Announcements Thurs. June 25

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  • 1. ICPS Announcements
  • 2. Today is Thurs. June 25 2015 Day 3 Aujourd'hui c’est jeudi, le 25 de juin 2015
  • 3. Happy Birthday goes to: Michael D in JK celebrating on June 26 Briar G in SK celebrating on June 27 Briar C in Gr 4 celebrating on June 28 Mrs. Jackson celebrating on June 30 Nathan C in Gr 5 celebrating on Aug. 26 Payton F in Gr 7 celebrating on Aug. 30 Ms Faithful who celebrates on Aug. 26
  • 4. Announcements Congratulations to everyone for their spirit and recognition yesterday! Please remember today to have your laptops labelled and ready to pack up.
  • 5. Announcements page 2
  • 6. Eco Daily Message Congratulations to ICPS on achieving the ECO school recognition of GOLD!
  • 7. Energy Squad Announcement Primary:Welcome to the Shocking Fact. Did you know... Junior: by using renewable energy sources to provide your daily energy needs we can decrease co2 emissions with 20,000 lbs. less of co2 each year, including 50 lbs less of nitrogen oxide and 70 lbs less of sulfur dioxide emitted into our atmosphere Primary: Don’t forget to listen in for another Shocking Fact from the Energy Squad
  • 8. Character Trait Recognitions Erik K in Gr 5 for Courage Siera in Gr 1 for Responsibility Jessica E in Gr 8 for Respect
  • 9. Reflective thought for today is... An announcement regarding nest points… 4th place Red Nest 3rd place Green Nest 2nd place Yellow Nest Top place on our scale this year Purple Nest! Congratulations to everyone on their spirit this year!
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