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ASM HASEMO Lord of the Rings Creativity and experience a close connec tion Whilst others try to find solutions ASM HASEMO provides them. With almost 30 years of experience we are highly innovative experts
ASM HASEMO Lord of the Rings Creativity and experience a close connec tion Whilst others try to find solutions ASM HASEMO provides them. With almost 30 years of experience we are highly innovative experts in the fitting of sealing rings. Located in the federal sate of Baden-Württemberg, the center of German inventorship, and acting with a lot of appreciation for precision work and the passion for constantly taking up challenges, we offer a convincing range of modular fitting systems for external and internal sealing rings, manual workplaces as well as special purpose. Whatever you decide to acquire we assure 100 % quality. Our service ranges from extensive specialist counseling to the development and construction of the machine to its assembly. Due to our unequaled vertical range of manufacture we will find an individual solution for you. Durability, cost-effectiveness and asset protection are guaranteed. Pictures from our plant 2 3 Around the world in the right position Nowadays ASM products are used almost everywhere in the world. Among our customers are the biggest car manufacturers and medical engineering companies as well as companies from the electrical, food and jewelry industry. They all need safe sealings and thus trust in the flexible solutions the ASM products provide. ASM copes with the most complex requirements modules, semi-automatic and fully automatic as well as traditional manual workplaces. All types of rings O-rings, quad rings, glyd rings, backup rings, sleeves and shaped rings are carefully fitted in their position without twisting them. It is irrelevant if the interior diameter of a sealing ring is 1.0 mm or mm. If requested, we can, of course, also do the fitting of the rings and supply batch sizes between one thousand and one million pieces. MOSI Systems for the fitting of internal O-rings. MOSA Systems for the fitting of external O-rings. Special-purpose 4 5 MOSA-systems for the fitting of external rings MOSA Modules All of the 11 ASM modules can be used for the most different purposes with a manual workplace, a semi-automatic machine, a fully automatic machine or a robot. All in all there are more than 130 variants in which they can be used. Due to this variety of variants each module is manufactured individually for its specific purpose of use. Using this modular technique and the AS330 strip-off system, we are able to fit external sealing rings (O-rings, etc) carefully and without twisting on the respective part. Due to our fitting modules, sealing rings can be fitted either as round rings, oval rings or rectangularly shaped rings. When being fitted, the sealing rings can either be dry, talcum powdered, graphitated, oil-impregnated or greased. MOSA 1500-AS 330 Fitting module with AS330 stripoff system for a careful strip-off of instable sealing rings without twisting MOSA-1100-EWO This fitting module is primarily used for simple manual workplaces MOSA-800-ZS First, the respective O-ring is stretched for about 0.2 mm so that it will not be lost during transport in the case of an automated fitting process. When the fitting module with the pre-stretched O-ring has been positioned over the part on which it is to be fitted, the O-ring will shortly (for about 0.5 seconds) and carefully be stretched to fitting size and then be fitted on its specified position. MOSA 500 Our smallest module for fitting small-sized O-rings. Processing time: 0.8 seconds MOSA-1100 K This fitting module is only used for automated fitting processes. Due to its extraordinary technique, it provides a highly consolidated multifunction: All required functions are combined in this module. For example, the linear conveyor rail positions the respective O-ring exactly over the closed expansion jaws via a split short rail. Using this technique makes it possible to fit at least 40 O-rings per minute! 6 7 MOSA-systems for the fitting of external rings MOSA Manual workplaces The manual workplaces of ASM are reliable and durable and are thus perfect for smaller quantities and are both used in small, medium-sized and big companies. They are used for the quick and cost-effective fitting of external sealing rings and they always exactly meet the respective requirements. When larger quantities are required, our modules can also be integrated into semi-automatic or fully automatic. MOSA-905-EP The infinitely variable fitting module MOSA-905-EP is used when there are small batch sizes but a large variety of products. Infinitely variable from a diameter from 5 30 mm to a fitting depth of up to 85 mm Fitting unit MOSA-1100-Z1M Fitting unit with integrated 3-position stop system. This unit is used for manual fitting. One to two O-rings can be fitted one after the other without changeover. For example, two O-rings can be fitted onto one oil dipstick. Processing time: 1.5 seconds MOSA-995-EP The smallest fitting units used for fitting external sealing rings MOSA-1100-EE-AS-330 Fitting unit for the fitting of limp O-rings, e. g x 1.5 mm, 60 shore, careful and process-sure fitting without twisting 8 9 MOSA-systems for the fitting of external rings MOSA Semi-automatic Semi-automatic facilitate the fitting process considerably. Connected with a robot cell or as a manual workplace, they carry out the fitting of O-rings and assure the quality required when carrying out this operation. For big mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, electrical companies etc. this means a cycle time of 3 seconds in case of manual operation. Supply units The ASM supply units can be used in any industrial sector and can be integrated into transfer lines, production lines or rotary tables. MOSA-1100-BEE-HAH2-RT Supply unit which automatically supplies and fits limp O-rings 44.5 x 1.5 mm process-sure onto a plastic-housing MOSA-1104-BEE-HAH2 Unit for automatic supply and fitting of big or small rectangular sealings in correct position and process-sure into a plastichousing MOSA-1100-HAV-Z2M Unit for careful fitting of two different external sealings. Using a MOSA-800-ZS module, three different fitting processes can be carried out simultaneously MOSA-1100-HAV Semi-automatic machine for fitting external sealings on a part. The respective part is manually brought into fitting position and then the sealing is fitted automatically. Please note: This type allows for the simultaneous fitting of two sealings with only one positioning process 10 11 MOSA-systems for the fitting of external rings MOSA Fully automatic All ASM fully automatic are stand-alone which can be used in one-shift operation, two-shift operation and three-shift operation. Fully automatic are highly efficient when large quantities of O-rings are to be fitted. They are used by both small and medium sized companies as well as by big companies all over the world. MOSA-800-RT4 Process-sure fitting of narrow O- rings, 1.7 x 0.7 mm. 20 O-rings per minute can be fitted and then be put into a blister MOSA-1100-A Fully automatic machine for supplying and fitting external O- rings mm after a shortterm changeover MOSA-1100-Z1M-HAH Fully automatic machine for automatic fitting of two sealings of different size onto one part 12 13 MOSA-systems for the fitting of internal rings MOSI Modules For the fitting of internal rings, ASM provides seven module types which are then adjusted to the customer s specific requirements. They are thus high-performing unique with which O-rings, sleeves, quad rings, glyd rings, etc. can be fitted onto a groove without twisting or damaging them. MOSI-800-E Process-sure and careful fitting of internal O-rings 6.0 x 1.5 mm without twisting even if the hole contains a plug in its middle and thus the O-ring can only be fitted into a ring hole. Actual processing time: 0.8 seconds MOSI-SL-170 Fitting of internal O-rings down to a depth of 170 mm. Actual processing time: 0.8 seconds Portable handling can be used horizontally and vertically (like a drilling machine) MOSI-1100-E-IBS Fitting module for fitting internal O-rings, e. g. sleeves NW20 / Hub125, with integrated oiling system MOSI-Module mit Steuerung Fitting modules for manual and careful fitting of internal O-rings without twisting 14 15 MOSA-systems for the fitting of internal rings MOSI Fully automatic ASM is the market leader in fitting internal sealing rings and glyd rings. Our high-quality and highly efficient fully automatic are used all around the world. Using ASM, the sealing rings are not damaged during fitting because they are carefully fitted onto the groove without twisting. MOSI-995-E-92 Fully automatic machine for fitting internal backup rings and O- rings in one step up to a depth of 92.0 mm MOSI-1100-BEE-HAV Fully automatic machine for dry fitting internal O-rings onto asymmetrical grooves. This unit can be integrated into transfer lines MOSI-755-Z2M-HAH2 Fully automatic machine for the careful fitting of 8 sealing rings 32.0 x 4.0 mm in a double caliper without twisting. The calipers are either put into the machine manually by the machine operator or automatically by a robot. The sealing rings are then automatically provided for fitting, i. e. when the housing has been put in, the vertically moving guard door will be closed and the automatic fitting process will be started. The whole processing time putting in the housing, careful fitting of 8 sealing rings, withdrawing the housing does not exceed 30 seconds. What makes this machine special is the fact that the fitting space in the respective housing is limited ASM HASEMO Special purpose Special purpose Due to our popular technologies, we are often asked for ASM for other purposes. According to the specific requirements of our customers we thus also manufacture e. g. welding, punching, grinding and much more. RT-MOTAU Fitting station consisting of two segments: 1. Rotary cycle unit with diverse fitting systems 2. Testing unit with diverse fitting systems. The individual parts are fitted, joined and force fitted in five steps in segment 1. Three tests are carried out in segment 2. Schweiß-STA-1000 Fully automatic welding machine with handling system and chain conveyor for WIG welding PRÜFAU-2000 This special purpose machine is an automatic testing machine via which the pinions are tested according to two criteria: 1. Diameter of hole 2. Height The pinions are used in belt tighteners (car seat belts). Capacity: 30 parts / minute 18 19 ASM HASEMO Everything from one source External fitting Modules Internal fitting Manual workplaces Fully automatic Supply units Semiautomatic ASM HASEMO GmbH Allmendring Königsbach-Stein GERMANY Phone: Fax:
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