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  ©2005-2006 SkillBuilders, Inc.   SKILLBUILDERS Introduction to Automatic Storage Management  An overview of ASM, the Oracle 10g file and volume management system.  ©2005-2006 SkillBuilders, Inc. 2  Topics  Introduction to ASM  Benefits   Architecture  Installation tips  Starting ASM   ASM Disks, Diskgroups and Failgroups  Managing ASM with asmcmd   ASM from the Database Instance   ASM and SAN Tips  Miscellaneous Release 2 enhancements  ©2005-2006 SkillBuilders, Inc. 3 What is ASM?...   ASM =  Automatic  Storage Management  It does lots of storage-related things for you  Built-in “database file system”  Storage for database-related things only  Tables, indexes, tempfiles, backup sets, control files, parameter files, redo logs, archive logs, dump sets  ©2005-2006 SkillBuilders, Inc. 4 ...What is ASM?  Mirrors and stripes data (RAID 1+0)  Mirrored stripes  Good R/W performance  Good availability  Loss of disk causes background rebalance operation to remirror stripes on available space  Works with  Single server or RAC environments  NAS / SAN or DAS devices  Can turn off ASM mirror –use NAS  Bundled with database –in kernel
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