Announcements Thurs. Feb. 4

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Announcements Thurs. Feb. 4
  • 1. ICPS Announcements Thurs Feb 4
  • 2. Today is February 4th 2016 Day 4 Aujourd'hui c’est jeudi le 4 de fevrier 2016
  • 3. Happy Birthday goes out to Avery in JK Green Team assisting at our Recycling Depot today is Day 4 Green Team Hayley, Jaclyn, Morgan, Emma and Renee
  • 4. Announcements pg 1 Today is Sweater Day. Teachers, a rep from the Energy Squad will be around this morning with ballots for your class to vote on the student who is wearing the best sweater. Your voting criteria can be your choice. You can vote for the nicest, ugliest, warmest, wackiest...It’s up to you. (con’t)
  • 5. Announcements page 2 Then you will submit your class winner’s name and this person will represent your class in a school wide Sweater Vote. This will happen when the class winners go, as a group, from class to class to be voted on. The winner of the contest will be Tweeted out as ICPS’ Best Sweater Day Winner.
  • 6. Announcements pg 3 Continue bringing in your gently used clothing and shoes for our clothing drive. We will now explain an extra surprise we have for sweater day. Hidden under one chair in each classroom is a sweater. If you are sitting in the chair that has the sweater and you
  • 7. Announcements Page 4 wore a knit sweater today to participate in Sweater Day, please come down to the office right after announcements to claim a prize from the Energy Squad. Thank you to everyone who participated in our Sweater Day and remember to go home and reduce your thermostat temperature by 2 degrees and wear a sweater instead.
  • 8. Announcements Page 5 Gently used books for sale at the library for 25 cents between 9:15 and 9:35 am each day. Good luck to our intermediate boys basketball team in their double-header after school today. They will be facing both Holy Cross and Goodfellow.
  • 9. Announcements page 6 A big congratulations goes out to the Intermediate Girl’s Volleyball team on their hard fought game against Goodfellow Public School last night. Even with our amazing serves we were not able to pull off a win on the court. Mrs. McDiarmid is very proud of the way that the girls represented ICPS through great sportsmanship. Thanks to Kaitlyn for joining us.
  • 10. Announcements page 7 P. Joe and Tyler M., please see Mrs. San Juan immediately after the announcements. Student Committee meeting today at first break. Popcorn Winner For today is Cameron G in Grade 3
  • 11. Eco Daily Message Climate change has reached a point where it’s no longer just about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but scrubbing away the emissions already in our atmosphere. A Calgary company studied how trees capture carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen. It then invented a device that sucks in air and runs it through carbon- absorbing liquid. A single unit captures about 14 cars’ worth of carbon in our air every day.
  • 12. Character Trait Recognitions Ryan in Grade 2 for Responsibility. Malik V in grade 5 for Responsibility, caring and courage. Brandon in Grade 7 for all the traits.
  • 13. Reflective thought for today is... Ideas don’t work unless we do. Have a terrific Thursday!
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