CSE3213 10 ErrorControl 1 F2010 | Error Detection And Correction | Transmission Control Protocol

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  1 Error Control (1)Error Control (1) CSE 3213, Fall 2010Instructor: N. Vlajic Required reading:Garcia 3.9.1, 3.9.2, 3.9.3  2 Modulo 2 arithmetic is performed digit by digit on binary numbers.Each digit is considered independently from its neighbours.Numbers are not carried or borrowed. Modulo-2 Arithmetic  3 Data Link Layer   4 Error Control Why Error Why Error Control?Control?  – data sent from one computer to another should be transferredreliably –unfortunately, the physical link cannot guaranteethat all bits, in each frame, will be transferred without errors   error control techniques are aimed at improving the error-rateperformance offered to upper layer(s), i.e. end-application  Approaches to Approaches toError ControlError Control (1) Error Detection+ Automatic Retrans. Request (ARQ)   fewer overhead bits return channel required longer error-correction process and waste of bandwidthwhen errors are detected (2) Forward Error Correction (FEC)   error detection+ error correction Probability of Probability of SingleSingle--BitBitError Error   –akabit error rate (BER) :   wireless medium: p b =10 -3   copper-wire: p b =10 -6   fibre optics: p b =10 -9 1 0011010
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