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Announcement Internat. Figure Skating A Competition for girls and boys 3 and 4 February 2017 Second edition Organization: HSK Hasselt, Belgium Official Invitation Dear skaters, club secretaries, judges and coaches, We hereby invite you for the 2nd edition of our International Competition “Ice Talent Trophy” for girls & boys, which will take place on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 February 2017. This A-competition is organized in co-operation with the Royal Belgian Figure Skating Federation (K.B.K.
  3 and 4 February 2017Second edition Organization: HSK Hasselt, Belgium Announcement Internat. Figure Skating A Competitionfor girls and bos  Official Invitation Dear skaters, club secretaries, judges and coaches,We hereby invite you for the 2nd edition of our International Competition“Ice alent rophy! for girls boys, #hich #ill take place on $riday % and &aturday ' $ebruary 2()*+his -competition is organi.ed in co-operation #iththe /oyal 0elgian $igure &kating $ederation 1+0++$3 andthe $lemish $igure &kating Organi.ation 14++&+0+3+We hope to #elcome you and #ish you a lot of success in your participation at this competition+With kind regards,/oger de Cond5, 6residentIngrid 7acobs, &ecretary 2  International  Competition“Ice alent rophy! Organi.ation $igure &kating Club 8& 8asselt9ouverneur 4er#ilghensingel )%%:(( 8asselt, 0elgium&ecretary ; Ingrid 7acobs<-mail; hskhasselt=gmail+com Ice /ink Ice /ink “De &chaverdijn!9ouverneur 4er#ilghensingel )%%:(( 8asselthe ice rink is an indoor rink, skating area >(m ? %(m, temperature bet#een )(-):@C+Ice /ink De &chaverdijn offers a variety of snacks, salades, sand#iches and hot meals+$ree parking is available at the ice rink+ <ntries  - Invited members - Closing date - Aimitations - <ntrieshe competition includes follo#ing categories;Biniemen, ovice , ovice 0, dvanced ovice 1short and free3, 7unior 1short and free3, &enior 1short and free3+Clubs #ill be invited from all over the #orld+he competition is for 9irls and 0oys and #ill be held on 2 days+<ntries #ill be accepted until Friday december 23th 2016, 14:00h. Inscriptions #ill not be closed prior to the closing date, regardless the number of entries received+he committee #ill limit the entries, entries #ill be accepted on a first come, first served base up to the ma?imumin relation to the available ice+ $ollo#ing rules #ill be used; <very invited club has the right to enter five skaters for the category ovice  0 girls+ hey can also enter substitutes for this category+ he substitutes #ill be able to compete if there arenEt enough competitors for the category concerned or in case of injury from an announced participant+ he committee #ill inform the clubs in time in such case+here are no limitations in the other categories+ Clubs subscribing &eniors and 7uniors or boys #ill take precedence in completing the category dv+ ovice girls and ovice  0 girls+ he club has the right to enter more participants+ he club #ill follo# the order mentioned on the entry form and there #ill be no further correspondence about these subscriptions+ In case of a too high number of entries, the organi.ers reserve the right to limit these entries+<ntries must be made using the enclosed <?cel form+Completed entry forms should be mailed to hskhasselt=gmail+com 3  Competition  - /ules - Busic - 6lanned elements-ime ableWill be according the latest I&F regulations and communications+ 1see 0$ regulations in attached file3 ll participants must provide their program music in Bp%-format before; Friday december 23th 2016, 14:00h. Busic is sent to hskmu.iek=gmail+com$ile name format;$& GCategoryHG$ullameHGimeHGCategoryH BI, O, O0, D4, 7F or &<<?ample; $& D4 7ohn Doe 2m%'+mp%In case of big files or grouped files, please use ###+#etransfer+com ll competitors must also have a copy of their music available onCD 1no CD-/W or D4D3 during the event, only for backup purposes+ his audio CD #ill only contain the program music+6lanned elements must be sent before ; Friday december 23th 2016, 14:00h  directly to both;ludod=telenet+be, the national competition coordinator and tomariabou#ens=hotmail+com, the regional secretaryhe time table #ill be published as soon as available, on the federation #ebsite ###+skatebelgium+be and on ###+kunstschaatsclubhasselt+be + 6lease 1re-3check for possible changes #hen approaching the day of the competition+   During the competition, minor modifications related to the time table can be done due to organi.ational circumstances+ 4
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