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Phase one third rule
  1.   The syllabus will be uploaded in the Moodle. Tutorial sheets will be uploaded on the Moodle in the beginning of the week. 2.   The first three units will each have 2 tutorial sheets + 1 question sheet for discussion (like the one we have for the first week). 3.   The last two units will each have 1 tutorial sheet + 1 question sheet for discussion. 4.   Each Tutorial sheet will have 5 questions. 5.   The class will be divided into 10 groups. 5 groups will actively handle the first tutorial and another 5 will actively handle the second tutorial. We will distribute the tutorial sheets in the beginning of the week. We will randomly choose a member from each group to present their solutions. 6.   Tutorial will be graded and scaled down to 10 marks (for the whole course). It will be done as follows: After a unit is done, the first tutorial class of the next unit will be reserved for a 15 min mini-exam based on the previous unit. Rest of that session will be spent on the current unit, and so on. This will mean that there are 5 such exams in all. 7.   Quiz I and Quiz II will carry 20 marks each and end semester will carry 50 marks. 8.   Teaching assistants (TAs) will be available during the tutorial sessions for clarifications and assistance. The TAs would be grading the tutorials.
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