Application of Technology for Gifted and Talented approach in Education: A Review of Best Practices and Cognitive Research | Gifted Education | Educational Technology

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Abstract Technology is the only tools which we will advance in Education in face 21 centuries and to use technology learning can shape students mind indicating experience through searching and researching information and uses the applications and software are in the classroom well. Educational Technology is working with instruction and observation through research and findings which can help for gifted and talented Childs /students especially. Teachers in the classroom should engage students in cognitive talk rather than the descriptive system. With increasing awareness about integrating technology used in different areas of learning environments, gifted programming, and professional learning development.
  Application of Technology for Gifted and Talented approach in Education: A Review of BestPractices and Cognitive ResearchLatifa Rahman Biditat! ohn#s $niversity% &ew 'or(% $AA)stractTechnology is the only tools which we will to advance in Education in face *+ centuries and touse technology learning can shape students mind indicating e,perience through searching andresearching information and uses the applications and software are in the classroom well!Educational Technology is wor(ing with instruction and o)servation through research andfindings which can help for gifted and talented Childs -students especially! Teachers in theclassroom should engage students in cognitive tal( rather than the descriptive system! .ithincreasing awareness a)out integrating technology used in different areas of learningenvironments% gifted programming% and professional learning development!/eywords: Technology% Communication% and Colla)oration% Critical Thin(ing% Creativity and0nnovation% Gifted and Talented Education% Cognitive Research% Classroom Environment!  0ntroductionAssistive technology is effective tools to create a natural classroom for e,ample% while aninclusion student with a cognitive disa)ility is in the classroom% the teacher can instruct while thestudent sits at a computer e1uipped with the assistive technology needed of him her to )esuccessful in the day#s lesson! uch students need to receive speciali2ed educationalinterventions to meet their learning needs and help them reach their full potential! They re1uiregreater instrumental intensity or higher levels of autonomy 3Russi% *4456 than other studentssince% their degree of motivation influence their level of productivity 3Colangelo and 7avis%*4486! This is a common scenario for many teachers in today#s schools! Among the many diversechallenges )eing faced )y the general education teacher% one challenge is particularly perple,ing!9ow does one address )oth the special needs of students with e,traordinary academic a)ility3.allace% *44;6 And the needs of those students who are not as advanced $nfortunately% theharsh reality of overcrowding and )udget cuts ma(es it increasingly difficult to meet theeducational needs of every student! Teacher<centered instruction% or teaching the same curriculato all students% is no longer a via)le solution 3Rapp% *44;6 Teachers of to gifted and talented needto )e creative to effectively develop or modify programs and curricula for their students3Ra=s(ind% *4446! 0t is important to prepare teachers to not only use technology )ut also tointegrate it into instruction 3anadholt2% *44+6!Teachers% administrators% and researchers ali(e are see(ing ways to utili2e technology to enhanceteaching and learning! Technology planning teams are )eing created% financial resources are )eing sought to purchase resources% and implementation models are critically e,amined3Buc(ley% +>>;? Collis and @oonen% +>>5? @usco% +>>;? &ewman% +>>*6! Curriculumcompacting is an instructional techni1ue used for modifying the regular curriculum to meet the  needs of high<a)ility students )y carefully assessing the wor( they already (now and su)stitutingor streamlining it for more challenging content through curriculum enrichment 3Reis% Burns andRen2ulli% +>>*6! Curriculum enrichment is a techni1ue used to deepen student#s understanding of issues 3.asserman% *44+6!0nformation technology has )ecome a common instructional method used with gifted andtalented learners 3/alchman and Case% +>>>? .allace% *44;? .asserman% *44+6! 0t can )e used toenhance and replace e,isting delivery methods and to improve education for the gifted student3@c/innon and &olan% +>>>6! Today#s students have grown up with mo)ile phones% computers%and @P8 players 3heffield% *446% and highly important that their education (eeps up with their interests and advancements in technology! The purpose of this article is to evaluate the empiricalresearch related to use of technology with gifted learners and their teachers! This will<willcontri)ute to the technology literature )ut put into perspective the research articles in this areausing the different strands in national gifted programming standards 3&ational Association for Gifted children 3&AGC6% *4+4: learning and development% assessment% curriculum planning andinstruction% learning environments% programming% and professional development!According to the Technological Pedagogical content (nowledge theory )y /oehler and @ishra3*44;6% the use of technology influences the teaching of content! The interaction )etween thecharacteristics of technology and the structure of the content directs e,amples used in teachingcontent 3Bielefeldt% *4+*? /oehler and @ishra% *44;6! Also% a teacher#s (nowledge of the contentarea directs the technologies selected and the pedagogy used! inally% since the teachersunderstand of technology% content% and pedagogy interact% the teacher#s e,pertise with pedagogyalso will dictate the use of technology and the content )eing taught 3Angeli and alanides% *44>6!Thus% according to /oehler and @ishra#s 3*44;6 technological pedagogical content (nowledge  theory% it is the overlap )etween (nowing the content% (nowing appropriate pedagogy% and(nowing ways that technology can use that the most powerful teaching occurs!Review of literature Technology Environment A successful technology<enhanced environment encourages learners to use its resources andtools to process information deeply and e,tend thin(ing 3/o2ma% +>D6! Research aimed atesta)lishing the essential elements of a successful technology<enhanced environment hascontri)uted to (nowledge on the short term effects of specific technological interventions3Brungardt and ollman% +>>;? 9enessey et al!% +>>;6% on the development of specific programsor technologies 3Linn% +>>? Roth% .os2c2yna% and mith% +>>;6% on the development of specificcurriculum tools 3Gordin% Polman% and sea% +>>5? cardamalia and Bereiter% +>>F6% on theacademic achievement of students 3La2arowit2 and 9uppert% +>>8? Lewis% tern% and Linn%+>>84% on student attitudes toward computers 3Boone and Edson% +>>5? hashaani% +>>56% and onthe use of computer<assisted instruction 3CA06 3Loc(ard et al!% +>>56! Creating virtual learning environment A virtual learning environment 3LE6 refers to computer<)ased environments for deliveringlearning materials on the 0nternet 3.ilson% +>>F6! irtual learning environment may )e used todevelop cultural e,periences in the visual% creative% and performing arts? visit all types of museums% industries% governmental agencies% and institutions? e,pose students to different ideasthrough prominent and controversial persons? and provide advanced study in the content areasthat include research activities 3Belcastro% *44;6! They can )e e,citing learning approach for students )ecause of the unlimited amount of information that is availa)le online! 0nstantinformation is as close as a search engine way! 3.ill% *44;6!
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