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Cara-cara Penanganan Hardware Software Laptop Trouble
  How to Check Which Partition Table Your Disk Is Using Option One: Use the Disk Management Tool  What’s the Difference Between GPT and MBR When Partitioning a Drive? You can view this information in the DIsk Management tool incldued with Windows To access it!right click the #tart menu or $ress Windows %e&'( and select )Disk Management* You can also $ress Windows %e&'+ to o$en the +un dialog! t&$e )diskmgmtmsc* into the bo,! and $ress -nter.ocate the disk &ou want to check in the Disk Management window +ight click it and select )Pro$erties*#elect )Hardware* tab! then select $ro$erties! volumes tab! then click $o$ulates/n the Partition st&le 0 M1+ or 2PT Convert GPT to MBR with Diskpart In some technology or computer forum, some technicians give some advice that convert GPT to MBR with Diskpart, which is run y program code! The specific steps are following elow ã #nter system installing interface y using $in % disc or &'B hard drive oot! and then press  ('hift)*)+-) to open the command prompt! ã Input (Diskpart) .do not input /uotation mark, the following as well0, and then press (#nter)toenter operating interface! ã Input (list disk) to check hard disk properties! Pay more attention to capacity of hard disk to select! &sually, disk - is hard disk, and disk  is the us dirve where wins % install! ã Input (select disk -) to select disk - as the disk that is operating! ã Input (clean) to clean up current hard disk1s partition! ã Input (convert mr) to convert GPT into MBR! ã Input (create partition primary si2e 3 -45--) to create the si2e of primary partition! ã Input (format fs 3 ntfs /uick) to format disk to 6T+' /uickly! ã Input (e7it) to finish operating! ã Input (e7it) to shut down the command prompt!  8fter finishing operating, shut down the command prompt and install windows system on computer in normal way! The steps seems e concise, ut the greatest shortage is that all data and files will e clean up! If you don1t have ackup files in GPT disk, you will e crying and an7ious for that! 8nd if youdon1t have some professional knowledge aout program, this way is not recommended! WINDOWS UPDATE :CONTROL PANEL>LARGE ICONS>WINDOWS DEFENDER>SETTING>UPDATE & SECURITY>WINDOWS UPDATEUntuk Cari Unknown Dei!e :Dei!e ana#er>Unknown Dei!e>Pro$ertie%>Detai%>Dei!e In%tan!e Pat'>Catat(EN )an DE(>Sear!' )i $!i)ata*a%e+!o,>Downoa) Driern-a>In%ta.a!ku$ & Re%tore Sti!k- Note%.a!ku$ : - Co,$uter>/etik 01A$$Data12 i!ro%o3t2Sti!k- Note%0 Enter 4Ini a)aa' 3o)er 0Sti!k-Note%+%nt0 5e6+Co$- Sti!k-Note%+%nt ke US.+Re%tore : Lakukan %e*aikn-a Boot from USB Laptop Toshiba L15 %'i3t 7 $ower o8 39>%e!urit- ta*>%e!ure *oot>)i%a*e>a)an!e) ta*>%-%te, !on5#ureation>*oot ,o)e 0CS .oot0>F; Untuk Install Driver Unknown Device di Device ana!er  Dei!e ana#er>Unknown Dei!e>Pro$ertie%>Detai%>Dei!e In%tan!e Pat'>Catat (EN )an DE(>Sear!' )i $!i)ata*a%e+!o,>Downoa) Driern-a>In%ta
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