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   ASM: Area Sales ManagerFMCG: Fast Moving Customer GoodNow coming to Job description of FMCG's ASM, in general are as followes:!lan, direct and implement Sales strategies and programs to ac ieve or e#ceed t e sales ob$ectives for t e compan%&eporting to: (#ecutive )irector, Sales*(+ (S!NS-.-/-0-(S )evelops Sales plans and budgets to ac ieve or e#ceed t e annual sales ob$ectives for t e compan%& Monitor and control t e sales budget to ensure optimum utili1ation of resources in t e region Generate sales of compan% products in t e region t roug a team of salesmen in order to ac ieve ore#ceed t e annual sales targets Conduct regular mar2et visits to c ec2 route coverage, competitor activit% and continuousl% searc for new opportunities in order to increase sales in t e region !rovide distributors and customers in t e region wit information about new or improved productsand services in order to improve sales in t e region )evelop and maintain an efficient distribution networ2 to ensure t e compre ensive availabilit% of compan%3s products and services across t e region to ac ieve or e#ceed t e sales targets (stablis and ensure t at all sales administration procedures relating to t e region are properl% implemented to support t e sales teams in t eir efforts to accomplis t e sales targets Co4ordinate and follow up wit t e store ouse supervisor to ensure t at ade5uate inventor% stoc2 of product is maintained for t e egion in order to meet t e sales deliver% sc edules and provide t e distributors wit superior levels of service and meet t e needs of t e customer /iaise wit t e Mar2eting team to ensure t at ade5uate mar2eting support b% wa% of merc andising and promotions is available in t e region in order to provide brand visibilit% and promote sales in t e region )evelop t e necessar% egional Sales Management organisation structure and ensure t e rig t calibre of staffing and appropriate training to meet all $ob re5uirements& !rovide leaders ip so t at staff are well motivated and engaged to sta% and contribute effectivel% to t e organisationS2ills Job Description  Device, implement direct sales strategy in assigned cityOut of box thinking of direct sales strategyPreferably experience in direct sales as well as in FM! or O  industry# andidates from water purifier or similar FMD industry with direct sales and merchandising experience are preferred$esponsible for achieving the assigned sales and collection targets for the respective area$esponsible for monitoring, tracking and enhancing sales at retail countersPlanning % execution of activation programs for network effectiveness and retention& ' activity to support tertiary movement o ensure effective in(shop development in every counter in the territory through the proper display, proper POP placement, catalogue availability etc# )ppointment of promoters and team leaders on potential areas and increase tertiary sales*ales promoter review meeting and through this control business, order collection, target achievement eam building, leadership development, training % development of team+ retention of talent o ensure the product is available at every point of sales at the right time and right place display o provide timely market intelligence on competitors products, promotional activities, trade partner re-uirements etc#.xpansion into new geographies % deeper reach in the existing areas
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