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  This is to announce the release of version 1.8 of is a Python [1] package that allows you to create graphsfrom within Python using the gnuplot [2] plotting can be obtaine from http! Prere$uisites %see footnotes&! the Python interpreter [1] the Python numpy moule ['] the gnuplot program [2]or( to use it uner )ava %e*perimental&! a )ava interpreter the )ython interpreter [+] the )ython version of the ,umeric moule [-] the gnuplot program [2]ome ways this package can be use!1. /nteractive ata processing! 0se Pythons e*cellent numpy package to create an manipulate arrays of numbers( an use to visualie the results.2. 3eb graphics! write 4G/ scripts in Python that use gnuplot to output plots in %for e*ample& P,G format an return them to the client.'. Glue for numerical applications %this is my favorite&! wrap your 455 4 6ortran subroutines so that they are callable from Python( then you can perform numerical computations interactively from scripts or from the comman line an use to plot the output on the fly.+. 4ompute a series of atasets in Python an plot them one after the other using to prouce a crue animation.,ew features in this version! 5 7arious bug fi*es 5 an option filename to 9ata an Gri9at This allows saving the ata to a permanent( rather than temporary 5 pf terminal efinition6eatures alreay present in oler versions! 5 Two an three#imensional plots. 5 Plot ata from memory( from a file( or from an e*pression. 5 upport for multiple simultaneous gnuplot sessions. 5 4an pass arbitrary commans to the gnuplot program. 5 :b;ect oriente( e*tensible esign with several built#in types of plot items. 5 Portable an easy to install %nothing to compile e*cept on 3inows&. 5 upport for 0ni* %incluing <inu* an =ac : >&( = 3inows( an =ac :. The platform#epenent layer is fairly well abstracte out( so it shoulnt be too ifficult to a support for other platforms. 5 upport for sening ata to gnuplot as ?inline or ?binary ata. These are optimiations that also remove the nee for temporary files.   5 Partly table#riven to make it easy to e*ten. ,ew terminal types can be supporte easily by aing ata to a table. 5 /nstall via istutils. 5 <GP< license . 5 upport for sening ata to gnuplot via 6/6:s %name pipes( linu* only&. 5 Preliminary support for running uner )ython6ootnotes!##########[1] Python @http! www.python.orgA is an e*cellent ob;ect#oriente scripting rapi evelopment language that is also especially goo at gluing programs together.[2] gnuplot @http! A is a free( popular( very portable plotting program with a comman#line interface. /t can make 2# an '# plots an can output to myria printers an graphics terminals.['] The numpy Python e*tension @http! www.scipy.orgA is a Python moule that as fast an convenient array manipulations to the Python language.[+] )ython @http! www.;ython.orgA is a Python interpreter that runs within a )ava virtual machine.[-] ),umeric @http! ; A is a version of the ,umeric moule that runs uner )ava )ython.
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