wetland maps furnished by the Department of Natural Resources Fish and Wildlife on United States Geological Survey 1:24000 quadrangles (1997 data). 5. County road and right-of-way information and certain Georgia Department of Transportation plans are available. 6. Tax parcel owner and property information will be made available to the Consultant in hard copy forma or digital format. 7. A GIS data dictionary, which documents data availability and data context, will be made available to the successful consultant. The base mapping will be 1 = 100' with 2' contour intervals. Site specific planimetric and topographic data available at the time of the start of each project will be made available to the Consultant. The Consultant will be required to agree to the terms for use of GIS data. 8. The Consultant shall check the data and information furnished by the County listed above for accuracy and to ensure that the data and information meet appropriate standards and is formatted to be compatible with County GIS and mapping programs described previously. Any survey monument information, horizontal or vertical, will be approved by the County and eventually turned over to the County. The Consultant will provide ASCII data format to be specified by the County. Horizontal control and vertical control will be as approved by the County. All survey control will be provided in feet and will be formatted for inclusion into the County GIS. 9. The Consultant will have access to all existing materials, maps, plans, etc. relating to drainage, sewer and related systems currently maintained by the County or private entities bound by ordinance. 10. The Consultant will notify all property owners or occupants of the intent to enter properties for the purpose of accomplishing surveys or other field investigations in accordance with the practices of the County. The Consultant will transmit a copy of intent to enter letter to the County for the County s approval prior to sending it to property owners for their signature. Upon request by the Consultant, the County will provide the necessary documents identifying the Consultant as being in the employ of 8 the County for the purposes described in the Agreement. If the property owners or occupants deny the Consultant permission to enter, such incident will be reported to the County and the County will initiate such action as it dictates by current policy and procedure. III. PROPOSAL FORMAT Responders are required to submit their proposals in the following format: A. TECHNICAL PROPOSAL: NOTE: 1. DO NOT INCLUDE ANY COSTS OF ANY KIND IN THIS SECTION. NOTE: 2. TECHNICAL PROPOSALS ARE TO BE NO MORE THAN 40 PAGES FRONT TO BACK, INCLUDING COVERS AND SECTION DIVIDERS. 1. Technical Proposals must be bound and submitted in a sealed envelope(s) or box(s) with the responder s name and Request for Proposals No for Professional Engineering And Design Services For Public Works Stormwater Drainage and Improvement Projects on the outside of each envelope or box. 2. Responder shall complete Attachment A, Proposal Cover Sheet, and include this as the first page of the technical proposal. 3. Technical Approach: Consultants are required to submit, as a part of their proposal, a Detailed Work Plan that describes the procedures and methods that will achieve the required outcome of this project. 4. Project Management: a. Describe how the project will be organized and managed. b. Provide information regarding the anticipated use of subcontractors and other vendors. c. Describe the resources necessary to accomplish the purpose of the project. d. Describe internal quality control and quality assurance practices and how those will apply to those services. e. Demonstrate familiarity with applicable Federal, State and local regulations, required criteria, standards and procedures with respect to planning, environmental, design, acquisition, construction supervision, and approval of road projects. 5. Experience of Consultant: The proposal will address the following criteria and include necessary information of any other professional firm to be involved through subcontract, joint venture, etc. 9 a. The proposal is to include the qualifications of the Consultant firm, and the staff to successfully perform the services listed in Section II of the RFP. b. The Consultant shall demonstrate experience in the design of similar facilities, and confirm listing by the State of Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) as a pre-qualified consultant for projects eligible for State a
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