Aruna Alloy Steel Pvt Ltd co ,Madurai -S.ABARNA PREETHI MBA

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  • 1. 1 CHAPTER -I
  • 2. 2 INDUSRTY PROFILE: The Indian steel industry ,one of the core industries in india,is more than a century old when the first integrated steel plant was established by Tata Iron and steel in 1907.India is currently the world’s fourth producer of crude steel and is expected to become the second largest producer by 2015 Steel industry derives its demand from other important sectors like infrastructure, aviation, engineering construction,automobile,pipes and tubes etc.thus its intense integration with other important industries makes it a strategic sector for the governments as well The indian steel sector enjoy advantages of domestic availability of raw material and cheap labour. Recent mining restrictions have put a strain on its availability.This abundance has been providing a major cost advantages to the domestic steel industry. Steel plays a vital role in the development of any modern and emerging economy.The per capita consumption of steel is generally accepted as a yardstick to measure the level of socio-economic development and living standards of its such,no developing country can afford to ignore the steel industry. Therefore,through this conglomeration of government,policy makers,industrial leaders and potential investors from india and abroad is to discuss new growth drivers that are revolutionizing the indian steel industry and assess the challenges and opportunities associated with new technologies along with identifying new growth frontiers. The beginning : The modern iron and steel industry in india owes its origin to the grand vision and perseverance of jamseti Nusserwani Tata .The tata iron and steel company limited (Tata steel) was registered in Bombay on 26th august 1907.The construction of the steel plant was then taken up in earnest with the first stake being driven in February 1906.R.G.Wells,an American with steel plant construction experience took over as the General manager in 1909.Success came when the first blast furnace was blown –in on 2nd December 1911,and the first ingot rolled on 16th February 1912.
  • 3. 3 The company was originally constructed for capacity of 1,60,000 tonnes of pig iron,1,00,000 tones of ingot steel,70,000 tones of rails,beams and shapes and 20,000 tonnes of bars,hoops and rods.The plant essentially consisted of a battery of 180 non- recovery coke ovens and 30 by product ovens with a sulphuric acid plant,Two blast furnaces(each of 350 tonness per day capacity) one 300 tonne hot metal mixer ,four open hearth furnaces of 50 tonne capacity each,one steam engine driven40-inch reversing blooming mill,one 28-inch reversing combination rail and structure mill with re-heating furnaces,and one 16-inch and two 10-inch rolling mills.besides ,the steel works had a power house,auxillary facilities and a well equipped laboratory. The cost of the plant as erected came to around rs.23 million. LIBERALISATION OF THE INDIAN STEEL SECTOR The important policy measures, which have been taken for the growth and development of the indian iron and steel sector are as under:  In the new industrial policy announced in july,1991,iron and steel industry among others,was removed from the list of industries reserved for the public sector and also exempted from the provisions of compulsory licensing under the industries(Development and regulation) act 1951.  With effect from 24.5.92,iron and steel industry was included in the list of ‘high priority’ industries for automatic approval for foreign equity investment upto 51%.This limit has since been increased to 100%.  Pricing and distribution of steel were deregulated from January,1992.At the same time,it was ensured that priority continued to be accorded for meeting the requirements of small scale industries, exporters of engineering goods and north eastern, besides strategic sector such as defense and railways  The import duty on capital goods was reduced from 55% o 25%.Duties on raw materials for steel production were reduced.These measures reduced the capital costs and production costs of steel plants
  • 4. 4  Freight equalization scheme was withdrawn in January 1992.however,with the coming up of new steel plants in different parts of the country,iron and steel materials are freely available in the domestic market.  Levy on account of steel development fund was discontinued from April,1994 there by providing greater flexibilty to main producers to respond to market forces.
  • 5. 5 1. INTRODUCTION: 1.1 company profile -: The temple city of Madurai houses a world class foundry “Aruna Alloy Steels Pvt. Ltd.”, a versatile company which laid down its roots in the memorable year of 1961 as a small scale industry. From 1999 Aruna is forging ahead to dedicate itself exclusively to the valve industry. Aruna has excelled itself in the faultless supply of high performance valve castings ranging from 5 kg to 6000 kg that have a maximum pressure rating of 5000 PSI and up to 36″ in size. Aruna is a sought after supplier of high quality steel valve castings manufactured in Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloy for the ‘Oil’, ‘Gas’, ‘Thermal and Hydro Power’, ‘Nuclear Power’, and ‘Chemical’ Industry . The company is now a world class certified supplier of steel castings to reputed valve manufacturers both in Domestic and in International Arena. The company’s dedication and focus is reflected in our strengthening competitive position and growth. Aruna is emerging as a customer-centric entrepreneurial company focused on sustainable value creation for all stakeholders. Aruna’s current production capacity is 5,000 Tonnes of steel castings per year. Aruna has emerged as one of the effective and reliable steel casting foundry’s in the World for the manufacture of critical alloys and castings for critical applications. It operates 3 plants with a diverse capacity. A new machining facility also has been added for the supply of machined castings to Valve manufacturer . Managing director – mrs.Arunachalam since 1972 graduated from Annamalai university in 1972.bachlor degree in mechanical engineering.he did MBA in Madurai kamaraj university in 1988 ,DOB-31-12-1947 ,his career started aruna In 2007 3rd generation enterprenur,master industry engineering at university of norma.MBA FINANCE at eaasee western university Cleveland in 2001 Aruna alloy steels pvt formely known as aruna machine tools is a landmark in the industrial scenario of Madurai.The roots of this reputed plant were laid down in the year 1961by late AR.sevugan chettair,a first generation ins
  • 6. 6 1.2 vision -: Safe, Environmentally friendly and dependable World Class Steel Foundry manufacturing machined valve castings for severe and critical application in complex materials. 1.3 MISSION:-  Continually delight the customer with quality and on-time delivery for forging long term sustainable win-win partnerships  Continuously improvise effectiveness of management to strengthen the system and focus people on data driven decision analysis and problem solving  Continuously invest and develop people with core skills to improve competency and organizational involvement  Enhance capabilities and invest in new technology to improve productivity and supply finished products for severe and critical applications 1.4 objectives:  To know customer focused result in high customer retention  To know Marketing focus to keep the changing trends and the need of the customers  To know A professional approach that translate knowledge and data into implements as per market needs Quality  Proven track record to meet global quality standards  Demonstrated capability with production of Valve Casting for Nuclear Power Applications  Well integrated efficient quality systems to monitor quality assurance of products  Solidification simulation to analyze integrity of casting and reduce defects  Strong & Integrated Documentation control Service
  • 7. 7  Sustainable process to support the development of over 20 new castings per month  Customer focused planning & execution for reliable delivery  Competitive Lead Times Product range :  One stop shop for sourcing with a wide casting weight range – 5kg to 6000 Kg  Diverse product portfolio and high Alloy casting capability  Exotic and special materials manufacturing Organization  Experienced management team dedicated to deliver sustained value creation  Continuous improvement to develop world class manufacturing Logistics:  International airport with well connected passenger flights  Well connected with both air,rail,road and sea transportation
  • 8. 8 1.5 ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE : Managing director Human resource Assistant manager Executives purchase production manger Quality control Finance Manager Assistant Manager Marketing senior Manager Area sales Manager
  • 9. 9 1.6 COMPANY ACHIEVEMENTS  Aruna developed agitator casting in CF8 material level-2 in radiography for Indian satellite instant by ISRO  Supplied casting for cryogenic value casting  Customer approved for international engineering procurement  Value casting 1.7 AWARDS  EEPC award in 1998-1989 ,1991-92 railway rolling stock best exporter.  Best foundary PG s Award in the southern region for the year 2001- 2002.  Highest productivity in foundry DR.velappan award for the year 2002-2003  4 natinal award to have been awarded to the managing director  Mr.s.v arunachalam best foundry man of the country in the year 2003 by Indian institute of foundary men.  Export excellance award for the yr 2007 by IIFM,EEPC,SILVER MEDAL regional export excellance award for the year 2006-2007 Latest news :  ARUNA has the best of breed people,process and technology and has invested heavily on R&D  Safe,environmentally friendly and dependable world class steel foundry manufacturing machined  Aruna has best R&D infrastructure  Aruna alloys have launched their revamped site in aruna alloy steels pvt
  • 10. 10 1.8 GOVERNANCE : The Director ,The manager and The supervisor all have responsibilities in the work place .directors are responsibile to the business,customers,employees,suppliers and shareholders. Directors : The directors create the plans. Directors work sincere they have generalist experience,or sometimes more importantly good contacts Managing director : The managing director is the head of the organization and controlling the organization .Their work is often described as “getting things done with or through people” Senior manager: Senior manager make top level decision in an organization. Their decision is to make detailed skilled judgment . Middle manager: Middle manager organize and control the resources of an organization within guidelines Junior manager: Junior manager is usually concerned with the short term supervisory activities making sure that order get out on time and resources . Supervisors : Supervisor are also woking sincerely in this organization they are people who know how things should be at ground level . All must wear ID cards compulsorily shoes and uniform neat and clean ,supervisor want to check all of these All must wear helmet then only they allow bike inside an organization otherwise parking is outside the organization.
  • 11. 11 1.9 ADMINISTRATION, DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The role of administration department within an organization is to process all of the admin and documents for the rest of the company. There are many different departments that need to have different things done with their admin. The main functions of an admin department of an organization are:  To process paperwork for external suppliers.  To process paperwork and information for internal people. This could be anything from looking after the basic bills to the internal post.  Looking after the internal communications so that all members of the organization are aware of what is going on within the organization.  Organizing any deliveries or suppliers coming into the offices for the day for any reason.  Arranging company extras such as company cars and any hotels for business trips that may be needed.  Sending out any mail on behalf of the company. This could be for different stakeholders, customers or even for staff. The admin department will be responsible for ensuring that all records that pass through the department are filed correctly and can be found and referred to if and when they ever become necessary. These will be records of purchases and expenses from different parts of the company and their approval from the finance department. There will also be different confidential information about employees that are owned by the Human Resources department. These
  • 12. 12 too will be stored and used by the admin department. This is an important department for any company and they work across all departments and with all kinds of work 1.10 LIST OF PRODUCTS Value Type Component GATE Body, Bonnet, Yoke, Wedge / Disc, Yoke Lock Ring, Gland, Retainer GLOBE Body, Bonnet, Funnel CHECK Body, Disc, Hinge, Hinge Holder PLUG Body, Plug, Cover CONTROL Body, Bonnet BUTTERFLY Body, Disc ANGLE Body BALL Body, Adaptor, Connector, Ball, Trunion Y-GLOBE Body
  • 13. 13 1.11 ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE MANAGING DIRECTOR DIRECTOR HR FINANCE PLANNING AND MARKETING METHODS AND DEVELOPMENT PATTERN SHOP MOULDING ,MELTING QUALITY FETTING DISPATCH Managing Director Director Human Resource Manager Finance Planning and Marketing Methods and development Pattern shop Moulding and Melting Quality Fetting Dispatch
  • 14. 14 Departments CHAPTER 2
  • 15. 15 Departments HR PURCHASE PRODUCTIONFINANCE Markeing
  • 16. 16 2. HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT 2.1 HUMAN RESOURCE OBJECTIVES: To known about HR work selection process, recruitment,training attendance,leave& permission etc Implementing a human resources strategy Key reason why a strategy is necessary and in particular explore 3 critical areas i. Risk management ii. Recruitment iii. Retention 2.2 REGULAR ACTIVITIES The management deals with control of men,money,material and machines. company is taking much interest on maintaining relation with labor force. The main responsibility of this department is  To provide welfare measures  To recruit employees.  To train and place them in job The following are the kaizen 7s process that is followed in the company  Seiri-sort out and eliminate un necessary things  Seiton-systematic arrangement of the things  Seiso-clean the place and machine well  Seiketsu-maintain atmosphere  Shikkari- not to give up system at any situation  Sahou- doing everything in a good manner
  • 17. 17 2.3 DEPARTMENT STRUCTURE: Deputy General Manager Assistant Human Resource Manager Executive Officer Assistant Personal Officer
  • 18. 18 The subject mattern of this department concern with Recruitment,selection,orientation,attendance, leave and permission,wages,performance appraisal,training and development,gratuity,pension scheme,factory act employee provident fund,safety and welfare activities ,councelling and motivation. Selection : Selection Is based on resume .After selection, interview is conducted attend and based on their skills candidates are selected according to their knowledge based on the resume checking work, human Resource manager must select the candidates. Orientation: New employee and an introduction of The company terms and condition,rules,procedure,policy arrangement,safety,health and security are they spend each day in each department after orientation The candidates are ask to submit a report then the department Faculties must provide feedback. Attendance: Human Resource department maintain attendance register and submit register in head office every end of the month.even for training student attendance maintaining in company Salary is calculated based on attendance all the employee must wear id card when they enter and leave no one can enter the company without sigining the register. Leave and permission : 25 days leave – casual leave-10days Privilege -8days Remaining-7days Employee – 8hours permission in a year Sick leave – more than 2days means medical letter want to submit .if employee take more than salary deducted 9days holiday provided to to national leave
  • 19. 19 Wages : In Aruna alloy steel pvt ltd co confirm staff based on the no of days working,they provide wages to the employee .over time wages are provided . labour once in a week. ESI are deducted from employee wages Performance appraisal : Appraisal are conducted once in a year like increment,promotion,transfer is given based on performance appraisal . Job knowledge,initative,mental attitude, quality of work, co- operative,commitment,attendance,dicipiline,healthcondition,cleanliness,adjustment ,multi skills,equipment handling,emergency management,reparing knowledge ,trouble shooting ,cost conscious ,decision making,time management and stress management. Training and development : Training –oreientation training ISO,safety,department related value stream, house keeping, inventory ,repair and maintaince,supervisor skill development management information system and quality control. Employee – 125 Manager -5 Staff-40 No of worker – 60 No of temporary worker-20 Training – 3month training on the job ;Monetary and non monetary benefit satisfied by personal department .All the employee having good relationship between management and employee.
  • 20. 20 Behavioural training : On identification of the employee behavioural needs they will be given appropriate training,the training may be in house by HR personal or through outsourced professional as per need. Workers : Apprentice is one who learn a skilled trade without getting any salary .They work in industry to learn and get a real life experience. Age limit – minimum 18years Maximum 58years Wage period : Calendar month basis unskilled,semi skilled, skilled,higher skilled,employee salary average only 6000 rupee Over time- more than 48 hours .over time wages will be at rate of twice of the basic wages Over time not more than 50 hours Employee insurance act 1948,allowance-4.75% ,bonus as per 1965 act. Special incentive : 5yrs-1000 rs ; 10yrs-2500rs ;15yrs-4000 rs Bonus and incentives: Bonus and incentives very useful tools to motivate and reward employees when they do their job well. The right incentives ensure employees maintain high level, employee them to stay loyal to the company To determine what a company seeks to address and what its seek to attain.there is a slight difference between bonus and incentives’ bonus is generally monetary in nature while an incentives can either be monetary or non monetary.
  • 21. 21 In determining correct bonus and incentives scheme its is important that with the goals and objectives of the organization. A company has to take into account the nature of business,the area operates in the competition its faces and core strength. Leave policy : 5days casual leave attend personal and urgent requirement. Employee will given 10days for festival and government holiday, leave date put on the notice board and communicated to the employee. Working environment :  Proper lighting and ventilation in working area.  Tea break,lunch break are provided in the company itself  Rest room  Uniform and shoes  Education allowance is given to the worker children  Pick up and drop up facility are also available  No pollution area neat and clean  Drinking facility are provided  Canteen facility Recruitment : Recruitment considered to the manager and higher officials are been recruited by the hr manager The other labours education as not upgraded as 10th pass is basic 2 .4 Promotion policies : 1.E
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