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  Harshita UmraoAnju PriyaAman Raj Case Analysis  This case revolves around Mary Roberts who is currently promoted tomanager of tax dept !he started with the company years ago as amanagement trainee Then she wor#ed as sta$ accountant and within fourmonths became a supervisor !ince Mary was very responsible andcommitted to her wor# she came in good boo#s of many senior managersHer leadership and hardwor#ing ability also contributed to her success insuch a short span of time As she was promoted to the manager of the taxdept recently% there were some serious problems encounteredMary as a tax manager might face following problems&' ã  Resentment and lac# of cooperation ( As Mary was promoted to taxmanager she faced a lot of resentment from the other supervisorswho were expecting to be promoted as they were senior to her and hadmore experience ã  Peer pressure and lac# of motivation ( Mary might face lac# of cooperation from employees side as she would need experiencedpeople to guide her which might demotivate her and may also a$ecther wor# performance)MP*+,))! ã      -ob dissatisfaction & employees having ./& / years of experience andhaving more #nowledge in taxation might feel job dissatisfaction ã 0gnorance & )mployees who were senior in the dept were expectingthem to get promoted and might get o$ended with Mary1s promotion+R2A30!AT0+3 ã 4or# performance ( 5ue to the resentment and lac# of cooperationamong employees% organi6ational performance might get a$ectedAlso% because of the job dissatisfaction employees might not be able togive their best which hinders the growth of company ã *oyalty of employees ( *oyalty of the wor#force may get a$ected dueto job dissatisfaction ã +rgani6ational environment& tax dept manager did not even discussthe promotion with the employees and employees got o$endedbecause of many obvious reasons which ruins the organi6ation1senvironment ã  0nexperienced employee ( 7ompany has promoted an inexperiencedperson who just wor#ed for years as manager of the dept which  Harshita UmraoAnju PriyaAman Raj might cause issues as precise decision ma#ing demands experienceand #nowledge considering all the aspects Case analysis Mary Roberts was a responsible and hardwor#ing management trainee whoon account of her leadership 8ualities and commitment got an opportunity to9ll the vacancy of the tax department manager Although it was the decisionof the controller of the company and it gave rise to resentment among theemployeesReasons why there is a resentment among the employeesA young and less experienced employ was made the departments head The promotion of Mary Robert was not discussed with the three supervisorsProblems*ac of technical cooperation -ob dissatisfactionHampering loyalty towards organi6ation0gnorance!olutions to the above problems+n the management side:acilitate discussion and 9nd out the reasons for resentment They mayalso initiate sharing of e8ual responsibilities which may induce a senseof self&worth The management may justify their decision to employees through themeans of communication They may provide special guidance to Mary in her day to day wor# andcontribute in her professional development+n Mary Roberts side  Harshita UmraoAnju PriyaAman Raj Mary could have turned down the promotion in order to attain moretechnical #nowhow in the 9eld of taxation but it would have possiblyraised a 8uestion mar# on her e;ciency and self&con9dence Thismight go against Mary in the long runMary could demonstrate her managerial s#ills and try to win over thecon9dence of the employees who doubt her competency*ac# of technical #nowledge may hinder Mary Roberts1s e$ectivenessto an extent because in a company such situation may arise whichwould demand technical #nowledge and vast experience Moreover the decision was ta#en by the controller of the departmentand Mary had nothing to do with that particular decision There were no such employees in the company who had leadership8ualities and commitment towards wor# e8uivalent to MaryMary Roberts was a young woman who had tremendous capabilitiesbut relatively less of technical experience
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