Build-A-Borz (Practical Scrap Metal Small Arms Vol.9)

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Professor Parabellum
  Practical Scrap Metal Small Arms Vol.9 By Professor Parabellum  Introduction The simple machine pistol detailed here is very similar to other widely tried-and-tested expedient designs in circulation, though improved upon in terms of compactness, handling and ease of availability of materials required. It's essentially a homebuilt version of the Armenian !- #, a compactmachine pistol widely copied in the early $ %s by various separatist groups following the brea&up of the oviet (nion. The commercial counterpart was chambered in x$) *a&arov, though the general design adapts well to .+)% or x$ . This basic simplified version uses mm T magaines and includes an adaptable bolt weight system in it's design. /onstruction does not require a lathe or millingmachine and only very basic tools may be used. For legal reasons the prototype shown was constructed as a non-firing legal dummy display model for  purposes of demonstration. It has a blocked and destroyed dummy barrel and it's bolt contains no  provisions for a firing pin.   This document is presented purely for academic study purposesonly.  Bolt construction  The bolt used in this design is a laminated assembly consisting of two sections of steel box tube and bar stoc&, either held in place via thic& steel pins or permanently welded together. Additional bolt massis provided by way of a +0 x $0 steel plate which rides above the receiver, also doubling as a coc&ing handle. It's possible to stac& further plates on top of the assembly, each adding around $%%g extra weight.
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