Announces Q1 Results (Standalone), Limited Review Report (Standalone) & Results Press Release for the Quarter ended June 30, 2016 [Result]

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B futfifrd*ct BankotBaroda Date: BCC:lSD:108/15/382 Vice-President, B S E Ltd., Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers Datat Street The ml BSE CODE.532134 Mumbai - 4O0 'l 1th August 2016 I The Vice-President, I National Stock Exchange I Exchange Ptaza, of lndia Ltd. I Bandra Kurta Comptex, Bandra (E) I Mumbai - 4O0 051 I CODE.BANKBARODA Dear Sir/ Madam, Re: Bank of Baroda -Unaudited (Reviewed) Standalone Financlal Results Quarter / Three ltonths Ended 3oth June 2016 - Regulation 33 for the t
  B fu fifr d*ct BankotBaroda BCC:lSD:108/15/382 Date: 'l 1th August 2016 The Vice-President, I The Vice-President, B S E Ltd., I National Stock Exchange of lndia Ltd. Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers I Exchange Ptaza, Datat Street I Bandra Kurta Comptex, Bandra (E) Mumbai - 4O0 ml I Mumbai - 4O0 051 BSE CODE.532134 I CODE.BANKBARODA Dear Sir/ Madam, Re: Bank of Baroda -Unaudited (Reviewed) Standalone Financlal Results for the Quarter / Three ltonths Ended 3oth June 2016 - Regulation 33 Further to our letter No. BCC:l5D:108/16l361 dated 02.08.2016 and pursuant to Regutation 33 and other appticabte Regutations of SEBI (Listing Obligations & Disctosure Requirements) Regutations, 2015 read with SEBI Circular No. CIR/CFD/CMD/ 1 5/201 5 dated 30.'11.2015, we advise as under:The Eoard ol Directors of Bank of Borodo at its meeting held todoy i-e. 11-08,2016 considered & opproved the Unoudited (Reviewed) Stondolone Financial Results ol the Bonk together with relevant segment reporting, for the Qtorter I Three Months ended 3dh June 2016. A copy of the Unaudited (Reviewed) Standatone Financial Resutts in prescribed formatspursuant SEB| Regulations / Circutar, duty signed is enctosed herewith atong with the Limited Review Reports by Auditors inctuding Segment Reporting etc. A copy of PressRetease is atso enctosed. The Meeting of the Board of Directors commenced at 8.00 a.m. and conctuded at 8.40 a.m. We request you to take a note of the above pursuant to Regulation 33 of the SEBI (ListingObtigations & Disctosure Requirements) Regutations, 20'15. The information may kindty be uploaded on your website. M.L. Jain Dy. Generat Manager Company Secretary Enct. - As Above r-dtqr 6rcii-c +.g{ e26 .i, r.i anri+irrrr a ;r(q) ,iqi 400c5r ,IJnBaroda Corporale Centrc. C 2ri G Rloci Sandra Kr'1. Comol.x 6,fdrn (i ) M( ntr. 4aa Oarl +i/Phonc tl 22 6698 58121,)841 . ql,r',/ lax llr 22 2at52lt)t)i) ila/t--a,, .o-D:fyr(:.:ra,v5.c€1,a.k.,b..i.-...'r . riil\Jb ^/vr lrankorD. oda..,, Yours faithful.ty,  ,a, rto {?ad. Rak., Ru'a,.] oflre: Baroda r'1ouse, P A No506, iiandv, Baroda 390006 c 26, G BLo.k, Bandra Kura complex Bandra (E), Mumbai 4000sr Finah.iaL Resu ts (Standalone) for the Quarter Ended 30th lune, 2016 :ig): \;,/s  ; 300620r5 ^te.ert eamed {a)+lb)+{c)+(d) rnterest /d scount on advances / br l5 2553,65 r.terest on balances w th Res.rue Bank or rndia and oth.r lnter bank365,31 5 ,eratinq Expenses (a) + (b) 3q2l.t3 1r45,03f,ther operat nq expensesToral Exoenditure (4+s) excLud ng provisions and cont nqencies operating Pror t berore Provisons Provisions (otherthan tax) and 155I1,65 :rceptbnalltems Pror t (+)/Loss { ) ord'narYA.tiviti€ s b€lore ta x l7.a-9)(423s,20) r602,21 Net Proft (+)/ Loss ( ) irom ordrnaryA.t v ties aftertax {10 11) 1052,15 r3 Extraordinary items (net or tax N€t Prof t (+) / Loss ( ) for the (3230,14)1052,15 (5395,55)Paid-uoequityshare capta i) Percentaae of shares held by i) captalAdequacy Ratio (%) Basel' capLtaradequa.y Rato l%1. Basel L 11.93 Bas c and diruted EPs before and after Ext.aordinary rtens, net oltax expenses (not annua ized)t inr I iv)42991,6311273,95 11 15 v)Return on rssets (ann alized) % .K  Notes iorming part ofthe n aodited financial results forthe Quarterended 30thJu.e,2016 I The above fnancal .esu ts have been rev ewed by the Audt Cdmmft€e or Board in then meetnq held on 10th Aug, 2016 add app.oved bythe Board of DiEctoE ln ther m€etinq h€rd on tlth Auq,20]6 rhe sam€ have been sub,ected to Limted Revew bv the Statotory CenkalAud torsorthe Bank n ine with the gudelines issued by Reserue Bank oflndia and as perthe requnefrent or stng a9reement with stock Excha^9et 2-Iheabov€resutsfortheqoanerended30thlune2016havebeenprepa.edfollowinqthesameaccountingpolicyasthosetolowed n theannua tinan.ial{atemenbrortheyearended31stMarch,2016 uafrer ended 30th june 2016 have been arved at after.oisideang provision tor Non pe.forminq assets, standard Assets, Resttuctlred Assets and depre.iaton / provslon ror nv€sthents on the basis of prudenta noms and specitc quiderines Gsued by RB The Eahk has made pmvision @ 20% on th€ se.uEd sub-standard Advan.e as aganst the Regulatory rnoDBR.NO.BP.13013/2104.043/201516dated1204.2016,Bankhasprovd€dasumofa.2394s.rore doinqqua^ereided3103.2015beinqt5%oftheoutstandinqofI195202C.oreason3103.2016underfoodcreditavaiedbya sbt€ Government. Ar per the Rsrs d?..tives,.aid provision was requned to be made in two quadeE ie 7 5% rn Mar.h, 2016 and 75% in lune,2016 asumofrs0.T0crorchasb€enr€v€6eddurnqrhsquarterduetodecreaseinoutsEndinsbara^ceofsuch s n terms ofRsrci(olarDBoD BP Bc2l2106.201/2013-14 dated 01.07 2013, Banksare requied to hake P rrar 3 discrosure underBaserCapitai Resulat o.s. These deta s arc be nq made availabre on our webste uww bankolbabda been subrected to Aud t by the aud to6 5 Non Perrorm nq Loan ProvGioninq coveEqe Rato s60.17 %ason 30thlune2016 7 A penalty ofa 5.00 crore was imposed by RB nlury 2016 on a..ount orw€akadheren.e of.erain regu atons on KYc/ ML The same has been povided dur n9 th 5 quarter ts for the quafrerended 30.05 2015: Pend nq arBeqiini.q -0: Receved.243; Dsposedoft.243; crosin9 {l n La.s) cash and Baan.eswth Reserue Bank of rnd a Ealanceswith Sanksand Mo.eyatCal and Short21133,33103955,95 r0 lhe fiqures ot pEvious per od have been regroup€d/ Earansed wherever necessary so as to make them .omparable with those of th€ a ,-.-..'.,,'' I V .K  segment reporting for the Quarter ended 30thiune, 2016 PanA Bus ness Seqments Pan B: GeooraDh c Seqme.ts ftn racs) as p€rqu delines of RBroi conpliance with accountnq standards, th. sank has adopted'Treasury operations who esa e, Retaila.dotherBankinq operations'as P.imary business seqments and'oomestic a.d nternanonalas se.ondary/ qeosraphlc seoments for the purpose of comp lan.e wlthAS'17 on SeqmentReporting Ls5ued by lCA. Seqment revenue rep.eseits revenue from external customeccapitaremproyed for each segment has be€n arlo.ated proporronate to the assets ofthe seament. The fqures of pEvious period/year have been rcgroup€d/ r€aiianled whe.ever.ecessary so asto dake them compaGble wlth those r//'/fi/ [,ro.\.*,. ,lh,n^
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