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  `  CSS Examples CSS Syntax The element selectorThe id selectorThe class selector (for all elements)The class selector (for only <p> elements)Grouping selectorsCSS syntax explained 1)<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><style>p { text-align ente # $l$  ed#% <&style><&head><'$dy><p>E(e y pa ag aph ill 'e a*eted 'y the style+<&p><p id,pa a1>.e t$$!<&p>  <p>/nd me!<&p><&'$dy><&html>0e2ltati Every paragraph will be affected by the style.Me too!And me! 3)<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><style>4pa a1 { text-align ente # $l$  ed#%<&style><&head><'$dy><p id,pa a1>5ell$ 6$ ld!<&p><p>This pa ag aph is n$t a*eted 'y the style+<&p><&'$dy><&html>0e2ltati  Hello World!This paragraph is not affected by the style. 7)<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><style>+ente { text-align ente # $l$  ed#%<&style><&head><'$dy><h1 lass,ente >0ed and ente -aligned heading<&h1><p lass,ente >0ed and ente -aligned pa ag aph+<&p> <&'$dy><&html>0e2ltati0ed and ente -aligned heading Red and center-aligned paragraph.
Kp sans serif

Kp sans serif

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