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Service Bulletin
  This information is published for informational pur depicted. Qualified personnel are those who, bas potential hazards when handling or servicing a pro attempt to handle, service or repair the product or death. You agree that your use of and reliance on t without notice. There are no warranties, either ex SUBJECT: When customers select the Tempe Temperature Probe feature shuts it Background: When the customer selects the Te Probe into the probe jack in the ove clock. However, when they begin a Solution: The Temperature Probe may not b The Temperature Probe icon will ill the oven will not detect the Probe d Make sure that the Probe is fully ins   Note: Consult the Samsung Service Web and ot   ELECTRONICS  oses only and intended for use only by personnel qualified for th d on their training and experience, are capable of identifying risk uct. Only qualified personnel should repair products powered b roducts by anyone other than qualified personnel could result in is information is at your sole risk. This information is subject to c pressed or implied, regarding the accuracy or completeness of th ature Probe feature and then start a cookin elf off. perature Probe feature and inserts the Te n, the Temperature Probe icon is visible ne cooking cycle, the feature shuts itself off au fully inserted into the probe jack in the ove minate when the probe is only partially ins ring a cooking cycle and the feature will c erted into the jack. site at ( for the S er information on this product.  Service Bulletin Product: Electric Bulletin Date: 8/6/2 Bulletin Number: ASC2013 Models: NE58F97NE58F9   specific tasks s and avoiding electricity. Any erious injury or hange or update is information.   g cycle, the perature xt to the tomatically. n cavity. rted, but ncel itself. rvice Manual Oven 13 806001 10WS, 00SS
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