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Class on the tempest by shakespeare
  The Tempest 1611  Introduction ã The last play ã Units of time, place, plot-structure ã Fantasy-like ã Comedy: happy resolution  ã The Last Play ã Europe  – New lands ã Utopianism ã Dramatic effects (spectacle) ã At court ã Autobiographical connections ã Does Shakespeare see himself in Prospero? ã Does he feel somehow isolated? ã How is this play a culmination of other themes he has explored?  ã Aristotelian units (time, place, plot) ã Comedy: happy resolution ã Comedy, or romance? ã Midsummer Night’s Dream vs. Hamlet  ã Mixture of styles: Romeo and Juliet  “a neutral territory, somewhere between the real world and fairyland, where the Actual and the Imaginary may meet, and each imbue itself with the nature of the other” Hawthorne’s definition of romance. ã Epic vs. Romance
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