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ROCKLAND COUNTY POLICE & PUBLIC SAFETY ACADEMY Announcement of Training Courses 2015 For Additions to this catalog View New Courses Regularly 35 Firemen s Memorial Drive Pomona, New York
ROCKLAND COUNTY POLICE & PUBLIC SAFETY ACADEMY Announcement of Training Courses 2015 For Additions to this catalog View New Courses Regularly 35 Firemen s Memorial Drive Pomona, New York Fax: Table of Contents Acknowledgments... i Foreword... ii Administrative Information... iii Staff Bios... iv v Basic Course for Police Officers... 1 Police Refresher Course Police Equivalency Course In-Service Training Program... 2 Firearms Training In-Service Firearms Training Police Firearms Instructor School Precision Scoped Rifle Marksman (Academy Certificate) Police Sniper (DCJS Certified) AR-15 Instructor Level Training AR-15 Carbine Operator Police Sniper Skills & Drills Annual Firearms and Other Weapons Course for Peace Officers Management Training... 9 Course in Police Supervision Supervisor In-Service Specialized Training F. B. I. Basic Photography F. B. I. Crime Scene Photography F. B. I. Surveillance Photography Instructor Development Course Field Training Officer Course Basic Law Enforcement Bicycle Patrol Course Traffic Enforcement RADAR/LIDAR Operator Course NYS Mandated Security Training Program NYS Pre-Assignment Security Officer Training Course Annual In-Service Training for Security Officers Directions to the Academy Registration Form Basic Law Enforcement Bicycle Course Medical Form... 16 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Edwin J. Day County Executive Rockland County Police & Public Safety Academy Training Committee Sheriff Louis Falco III Chief Peter Brower Chief Brent Newbury Chief Kevin Nulty - Chairman Chief Michael O Shea Chief Michael Sullivan Director Hugh Lennon Coordinators Andrew Esposito (Basic School) Steven Heubeck (In-Service) Peter Tarley (Use of Force) Clerical Staff Carmela Kiernan Contributing Agencies Police Departments of Clarkstown, Town of Haverstraw, Orangetown, Piermont, Ramapo, South Nyack/Grandview, Spring Valley, Stony Point, Suffern, the Rockland County Sheriff s Dept., Rockland County D.A. s Office, FBI, DEA, instructors within Zone #4, consisting of Rockland, Orange and Sullivan Counties, and instructors from outside the zone. i FOREWORD To Law Enforcement and Corrections Officials, County Agency Officials and Staff, Private Security Managers and Personnel: The Rockland County Police and Public Safety Academy is pleased to present this course offering of police and public safety training programs. The Rockland County Police and Public Safety Academy believes that people are our greatest asset and resource. With that belief in mind, it is the Academy s objective to provide training and educational programs leading to a sensitivity and quality service that meet the needs of the community through the people who serve our community. The Academy s hallmarks are professionalism and service, through quality education, state of the art training, and integrity. The Academy s staff is composed of professional state certified instructors who are highly experienced law enforcement and corporate security personnel. Complimenting the Academy staff, are professionals representing varied disciplines from county, state and federal governmental agencies, who bring added expertise and insights to the education process. You are encouraged to review the course descriptions and plan an agenda suitable to your agency s specific needs and objectives. Courses will be scheduled as per interest. Your past participation and support have been overwhelming and we genuinely hope the courses offered through the Academy are satisfying your training requirements. The Academy wishes to extend its appreciation to the County Executive, the Sheriff s Department, the Rockland County Association of Police Chiefs, the Rockland County Police Chiefs Foundation, County governmental and volunteer agencies and all those who have contributed their time, effort and support in making this program a success. A special thanks to Mr. Gordon Wren, Coordinator, Fire and Emergency Services, and his staff, for their understanding and assistance in providing the accommodations for training. We invite your continued participation and look forward to seeing you at the Rockland County Police and Public Safety Academy. Sincerely, The Rockland County Police and Public Safety Academy Staff ii ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION Registration: Academy registrants must complete the registration form found on the last page of this booklet for all courses. It must be signed by the appropriate authority and submitted at least two weeks prior to the starting date of the course. Please keep the registration on file and duplicate it as necessary. Class Information: All classes will begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. and end at 4:00 p.m., unless directed otherwise by the academy director or class instructor. Classes will be held at the academy unless otherwise indicated. Classroom assignments are posted daily on the bulletin board in the academy entrance. Certificates: Appropriate certificates will be awarded at the successful completion of a training course. Physical Fitness Pre-Screening: For Basic Police Officer courses, physical pre-screening tests are required for all municipalities. For additional information call Academy Maintenance and Appearance: In order to keep the academy clean and orderly, all in-house rules and procedures are expected to be followed. Classrooms will be left clean and neat prior to leaving at the end of the day. Exterior areas will also be kept clean. Receptacles have been provided for trash and cigarette disposal. Dress Code: Business attire or uniform is required dress. Jeans, shorts, sweat clothes, sneakers, sandals, or moccasins are not acceptable. Dress code exceptions may be designated by the instructor as dictated by course requirements, i.e., Physical Education courses, Firearms, CPR, Defensive Tactics, and Photography. Telephone Messages: Telephone messages will not be delivered during classes except in an emergency. Other messages can be obtained from the bulletin board in the lower level. Cell Phones: Please place cell phone on vibrate or turn them off while attending class. Please make calls from your cell phone outside the building and away from windows where conversation will be heard inside. Do not use your cell phone in the corridors and hallways or near the entrance to the Academy, as your voice travels and disturbs classes and the office staff. Business Calls: Business calls are to be made only from the academy phone located in the conference room in the lower level and not from the phones on the desks of the staff. Smoking: There is no smoking permitted in the building. When smoking outdoors use ashtrays that are located on the walls and do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. Breaks: Breaks are given accordingly by the instructor. While on break please give consideration to the other classes that are ongoing and do not block passage through the hallways, other classrooms and office doors. Inclement Weather Closings: Academy closings will be determined by the director. Announcements will be made on the following radio stations: WRCR 1300 AM and WHUD FM, if time permits. Students can obtain closing information by calling their respective departments who will be notified by teletype of any cancellation of training. iii Rockland County Police & Public Academy Staff Bios Hugh P. Lennon Director A member of the New York City Transit Police Department for 30 years, Mr. Lennon s experience includes that of police officer, supervisor, instructor and administrator. Hugh s field assignments included the patrol and detective divisions where he conducted investigations and directed law enforcement operations. He taught in the Special Projects program at John Jay College and served as chairman of the Police Science Section in the NYC Transit Police Academy. Hugh has both initiated and assisted in developing and implementing curriculums, lesson plans, tactical training programs, and has served as Commanding Officer of the Transit Police Tactical Training Unit. He was a member of the department s Firearms Review Committee and was selected to serve on the New York Police Department Task Force to review tactical use of firearms. In 1997, Hugh was invited by the Jamaican government to serve as a guest lecturer at the Jamaica Constabulary Academy and in 1999 he served on the Promotion Assessment Team for the Rochester Police Department. Hugh holds both a Masters in Public Administration and a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice from John Jay College and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy. He is certified as a master instructor and evaluator of instructors by the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services, and is a certified firearms instructor by the FBI and NRA. He is also an adjunct professor at Rockland Community College. Affiliations: Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy Associates Past President of the NYS Law Enforcement Training Directors Association Rockland County Police Chiefs Association American Legion Lieutenant s Benevolent Association (NYPD) International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 317 Andrew Esposito Basic School and Supervisors Course Coordinator A retired Lieutenant from the Rockland County Sheriff's Department. Mr. Esposito was the team commander of the county's SWAT team and Division Mounted Police Unit. He had been with the department since Currently employed by the South Nyack Grandview Police Department as a part-time Police Officer he is also a retired Gunnery Sergeant from the United States Marine Corps reserve, GySgt. Esposito served in several combat operations abroad during his 21 years of service. Andy is a graduate of the FBI National Academy Session 231; he is a certified Law enforcement instructor in General Topics, Defensive Tactics, and Firearms. He has graduated from FBI SWAT School, FBI Bomb Squad Management Courser, Cooper Institute law enforcement physical trainer. He also has a wide breadth of experience as an instructor, with the Rockland County Police academy as a Drill Instructor for the Basic Police Academy, the New York Tactical Officers Association (NYTOA), the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), and as a Subject Matter Expert and Instructor at The University at Albany with the National Center for Security & Preparedness. Affiliations: New York Tactical Officers Association National Tactical Officers Association iv Steven Heubeck In-Service Training Coordinator A member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for 28 years, Mr. Heubeck was assigned to the investigation of Violent Crimes, which included bank robberies, kidnappings and extortions, drugs and a variety of other criminal matters. He was the Police Training Coordinator of the New York Office. In addition to coordinating FBI instructors in the training of local, state and federal law enforcement officers, he taught courses at Rockland and Westchester Police Academies. While at the FBI, Steve became a Bureau Firearms and Defensive Tactics Instructor. He was in charge of FBI SWAT Teams in New York and New Haven, CT. He has received the FBI s master police instructor award. As the Director of the City University of New York (CUNY) Public Safety Training Academy in New York City, he was responsible for the training and re-certification of 500 Peace Officers. Affiliations: Society of Former Agents of the FBI FBI National Academy Association International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association FBI National Academy Counselor Peter Tarley Use of Force Coordinator A former member of the Air Force s Office of Special Investigations (OSI) for 10 years as a command level special agent, he started his law enforcement career as a Deputy Sheriff in New Mexico in Mr. Tarley has been actively involved in the evolution of police and military firearms training since Peter served for over ten years on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, and has served on a select committee tasked with establishing standards regarding Use of Force training and certification for police, peace officers and instructors in New York State. He has been involved in several law enforcement and military firearms development projects and presented the first graduate level firearms instructors school in the United States, which has become a standard within the industry. Mr. Tarley has been published in The Police Marksman and Law and Order Magazine. In 1987 he authored The Sniper Logbook, and Glock s first Armorers Manual. He then went on to develop and teach numerous training programs for Glock. He has also been called upon as an expert witness by numerous federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, as well as foreign governments. Peter holds a BSBA Degree from the University of Denver and is certified as an instructor by the FBI, NRA, and other state and federal agencies. Affiliations: International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI) NYS Law Enforcement Training Directors Association Rockland County Police Chiefs Association Clerical Staff Carmela Kiernan A former employee of the Bronx Veterans Administration Hospital and the Pearl River School District, Mrs. Kiernan brings to the academy a wealth of experience interfacing with the public and students. As an administrative assistant, Carmela coordinated general office and secretarial duties. From her school district tenure, she brings to the academy knowledge of computer programs and a background in accounting. v RECRUIT TRAINING Basic Course for Police Officers Length of Course: 825 hours Course Hours: Dates: January 26 - June 11, 2015 Tuition: $2,800 This course is designed to prepare the newly appointed police officer for a career in law enforcement as mandated by the State of New York. The student is exposed to introductory subjects dealing with law, police organization, emergency medical aid, physical fitness and report writing. In addition, the course deals with patrol procedures, unarmed defense, firearms training, accident investigation, fire training, juvenile procedures, criminal investigation, crisis intervention, ethical awareness, cultural and community relations, domestic violence, and courtroom testimony. Police Refresher Course Length of Course: To be determined on an individual basis Course Hours: Dates: January 26 - June 11, 2015 Tuition: To be determined Certificates attesting to successful completion of the Basic Course for Police Officers expire after a police officer leaves service for a predetermined period of time. Certificates held by a police officer who serves less than two consecutive years are valid for a period of two years after the officer leaves police service. Certificates held by a police officer who serves more than two consecutive years are valid for a period of four years after the officer leaves police service. Once it is determined that an officer needs to attend a Police Refresher Course, the administrator of the employing police agency (a police or sheriff s department) will then contact the academy concerning admission. The officer must complete only those components of the course that are required for refresher training. Police Equivalency Course Length of Course: To be determined on an individual basis Course Hours: Dates: January 26 - June 11, 2015 Tuition: To be determined This course is for an officer who worked and was trained in another state. Attendance in this course is determined by DCJS. 1 IN-SERVICE TRAINING 2015 In-Service Cycle Length of Course: Course Hours: * Dates: January February 2 5 February March March days Each day deals with different topics and may be attended individually. April 6 9 April May June August 31 - Sept. 3 September October 5 8 October November 2 5 November 30 Dec. 3 Tuition: $125 per day Day 1: Article 35 Use of Force - De-escalation of conflict Ambush of Police Officers - Tactics to Prevent Ambushes Evidence Based Domestic Violence Prosecutions Blue on Blue and Ambush Avoidance and Practical Exercise (Simunitions used) Day 2: Held at the Palisades Mall Community Room on the 4th floor Disturbance Control Please note: the following information for Day 1 Have officers wear comfortable clothes and bring protective vests. We will be using Simunitions and officers may wish to wear old clothing that can be readily cleaned. The Academy will provide face protection. Officers may wish to bring other articles of clothing such as gloves during the training. Day 2 Bring helmet, face shield and gas mask (if one was issued). Wear warm clothes for going outdoors. NO DUTY BELTS will be required for this training. Day 3: Emergency First Aid Training Limited to 20 attendees Please disperse registrations over the year. CPR/Defibrillation Recertification TECC Instruction Street Drugs Narcan Attendees should bring in their mask for fitting on Day 3 and wear old clothes Day 4: Tactical Training held at the Old Children s Psychiatric Hospital, off of Convent Road in Orangeburg Active Shooter/MACTAC Have officers wear comfortable clothing suitable for weather conditions at the time and bring a bag lunch and drink. *Please Note: Hours are approximate depending on the size of the class. 2 Firearms Training In-Service Firearms Training Length of Course: 7.5 hours Course Hours: Dates: March 26 & 27 April 13 & 14 May 26 & 28 Tuition: $125 June 22 & 23 July 9 & 10 August 3 & 4 September 18 & 21 October 1 & 2 November 2, 5 & 6 This program incorporates tactical training and qualification with authorized semi-automatic handguns, shotgun, and/or carbine, and is designed to give the students the basic marksmanship and tactical skills needed to effectively and safely utilize their firearms. Major consideration is given to liability issues and agency policy during all phases of training. Instruction includes familiarization with nomenclature and function of the firearms. Safety precautions for the home, range and street will be emphasized. Basic skills, ammunition characteristics and effective range of the respective firearm will be covered prior to live firing. Sub-topics such as variations of stance, movement and tactical use of cover are included. Additionally, the Rockland County Handgun Qualification course is fired and scored. Basic qualification courses for Shotgun and Carbine are also offered. Reflexive steel courses are included in this training. Ammunition requirements are: 250 rounds of factory handgun ammunition 10 rounds buckshot (minimum 10 rounds slugs (minimum) 20 rounds carbine (minimum) Police Firearms Instructor School (DCJS Certified) Length of Course: 10 days Course Hours: 80 hours Date: July 13-24, 2015 Tuition: $990 Pre-Qualification July 6, 2015 Pre-requisites: 3 Years Sworn Law Enforcement Officer and Instructor Development Course * (Please check the date of Instructor Development Courses being held at the academy) *Instructor Development Course may be taken after Firearms Instructor if necessary. Firearms certification will be issued upon successful completion of both courses. Pre-Qualification testing will be held on Monday, July 6, at the range. This school is intended for police officers who will function as law enforcement firearms instructors. Candidates should have successfully completed an instructor development course. However, they may do so after the Firearms Instructor Course. Pre-qualification testing will be held on July 6 at the range. Attendees will report to the Firearms Training Facility at 8:30 a.m. Directions will be provided if needed. The pre-qualification course of fire, shown below, will be conducted to determine tactical handgun proficiency. Those who pass will present a sevento-ten minute presentation on a topic to be assigned. Call for topic assignment. One hundred (100) rounds of factory handgun ammunition are required. Continued on next page 3 Police Firearms Instructor School (DCJS Certified) Continued Pre-qualification Course of Fire: Target Speedwell 530: Ro
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