Announcements Sunday 28 February, 2016

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  WINNERS’ CHAPEL INTERNATIONAL, EKONDO TITI-NDIANANNOUNCEMENT FOR SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 20161.  The Prophetic focus for February 2016 is “I AM DESTINED FORENIABLE CHAN!E OF LEELS. #!$%. 26&1-2'(2.B$)*$+$ F/%*% S34)  comes up immediately after this servicefor rst timers and new converts. God bless you as you attend. 5.  The COENANT HOUR OF PRAYER  continues tomorrow at ! 0am to6! 0am '.! N$&  our Trumpet #ervice for the month of $arch% 2016 comesup on Tuesday 1 st  $arch% 2016. Time is ! 0am. 7. &ater baptism ta'es place this #aturday% $arch  th  2016 at 10!00am. (llthose who have not been bapti)ed by immersion should ta'e specialnote. $a'e sure you come with a chan*e of raiment. Please re*ister atthe church o+ce immediately after the service. ,t is free. 6.! N$&  there shall be -peration /y (ll $eans days Fastin* andPrayers be*innin* from tomorrow $onday 23 th  February% 2016 to #unday6 th  $arch% 2016 for the actuali)ation of the First 4uarter 4uantum 5eap$iracle Testimonies. ,t shall be the release of *race for the arvest of #ouls in these last 2wee's of in*atherin* of souls into the 7in*dom andthe 8hurch. Time! 6!00pm daily. . &inners #atellite Fellowship olds (t 9very 5ocation This #aturday (t!00pm in all location. Please% Go To The ne :earest To ;ou. /e a True&inner by (ctively Participatin* ,n the &#F 8ell system. 8.! N$&  :e<t #unday shall be our prophetic entrance service inmonth of $arch% 2016. T*9$ :&009. P)$$, %’ 39$ )%$.:. =ominion boo'stand has boo's for your spiritual empowerment. The2016 Prophetic stic'ers and the mandate calendar are available at thedominion boo' stand. $a'e sure you pic' your own copy. 10. peration ne &inner ne #oul ,s #till Goin* n. /e ( Part of Thisn*oin* #oul &innin* Pro>ect and 9n>oy Gods /lessin* and Grace.  “FROM !LORY TO !LORY. T4’ ;/ N$ %9$. <ESUS IS LORD <ESUS IS LORD
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