Announcements Tues March 10

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  • 1. ICPS Announcements
  • 2. Today is Tuesday March 10 Day 5 Aujourd'hui c’est, mardi le dix de mars 2015
  • 3. There are no Birthdays to celebrate today. Green Team assisting at our Recycling Depot today is Day 5 green team.
  • 4. Announcements The following boys need to return their clean jerseys to Mrs. San Juan: P.Joe, Kole and Cody. There is a very important student committee meeting today at first break in the library. Look forward to seeing everyone!
  • 5. Announcements page 2 Just a reminder to the Girls Intermediate Volleyball team, please bring your washed jerseys to the learning centre asap! thank you Dance-A-Thon is Friday! Wear Western gear and be ready to dance! All pledges envelopes must be returned by Fri. March 13th
  • 6. Announcements page 3 Are you ready for a lot of fun and some real belly laughs? Well, author Richard Scrimger is coming on Thursday!!! Wear your nest colours! He is bringing some of his books with him to purchase. Each book is between 10 - 20 dollars, if you choose to buy. The 7 tour authors’ event is Thurs. night at 7:00 in the library at Nantyr Shores.
  • 7. Eco Daily Message One gallon of motor oil can contaminate up to 2 million gallons of water so dispose of properly.
  • 8. Energy Squad Announcement Pri: Welcome to the Shocking Fact. Did you know: aluminum cans take 500 years to break down. Jr: Thomas Edison invented more than 2000 new products, including almost everything needed for us to use electricity in our homes:switches, fuses, sockets Pri: Don’t forget to listen in on Tues. for another Shocking Fact from the Energy Squad Jr: Remember: “lights out” and “unplug”
  • 9. Character Trait Recognitions Megan in grade 2 for Caring Trinity in grade 6 for Caring James in grade 7 for Responsibility.
  • 10. Character Quote today Effort: Make the most of yourself for that is all there is of you. Have a great day!
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