Announcement of Skills Test under the EPS

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Announcement of Skills Test under the EPS The Third Skills Test in Bangladesh under EPS is to be conducted for those who have passed the EPS-TOPIK. Passer of EPS-TOPIK who wishes to take the Skills Test
Announcement of Skills Test under the EPS The Third Skills Test in Bangladesh under EPS is to be conducted for those who have passed the EPS-TOPIK. Passer of EPS-TOPIK who wishes to take the Skills Test shall apply for the test as follows. 28 th January, 2014 Supervised by the Ministry of Employment and Labor of Republic of Korea Administrated by HRD Korea Cooperated by the Ministry of Expatriates' Welfare and Overseas Employment of the Bangladesh, Bangladesh Overseas Employment & Services Ltd. 1. Industry for applying the test : Manufacturing 2. Qualification Requirement Type of EPS-TOPIK Session of EPS-TOPIK Score CBT Passers of 4 th, 5 th EPS-TOPIK in 2013 Any volunteers who passed the noticed available[refer to the left] EPS-TOPIK Those who have taken Skills Test, those who have abandoned job application (immigration), and those who are not permitted to get the Certificate for Confirmation of Visa Issuance (CCVI) are excluded from the possibility of registration. 3. Registration A. Registration period : 4(Tue) ~6(Thu) February, 2014(for 3 days) B. Registration place : Website of EPS( C. Registration method : Internet D. Required documents : ID Card or EPS-TOPIK Admission Ticket E. Test fee : None 4. Announcement of test date and test venue for each applicant A. Announcement date : 14 February, 2014(Fri) B. Announcement method - Bulletin board of BOESL - Website of BOESL( - Website of EPS( C.Test period (the date is subject to change) : 21(Fri) ~ 25(Thu) February, Announcement of Test Result A. Date : 12 March, 2014(Wed) B. Method - Connect to the EPS Website, country service - Sign up - Check the test result individually 6. Special Benefit for High Scorer and attendee A. High scorers* will have priority in terms of primary job recommendation to Korea employers. B. Attendee for the skills test will have priority in terms of secondary job recommendation to Korea employers. However, the priority related to job recommendation will not be given to Poor scorers**. * High scorers: more than 240 points in total score ** Poor scorers: less than 40 points in each category or less than 150 points in total score. 7. Method and details of the test A. Contents of the Skills Test - The Skills Test is comprised of three areas including physical test, Evaluating job experience & interview and basic skill test. B. Point Distribution Total point Physical Test Interview assessment Basic skill Test Remarks 8. Task of the Physical Test Test items Details Remarks Endurance flexibility measuring the consecutive number of push-ups(1min) Measure upper body bending Grasping power Measure hand gasping power only once per each hand using a measuring instrument (in kilograms) Back muscle Measure back muscle strength only once using a measuring strength instrument (in kilograms) 9. Task of the Interview Assessment Test items Details Remarks Basic communication & Understanding orders Reading sentences Answer the name of the equipment Job experience Basic Communication skills in Korean Understanding basic orders in Korean Reading Four or five sentences in Korean Speaking about the name of the equipment, Listening and finding Job experience and period of employment Interview will be filmed (for 40 seconds) and provided to Korean employers. Personality & Ability Attitude, positiveness, preparedness etc. 10. Task of the Basic skill test Test items Details Remarks Put sticks on the board Handling and hanging up the works Put the different sticks on the board (various color, shape, size sticks) Hanging up the rings of the different size in the correct position Loading the works Put together the pieces of the work model on the board 11. Instructions for Applicants A. Test date and venue for each applicant will be announced on 14 February, 2014 (Friday) and please refer to the announcement on the date. B. You cannot change the designated test date and venue and no one is allowed to enter the venue after the designated entry time. No admittance to anyone arrives after the designated entry time. C. No admittance to anyone did not bring their ID card(passport)and admission ticket D. We recommend you to pay special attention to your safety during the test. You are entirely responsible for any accidents caused by your negligence. E. The tools and equipment for the test will be prepared at the venue, so it is not required for applicant to bring any tools or equipment (except for an ID card and an admission ticket). F. It is recommended to wear comfortable and neat clothes that cause no inconvenience in the Skills Test. G. You will get zero point in case of cheating during the test. H. Please check the contents of the Task Instructions, announced with this, and prepare to get good result from the test. I. All the passers of EPS-TOPIK can apply for a job regardless of their skills test result, and the video, filmed during the test, will be provided to Korean employers as a reference. রজ সস ট রশস ট র পদ ধজ স জ সম নপ 접속 Access the website 2. 회원가입후로그인 Log in after sign in 3. 기능수준평가메뉴클릭 Click the menu Skills Test ± 4. Yes 클릭 Click Yes ± 5. 전화번호입력 Fill in your Phone number 6. 주소입력 Fill in your home address 7. Application 클릭 Click Application ± 접수를취소하거나, 입력내용을변경하려면 Yes를클릭 If you want to cancel your registration or change your input data, Click Yes ± 8. Print Admission Ticket 클릭 Click Print Admission Ticket ± 8. Print 클릭 Click Print ±
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