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  In Partial Fulfllment o the Requirements o ARTS & SCIENCE OF MEDICINESubmitte to!Dr #reta$a%'(%')%(*Submitte b+!Nasrullah, MohammaNa-eses, .oeen Rena/No0aas, 1atlen Cin+ Nono, Eerl+n .aneOro2e/a, Ni3ole MariePa3ana, #r+anPa3ete, .amie RosePa3uan, ArminPalmera, Fit/eralPan0ilinan, Mel-inPantonial, Reem2tor4rou2 5NMD (C (    The stuents ha -arious reasons or 6antin0 to be3ome a o3tor There arethose 6ho 6ant to embo+ their amil+7s le0a3+, b+ ollo6in0 the stries o theirathers an 0ranathers There are those emale stuents 6ho 6ant to 2ro-e thatMei3ine is not 8ust a 2roession or men Furthermore, there are those 6ho esire2resti0e, 2o6er, authorit+, an the material 0ain that 3omes 6ith bein0 a o3tor Prie an 0ree are their ri-in0 or3e in their mei3al 6or9 Nonetheless, there are still those 6ho are ri-en b+ the 2ure an 0oo 2ur2oseo hel2in0 2eo2le, 6ithout is3rimination, li9e the main 3hara3ter :e 6ants toa22roa3h mei3ine in a re-olutionar+ 6a+ an to treat 2atients as their equals anriens :e stri-es not 8ust to treat their iseases, but to holisti3all+ im2ro-e theiroutloo9 on lie an o-erall health ;e share the same sentiments 6ith Pat3h Aams Our 0rou2 6ants to be3omeo3tors be3ause 6e 6ant to 3onne3t 6ith 2eo2le The iea o intera3tin0 6ith2eo2le at their most -ulnerable an o<erin0 them not 8ust treatment, but also3ounsel an ho2e, is humblin0 an enri3hin0 to the soul ;e belie-e that 6e arehere or the 2ur2ose o s2reain0 4o7s lo-e to man9in #+ be3omin0 o3tors 6ho0enuinel+ 3are or the si39 an 2oor, 6e are able to ulfll this lie mission ;e2erse-ere to be3ome o3tors ri-en b+ 3om2assion an altruism ;e aim to treat2atients in the best 6a+ 6e 3an, to hel2 the si39, an not 8ust to treat theiriseases, but to brin0 8o+ to their li-es ;e esire to be o3tors 6ho o not thin9 o material 0ain, but 0i-e 6ithout 3ountin0 the 3ost ;e 6ish to be 8ust li9e Pat3hAams, 6ho 2rioriti/es others7 li-es beore ours, 6ho fns 8o+ in ma9in0 2eo2leha22+ ;e, as a 0rou2, belie-e that 3urin0 our 2atients oes not 8ust mean treatin0isease, but also 2h+si3all+, mentall+, emotionall+, an s2irituall+ hel2in0 antou3hin0 their li-es )  The s3enes 6hi3h e=em2life Pat3h Aams7s e=em2lar+ 3ommuni3ation s9illsare!(;hen Pat3h 6ent be+on in e=tenin0 3are to his an=ious roommate 6ho 6asterrife o squirrels :e 6as ea0er an 2atient in ma9in0 him eel 0oo )The s3ene in-ol-in0 the iabeti3 2atient an mei3al stuents 6herein thementor 6as aressin0 the 2atient as a mei3al 3ase to be sol-e an not ashuman bein0 6ith a name  5;hen Pat3h entertaine the 9is 6ho ha-e 3an3er so the+ 6oul not eelmiserable an+more >;hen Pat3h sur2rise the 6oman 6ith a 2ool o nooles an e-en s6am 6ithher to ulfll her lon0?time antas+ Pat3h oes e-en the most e=treme anunima0inable 6a+s or the 2atients *Pat3h7s trium2h in ma9in0 riens 6ith the inamous ill?tem2ere 2atient atRoom 5%*  The most im2ortant as2e3t o 3ommuni3ation is em2ath+ The abilit+ tounerstan an eel 6hat another human bein0 is eelin0 an 0oin0 throu0h is these3ret in0reient in 3reatin0 a harmonious 2atient?o3tor relationshi2 It is 3ru3ialthat a o3tor is able to relate to his 2atient an see the 6orl throu0h his e+es sothat he 6oul 9no6 ho6 to 2ro-ie holisti3 treatment that the 2atient nees #+bein0 em2atheti3 6ith the 2atient, he 6oul 9no6 ho6 to ma9e the 2atient eelutterl+ at ease 6ith him, an 6ith this, the 2atient 3oul reel+ 3ommuni3atee-er+thin0 to the o3tor On3e a o3tor eels 6hat his 2atient eels, he 6oul be3om2elle to o e-er+thin0 in his mi0ht to alle-iate the 2ain o his 2atient Furthermore, the 2atient 6oul not hesitate to tell the o3tor 6hat reall+ is 0oin0 on6ithin him Thus, ensurin0 e<e3ti-e an holisti3 treatment, all be3ause the o3tor3ares enou0h to eel 6hat his 2atient eels  5 Mei3ine is a s3ien3e be3ause it is a 3olle3ti-e stu+ o -arious resear3hes o i<erent fels an a 2rou3t o lon0 term 2ra3ti3e rom 0eneration to 0eneration All 9no6le0e about mei3ine is base on truths that ha-e been 3ontinuall+u20rae an 2asse on 6ith time ;ithout all these 2ro-en s3ientif3 resear3h ana3ts, mei3ine 6oul not ha-e e=iste in the frst 2la3e At the same time, mei3ine is an art The manner a o3tor intera3ts 6ith 2eo2lein his 2ra3ti3e, es2e3iall+ 6ith his 3ollea0ues an hos2ital sta<, ma9es it an art It isbut a rare 0it to be able to 6in 2eo2le7s hearts an 3are ee2l+ or others @qualities that are inherent in a su33essul o3tor It is no use i a o3tor is brilliant,but hostile Patients 6oul be hesitant to 3ome to him or hel2, thereb+ eeatin0his sole 2ur2ose o bein0 o3tor There is more to mei3ine than the 2iles o boo9san e=tensi-e 9no6le0e a o3tor is e=2e3te to master The art o 0enuine lo-e orthe 2atients is in itsel 6hat ra6s 2atients to the o3tor    The art an s3ien3e o mei3ine are intert6ine to0ether an unamentall+ma9e a o3tor 6ell?roune ;ithout e=2ertise, a o3tor 3oul not 3ome u2 6ith theri0ht an 2ro2er ia0nosis an treatment ;ithout 3are, a o3tor 3oul not ull+ healthe 2ain an en the su<erin0 o his 2atient Thereore, a o3tor must both be ull o 9no6le0e an 3om2assion The art an s3ien3e o mei3ine tea3hes theseelements to 3reate a holisti3 o3tor >  The s3ene in the trial 3ourt, 6e eel, is the most heart?2ier3in0, soul?stirrin0s3ene In this 2art o the mo-ie, Pat3h Aams is inubitabl+ seen as the e2itome o 3om2assion, altruism, brillian3e, an lo-e or man9in In s2ite o e-ilish e<orts o 2eo2le to brin0 him o6n, he 3arrie on his f0ht or3reatin0 a 2atient?3entere Mei3ine :is 3oura0e is amirable, su3h that he ar0uein ront o e-er+one that a o3tor is not more than a truste an learne rien 6ho-isite an treate the ill :e earlessl+ 2ointe out the tra0i3 realit+ that some o his 3ollea0ues are ri-en b+ arro0an3e an re2utation :e 3alle or f0htin0ini<eren3e @one o the most terrible iseases o allB @ an this ultimatel+ 2ro-esthat he is ei3ate to hel2in0 e-er+ human bein0 he meets :e also mae us reali/e that ea3h 2erson has an im2a3t on another, 6hi3h is6h+ 6e must stri-e or a 0reat 2atient?o3tor relationshi2 :e remine us that ourmission is not 8ust to 2re-ent eath, but also to im2ro-e the qualit+ o lie @ that 6emust treat the 2erson as a 6hole, an not 8ust the isease Furthermore, Pat3h Aams also note in this s3ene some im2ortant ti2s tobe3omin0 a su33essul o3tor :e share to as2irin0 mei3al stuents that 6eshoul al6a+s li-e in a6e o the 0lorious me3hanism o the human bo+B, anma9e this the o3us o our stuies an not a quest or 0raesB, 6hi3h 6ill not 0i-eus an iea ho6 to be e3ient in our 6or9 Moreo-er, he remine us to 3ulti-aterienshi2s 6ith 3o6or9ers, an most im2ortantl+, to share the 3om2assion o our2ree3essors an s2rea this 3om2assion
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