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  FIVE EXAMPLES OF ANNOUNCEMENT FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT TEXT ANNOUNCEMENT To : All Department ManagersThere will be a meeting on 7th February 2012at 1 p.m. In the meeting room. We will beis!ussing !ustomer !omplaints. in!e the topi!is #ery important$ 100% presen!e is a must.&lease !ome on time an on't (orget to bringthe ne!essary o!uments.Than) youDire!tor SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT TEXT ANNOUNCEMENT Teens' &hotography *ommunity +T&*, Is please to announ!e its (irst photo !ontest with the theme-ur /elo#e arth. This !ontest is (or unior an high s!hool stuents only. All entries must bere!ei#e by teens' &hotography *ommunity$ by 31st 4uly 2013. The winners will be announ!e on 17thAugust 2013. There will be many pri5es to be won. &lease log on to http:66www.teensphotography.!om61stphoto!ontest (or !ontest etails$ eligibility in(ormation an entry (orms. THIRD ANNOUNCEMENT TEXT ANNOUNCEMENT  8oo morning$ !lass.4oin our !hoir rehearsal e#ery aturay at 12.30 p.m. in the s!hool hall.All are in#ite.Than) you FOURTH ANNOUNCEMENT TEXT ANNOUNCEMENT We are please to announ!e thatstarting on Monay$ 3r De!ember 2012$our showroom will be lo!ateat 4l. Imam /onol no. 32.ur new telephone number is +0391, 717171ur manu(a!turing i#ision will remain at4l. M.. Thamrin no.101.1st De!ember 2012Management o( *ani!e D;)or an Furniture FIFTH ANNOUNCEMENT TEXT ANNOUNCEMENT To : All employees$ sta((s an #isitorsWe pro#ie some pla!es (or smo)ing in this builing. ã n the (irst (loorIt is besie the isplay room ã n the se!on (loor It is at the !orner near the emergen!y stairs ã n the thir (loorIt is ne<t to the toilet ã n the (ourth (loorIt is near the pantryThere is also one outsie the o((i!e. It is behin the se!urity room.Than) youThe sta(( management
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